Niels Mori: Aftonland LP


If you like classical, modern classical played with piano this might be the one you want to purchase. Thanks to retter for this one, once again (I’m spying this gentleman via BandCamp). Really awesome little record from Niels and I’m very, very happy to own this beautiful record (limited to 99 copies according to BandCamp) and I really hope to hear more from this artist. Just check out this one and if you like what you hear, go for it (like I did)! .

Piano Interrupted: The Unified Field LP (electric blue)

Piano Interrupted

Surprise, surprise. Once again winner from Denovali catalogue. This Piano Interrupted’s latest album came few days ago and having heavy rotation right now as I’m writing this. Love their debut and I know right now that this love is going to last. Once again have to thank Denovali for releasing this kind of music. If some one is interested about limitation of this record, there are 150 copies on electric blue (here) and  350 copies on black vinyl (here). Choice is yours.