blah blah blaah.. dings, bump, bends etc.

It’s that time of the year.. Time to talk about proper way to package & ship some vinyl records (actually I’ll link some of my earlier posts here.. but here’s some pics of few latest purchases). Some of you may know my nihilistic opinion about mailers used to ship vinyl records and now is just right time to remind us all how frustrating it’s to receive records packaged/delivered in lousy mailers.

This one I received today (amazing record though).Record was shipped the way I asked but those mailers they are using are not for international shipping, not sturdy enough (maybe they should use some extra stiffeners?). I’ll have to purchase another copy (regular version) from some domestic store to receive pristine cover to this one. I’m pissed!




sorry for the low quality… but maybe you get the point.

This one I purchased some time ago and you can see on the picture how “well & secured” it was packaged. This is also “back” on my wantlist (need a cover). Oh, this is the most limited version (red vinyl) with damaged, unique cover. 2xpissed!!





Nice mailer and enough bubble-wrap? Don’t think so…

And last but not least, this I should have bought from the source, Denovali, but they sold out copies before I realized it was even released. This copy is from Discogs seller who sold this in perfect condition. Yes it might have been on perfect condition but was packaged on those “crucifix mailers”, mailers without any secured bumber zones. Mentioned about the damage to seller who never answered. Got to purchase another copy, just to get that cover. 3xpissed!!!


And here’s those links to my previous posts about this matter: