Ил: Ересь LP (dark green)


I don’t even know how to pronounce the name of this band but it doesn’t matter much, let the music speak for itself. The band is from Russia and I’m totally lost is this their fourth or fifth full-length (correct me if I’m wrong). Darkened, doomed sludge might be the correct categorization if this recording should be placed under some genre. Personally, I don’t care so much about genres because what the ear hears means more than compartmentalization. A great package, both musically and externally. Available through the band’s BandCamp website. Really hope that their previous records would see the daylight in vinyl format someday..

Kult Of The Wizard: Gold 2xLP (gold/black marbled)


Five years ago I bought a twelve-inch vinyl from a band called Kult Of The Wizard. The name of that release was “The White Wizard” and I listened to that record quite a lot and I was amazed by those bluesy psych / stoner / doom soundwaves and haunting beautiful vocals. This latest album came as a complete surprise to me, I didn’t see this coming. Bought a copy straight away from Interstellar Smoke Records and now that the record has spun under the needle countless times today .. I just can’t get enough of this. With this album, Kult Of The Wizrad moves into its own category. Buy this double album while you still can !! Available from Interstellar Smoke Records.

Temple Of The Fuzz Witch: Red Tide LP (transparent red with black splatter)

temple of fuzz witch

Interstellar Smoke Records has managed to release a bunch of awesome records during the year. One of them is this “Red Tide,” from Temple Of The Fuzz Witch. Operating somewhere beyond stoner/occult/doom & psych, this album manages to provide very heavy atmosphere and that is just what we are after. This beast is still available from the source, Interstellar Smoke Records and directly from the band. Highly recommended!

Sàbba: Pentacle 12″ (crystal clear/lathe cut) + CS


Doooooommmm.. got this one on vinyl & on cassette. Love this kinda ethereal doom or whatever you may call this. DHU Records released this on clear, lathe cut vinyl limited to only 66 copies (maybe that was little too limited run..). Aaarghh.. this must be one of the best releases I have heard by far during 2019. DHU Records has sold out this vinyl version (surprise) but Sludgelord still has this on cassette so you know where to go. Amazing release.



Green Lung: Woodland Rites LP (green/black marbled)

green lung_xx

This arrived a few weeks ago, Green Lung and their debut “Woodland Rites” on green/black marbled vinyl (well, in the picture it looks very black..). My story with this band started last year when I missed totally their cassette EP and I promised to myself that I will hunt down a copy somehow. Never got that cassette but now I got a full-length. A great record filled with occult/stoner/doom & hard rocking tunes. Funny thing with these releases by Kozmik Artifactz is that the most limited version is always black colored (limited to 100 copies) then there is some colored option, in this case, green/black marbled limited to 200 (first 111 copies of which are hand numbered.. as a mailorder edition). Someone is selling this numbered one for an egregious prize on Discogs…

First pressing is sold out now but second pressing (two color variation, red and white, and both limited to 250 copies) still available for example via Kozmik Atrifactz.

Highly recommended one!


Son Of The Morning: s/t LP (purple/black merged)


Shame on me, this arrived months ago and it took way too long to give a proper spinning time for this beauty. Talking about Son Of the Morning and their same titled debut long-play released by DHU Records. Mixing doom, occult rock and stoner this band can’t go wrong. I like this record, that’s why I bought it, simple as that. Still available via DHU Records (EU) or from the band’s BandCamp site (US). Since I have listened way much heavier & darkened music lately, I’m more than happy to give this a spin at the end of the day. You should do the same.

Saturnalia Temple: Aion Of Drakon LP (purple)


The other album I bought along that Oranssi Pazuzu/Candy Cane split was this Aion Of Drakon by Saturnalia Temple. I have never heard of this band before.. I stood there at the store, wondering what this album is about.. obviously it has something to do with doom/metal/or something like that I found myself thinking. Then I just decided to purchase it because it didn’t cost that much. Have to admit that money (quite) well spent, I like this one. Been reading reviews of this record and I have noticed that this album is really sharing opinions in favor and against. This is a mezmerizing mixture of doomed occult/stoner.. weird one and that’s the reason I like it! Once again no idea about limitation and Discogs seems to be the place where to purchase a copy, if you are after one.



Cult Of Occult: Five Degrees Of Insanity 2xLP (some kind of TP or something.. limited to 100 copies)


Well, this came few days ago so it was the last record I received in 2015. It’s doomed & blackened sludge album called “Five Degrees of Insanity” by Cult Of Occult. This album is raw, evil, heavy and brilliant record from this French band to end past year. This is some kind of special version of this album (test pressing, limited to 100 copies??) with silkscreened cover.. and there’s also red vinyl version with different cover also limited to 100 copies available.. Most of all, this album is the judgement of our sins, This TP version is still available from Vendetta as well that red one. Recommended album for these darkened, cold winter nights.

Spiral Shades: Hypnosis Sessions 2xLP (clear)


Got this beauty from RidingEasy Records today. Even thought there are dozens and dozens bands sounding 70s era sabbath/heavy/doom/sludge/psychedelic/occult/rock, this sounds.. hmm different (read fresh). There’s something magical on this record and you can’t ignore the fact that these two guys live thousands of miles away from each other (one in Norway, other in India). Main point here is that they share the same vision when it comes to music and this record is awesome proof of that vision. And then we have to thank RidingEasy Records for releasing this on vinyl! This is limited to 50 pieces on clear, 75 pieces on orange, 100 on grey, 125 on black vinyl and so on.. (there are red copies and European exclusive purple also available). Oh, RidingEasy still has these clear one available.. if you are interested. Recommended album, pure gold!

Bloody Hammers: Spiritual Relics LP

bloody hammers

Second album from Bloody Hammers. I really liked their debut album and with this one I have to spent little more time. Sounds like.. Bloody Hammers and that is good. Little bit of occult rock seasoned with hint of doom and wrapped in psychedelia. Seems to be sold out from their BandCamp site but surely you can find this for example from Soulseller Records. Go for this!