Ulvesang: The Hunt LP (purple)


Beauty. That’s all to say about this latest from Ulvesang. Found this band a year ago, bought their debut and fell in love. This newest one came yesterday and.. there’s love n the air, once again. Loving the atmosphere on these albums, acoustic so-called neo-folk giving me chills. Listening this album takes me to some distant, yet familiar place. This beauty is limited to 200 copies on purple vinyl and 300 copies on black. Still available from Nordvis and I really can recommend this, I love this band.


Worm Ouroboros: What Graceless Dawn 2xLP (black/gold mix)


Actually this came already weeks ago, just haven’t had time to get more familiar with this album but now I’m working for it. Really love their previous album, Come To Thaw, and as this new one is now playing on my headphones I think that I have to share that love between these two albums. This is some kind of mixture of doomed neofolk with some post rock in it but the mostly, this is music filled with sadness.. Great album from this trio, once again. This color variation is limited to 100 copies (there are other color variations also available) and still available from the source, Profound Lore.


Ulvesang: Ulvesang LP (green)


It’s acoustic, it’s (neo)folk and I still love these tunes. Once again one of those artists I have never heard before. This one I found via Throne Records, listened few tunes and I just had to purchase the album. I’m not that familiar with this genre but that does not prevent me to listen music like this. Either you like this record or you don’t, that’s just how it is. Bought my copy from Throne Records, green colored is limited to 100 copies and first 40 came numbered. Colored one is sold out but there’s still regular black copies available.


Sink: Ark of Contempt and Anger LP


Hmm.. actually I did not expected to hear these kind of soundwaves when I purchased this album. Lat time I listened this band they were playing some kind of mixture of droned blackened ambient or something. This time almost all those elements have been replaced with something more like experimental, coldwave, psychedelic, neofolk flavored ambient (hard to say). The most important thing is that I like these sounds. This is limited to 350 copies and available for example from the source, Svart Records.


Pyhä Kuolema: Kevättuulisormi LP (transparent blue)


Today I managed to purchase two albums from my so-called ‘wantlist’. Kevättuulisormi (Springwindfinger.. or something in English) from Pyhä Kuolema released by Svart & Pesanta Urfolk (one of my favorite record labels). This is folk music, or more like some darkened neo-folk. Lyrics are in Finnish so it might be little hard to understand what Mikko Pöyhönen here is trying to say but I can say that these are not songs of joy nor happiness. This blue vinyl (european) version is limited to 150 copies and available from Svart Reords. Pesanta seems to have more limited version still available, 100 copies on blue/yellow haze and limited to 100 copies, damn :)

Blood And Sun: White Storms Fall LP + CD (red with gold haze)

blood and sun02

And this quality release came today from Pesanta Urfolk. Awesome neofolk/dark folk album by Blood And Sun. Some may say that Pesanta’s releases are expensive but hey, considering the quality I can assure that these albums are worth every penny. Beautiful  heavyweight textured and foilprinted gatefold, a stapled-in art/lyric book (art by Luke HIllestad) plus CD version of the album. What else can you ask? Dark and beautiful album and I’m more than happy that I received this limited colored version. I do not know anything about limitation of this album but there are still black copies available from Pesanta Urfolk. Quality release once again from Pesanta. Recommended release indeed.

blood and sun01

blood and sun04

blood and sun03

Plinth: Wintersongs LP


Little easier music for the soul, comforting and warm tunes. Even though there are some religious nuances on this record, I do not mind. Most of those black metal bands are singing about devil etc. so it’s same thing reversed, if you believe in devil, then you obviously believe in some kind of god. Anyways, let’s forget those religious aspects. For me this is as the title says “Wintersongs”, soundtrack for these snow-covered days. This one is released first time on vinyl, limited to 200 copies and available from Kit Records (not so many copies left..)

Rauelsson: Vora LP


Hmm.. I nearly missed this one.. Beautiful record, it just took me little time to realize how gorgeous this is. Once again music for your headphones. Breathtaking beauty and nearly missed this.. huh. Limited to 350 copies. I bought my copy from Discogs (Angel-Records) and delivery took only one day (nearly 2500 km) plus customer service is exceptionally awesome. Very happy with this one. Recommended, both Rauelsson and Angel-Records.


Ättestupa: Begraven Mot Norr LP

521 copies pressed. This is dark and melancholic album. Somehow this album fits to these dark and rainy late autumn/early winter nights.. gloomy.. It seems that this record is hard to find these days. If you really want this you should buy it from Discogs..