Ulvesang: The Hunt LP (purple)


Beauty. That’s all to say about this latest from Ulvesang. Found this band a year ago, bought their debut and fell in love. This newest one came yesterday and.. there’s love n the air, once again. Loving the atmosphere on these albums, acoustic so-called neo-folk giving me chills. Listening this album takes me to some distant, yet familiar place. This beauty is limited to 200 copies on purple vinyl and 300 copies on black. Still available from Nordvis and I really can recommend this, I love this band.


F.S. Blumm & Nils Frahm: Tag Eins Tag Zwei LP


Maybe I have been listening too much stoner & metal lately so now I decided to give this one a spin. Latest Sonic Pieces release, collaboration album by Blumm & Frahm called “Tag Eins Tag Zwei”. Yeah, Can I call this modern classical or is this more like experimental ambient driven classical music played with various instruments like spoons.. who cares, this sounds relaxing and for me this is quite refreshing one for this spring. This one is limited to 450 copies and more likely it’s sold out already. Of course there are copies on sale via Discogs but those prices..

Lubomyr Melnyk: Rivers And Streams LP (clear)

Lubomyr Melnyk - Rivers and Streams

It sounds so easy, obviously if you have five thousand fingers. Latest (?) album from Lubomyr Melnyk (pianist/composer) released by Erased Tapes. You guessed right, this is classical music, what else can I say. This is a beautiful record and at least now it’s time for you to throw away preconceptions when talking about classical music. This clear version is limited to 500 copies (also available on regular black wax) and still available from Erased Tapes. Try & buy it.

Stefan Christoff & Sam Shalabi: Flying Street الشارع الطيّار LP

Sam Shalabi & Stefan Christoff

New long play from this duo, Stefan/piano & Sam/oud. Like their previous release “родина“, this dialogue between these two instruments sounds.. amazing! Still I can just wonder how they do this. I don’t know anything about the limitation of this album but hey, who cares. It’s music we are talking about here. Actually I would have missed this release totally if Stefan wouldn’t have emailed me about it. Now I have this beautiful piece of vinyl here with me. Don’t know if this is still available but if you are interested, I suggest you to contact Howl Arts Collective and check out if they still have copies left to lighten your days.



Federico Albanese: The Houseboat And The Moon Reworked 12″ (clear red)


Oh, this came today. In this 12″ Albanese’s tunes have been reworked by Saffronkeira, Franz Kirmann (from Piano Interrupted), John Lemke and Cassegrain (never heard this artist before). It was nice to hear how these tunes have been modified by other artists. Job well done. I like this twelve-inch, it’s different but distantly familiar.. hard to explain what I mean. Lovely one, released by Denovali and this clear red version is limited to 150 copies. I like this.

Stefan Christoff & Sam Shalabi: родина LP

Stefan Christoff & Osama Shalabi ‎– родина

And yet another experimental neo-classical album to my collection. Tip for this beauty came from retter (@eretter) via Twitter. Stefan on Piano and Sam on Oud, and damn this record sounds incredible! This is a great example of my everlasting journey to find something that makes my eyes bleed. This haunting piece of vinyl is available to order from Howl Arts Collective and I can recommend this hand on my heart. Yes, it’s that beautiful album. Just listen (and order)! Limitation of this album is unknown to me but that is not the point, music itself is.

Hydras Dream: The Little Match Girl LP (clear)

hydras dream

I do not know what is it with Denovali, where they find these artists and records to release? This time collaboration between Anna Von Hausswolff and Matti Bye and the result is totally beautiful, strange, ethereal and obscure.. record (may I call this dream-pop even though there’s something dark and sinister lurking behind). I want more! This is limited to 150 copies on clear and 350 copies on black vinyl. Available from the source, Denovali. Recommended and one of those “Must Buy” items. Now I have two new artists to follow.. I have to dig that movie version of “The Little Match Girl” based on the story by H.C. Andersen, watch it mute this record spinning on background. Thanks to Anna, Matti And Denovali!

Aquilus: Arbor 12″ (white)


This I also had to purchase, along that “Griseus” album. Surprisingly, released by Blood Music. Atmospheric-blackened-metal (some folk influences might be heard..). This EP has never been released officially before and now it’s here. Limited to 75 copies on black and 75 copies on white (Blood Music members only item) vinyl. Oh, and yet one item that is totally sold out.. :(

Aquilus: Griseus 2xLP (cognac)


And one of those underground treasures, this time from Australia. Hmm.. not that traditional black metal, more like post-neo-classical blackened folk or something. But damn this sounds gooooood. Thanks to Blood Music once again, for bringing this jewel to sunlight (or is moonlight better term when we are talking about this album). Limitation is 100 copies on “cognac” and 100 copies on black vinyl. Totally sold out is this item too..