Result of crate digging.. Slayer & Sodom

Some of you might have noticed that I have this thing for “old” metal records.. Trying to find those jewels I had years & years ago. Last week I found these two albums from the local record store for very decent prize. Slayer’s Reign In Blood & Sodom’s Better off Dead, albums I never owned on vinyl format. Timeless records, maybe not for you but for me obviously.




Sabbat: Dreamweaver LP


Had to put this one here too. Sabbat (thrash band from UK) was and still is one of my favorite trash metal bands ever. For some this is just an ancient metal band from the past but with Bolt Thrower this band shaped my youth a lot. This “relic” has been on my wantlist for ages and now I had a opportunuty to purchase it with decent prize tag placed on the cover. Awesome album!!