Unsane: Visqueen LP


This has been on my rack for ages and just realized that I haven’t mentioned this masterpiece here on my blog. Thing is that I didn’t knew anything about this band when I heard “Against The Grain” for the very first time.  Nine years and still I love this album, noise rock, hardcore at it’s best. Should spin this more often just because.. this rocks. This could be little hard to find these days but if you after a copy, Discogs is the place.


Shellac: Excellent Italian Greyhound LP


Oldies but goldies (actually not that old). There’s no doubt about that Steve Albini is one of the major trailblazers when talking about noise-rock. Big Black, Rapeman and Shellac, Oh I love that noise. This is the latest (last?) full length from Shellac and as usual, I love this release like I love nearly everything this man has released (we must not forget that Albini is nowadays better known as producer). So, the album is great and so is the packaging of it. Once again I have to Thank late John Peel, he was the man who pointed Shellac to me years ago.

Whores: Clean 12″ (grey marble)


Uuh.. How I like this band, reminds me of early records of Jesus Lizard (a little, maybe I could call this band updated version of Lizards). Anyways, really good noise rock twelve-inch. Their second release and now I just sit tight and wait when they are going to release full length. Limited to 100 copies on grey marbled (sold out), 200 on purple and 500 copies on black vinyl. If you fancy a copy, head to Brutal Panda’s BandCamp page and release the noise-rock demon lurking inside you.