The Caretaker: Everywhere At The End Of Time LP (blue)


Latest release from The Caretaker aka Leyland Kirby. I totally missed this when it was available from Boomkat (of course I was after colored one..). I even considered purchasing a copy (overprized one) from those Discogs sellers. Just few weeks before the end of the year Boomkat announced having a very limited stock still available.. This blue version is limited to 300 copies and already sold out (actually this color variation sold out within hours) and seems that even regular black copies are little hard to find too (even though this has been repressed). At least Turntablelab & Rough Trade have some copies..

Black Thread: Sipping Sapphire 5″ lathe


I know, this little one might be too much for some but I find these releases by Black Thread fascinating.. There’s some kind of deep sadness, longing for some distance place/time embracing this little one. This is minimal/ambient/experimental/droned/looped/beautiful.. hard to describe. I could listen this continuously. This limited release (20 copies) is sold out now, and I’m very happy that I purchased one. Surely I’m going to purchase every future releases from this artist. Precious little one indeed.

Pyramids / Horseback: A Throne Without A King LP + 7″ (yellow)


I know that I have been praising Horseback lately quite a lot (some may think too much) but I can’t help myself. I got this album few days ago (hmm.. actually it was yesterday) with few other albums (Gates, Locrian, Horseback..) and my Horseback collection on vinyl is nearly complete, only missing that split 7″ with Locrian (another favorite band of mine as some may already know now). But few words about this release, I love this collaboration. Very experimental release and differs from both bands early material but there certainly is place for this release, at least on my turntable and record rack. Recommended highly, if you dare to step out from your genre limited realm. Yes! No idea about limitation but you can easily find a copy of this collaboration from Hydra Head. Go!

Grisha Shakhnes: Leave/Trace LP (red)


Latest arrival to my tiny collection came today. Actually some might say that this ain’t music at all. Hey, this is about field recordings, experimental landscape colored with sounds of the modern world. It’s totally up to you if you’re ready to open your mind for this journey. Now I’m going to lay down, close my eyes, put my headphones on and enjoy this purifying moment. Not bad, at all. Limited to 500 copies and 100 of those are on red vinyl. This ticket to sweet oblivion is available from Glistening Examples (and yes, they have red copies, $15 + shipping). Your decision if you want to purchase this from the source or are you ready to pay those Discogs prices..

N.Racker: Flock Toxicant 12″


Been listening these ambient/electronic records last few days.. This one I picked last summer and once again, I like what I’m hearing. I know this kind of music little hard for some people to understand :) This little dark diamond is available from Boomkat (other place to look for this is Discogs).

Egisto Macchi: I Futuribili LP


And another treasure from Boomkat earlier last year. Weird tunes from the past. This one also is limited to 500 copies (one time pressing). Available from (for example) Dusty Groove. Seems to be quite popular vinyl because many distro/webshop has sold this out. Make your day, try something new, like this one (even though this is re-press of the record that saw sunlight first time about 40 years ago)!

Kreng: Monster 10″

kreng monster

And this came today. This 10″ was previously only available inside Kreng’s Box-Set “Works for Abattoir Fermé 2007 – 2011” but now there is 100 copies floating around. Available from Denovali, if some one is interested (will be sold out sooner or later!).