Week.. well, anyways, here’s the list of some interesting ones..

My listing of some interesting releases. That Art Zoyd’s repress was on this list but for some reason it’s not anymore. Awesome record though.


NADJA & VAMPILLIA – Imperfection LP (ltd. 75 copies on colored vinyl, hand-numbered)
Throne Records €12.00 (+ shipping)
Drone, drone, experimental, awesome, beauty..

ROSY FINCH – Witchboro LP (colored)
Burning World Records €18.00 (+ shipping)
Very interesting stoner/sludge/whatever release.. hmm

OAK – Beyond Oblivion (ltd. 100 copies on splatter vinyl)
Motljud €24.00 (+ shipping)
There’s something here..  post-space-psychedelic-stoner-rock

Boomkat £16.99 (+ shipping)
Initial copies on colored vinyl. Experimental droned soundscapes..

CIO D’OR – All in All 2xLP (ltd. 100 copies on clear vinyl)
Semantica €20.00 (+ shipping)
I’m sold. Experimental electronic, ambient, with some haze of darkness lurking somewhere on the background. Hell Yeah!

SPURV – Skarntyde LP
BandCamp NOK 200 kr. (+ shipping)
This is how you play post-rock, instrumental post-rock. Pure love..

GRUSOM – Grusom (marbled) LP
Kozmik Artifactz €23.00 (+ shipping)
What, what? Great sounding retro-blues-rock!

GALVANO – Trail Of The Serpent LP (cold with black haze)
Pelagic Records €17.00 (+ shipping)
Nice stoner/sludge explosion, I like this one (you don’t have to)

Domino £25.00 (+ shipping)
Norman Records £24.99 (+ shipping) + bonus CD (if you act fast)
At last, something new from one of my all time favorite bands !!!!

C H R I S T – TOWER 12″
l’oeil du tigre $12.00 (+ shipping)
Came across with this one while checking out that latest from THISQUIETARMY. Experimental, drone, ambient, noise, darkness and I just love this one!

 Tadaa! That’s all folks! For now :)