Pyrit: UFO LP


And then we come to this one from Pyrit. I really don’t know what it is but this record, as mesmerizing as it is, has put a spell over me. I heard this song “Dirt On The Ground” and I was (still am) sold. Great mixture of kraut/rock/drone/electronic/pop/psychedelic.. you name it. I want more. This little piece of heaven is limited to 250 copies and still available from Bookmaker Records (you should also check out other releases available). If you ask me, this should be sold out already!


Never Sol: under quiet LP (ultraclear)

never sol

This is one of those picks I didn’t listen before purchase. Debut album from Never Sol (Sára Vondrášková), and now I have to admit that I was totally blown out first time I placed this record under the needle.. I was expecting something totally different (some kind of experimental-field recording-darkened-ambient or something) but all I can hear are these beautifully performed songs and that voice.. damn. Denovali has done it again and that is why I love every release this company is putting out, you never know what’s coming next. Awesome release, maybe this is not “cup of tea” for all but for me it is and I want more. Ultraclear vinyl is limited to 150 pieces and there are also 350 black copies available from Denovali. Just listen..

Dylan Shearer: Garagearray LP (lava field)


Oh, and then we have this release (came packaged extremely secured from US). Dylan Shearer performing his nice sounding indie. I know that this record will have several spins on my turntable within few upcoming days. I do not know what it is with Castle Face Records but they keep on releasing awesome records one after another. I have to admit that I have missed some awesome releases but that’s my bad.. This one is limited to 250 copies on this colorway and there is also this “Ice cave” edition limited to 250 copies. This “Lava Field” edition is available from Castle Face (US) and that “Ice Cave” version is available from Empty Cellar Records (if you are interested to purchase one). Lovely indie pop recording!

Nightmare Air: High In The Lasers LP

nightmare air

Sun is shining and I’m listening this very promising album by Nightmare Air. Song number two is playing now while I’m writing this and I have to say that money well spent. This band operates somewhere beyond alternative-shoegaze-indie-pop-rock and they have managed to marry all this nicely together, great sounding album and I like, quite much! Oh, got a frisbee and koozie along the record, “California Adventure Pack”, as they called this limited set (50 copies on regular black vinyl, signed by the band and hand-numbered). Well, in this part of the world it might be still little too cold for these extra items, hah. Recommended album and still available from Goodnight Records BandCamp site without pen marks (this version I have is sold out)!

Hobocombo: Moondog Mask LP (transparent blue)


Oh, what a nice surprise! Picked this up from the post office few hours ago. Great little record to lighten up this grey Friday afternoon! This record is made in the spirit of great Moondog, successfully. Timeless, minimal and surely hypnotic music with psychedelic twist. Yes, I can recommend this with pure heart. Transparent blue version of this album is limited to 100 copies and available from Lineria, there also seems to be regular black version available floating around good record stores. Nice.

And once again thanks to Ralph for tipping about this.

Be Forest: Earthbeat LP (clear with red haze)

be forest

After breathtaking session with Helen Money’s album it’s time to listen something easier (and I mean this with good). This album also came today, very pleasing ethereal-shoegazing-alternative-pop album from this Italian band (that I just found few months ago). Lovely little record and this will have its own little place in my record rack for sure. This is music for those lonely sunny days, when your own little world is smiling with you (hope that there will be plenty of those..). Limited to 100 copies on this color and sadly, sold out. But do not worry, there is still white colored version available! We Were Never Being Boring is the place to pick this up.

Human Behavior: Golgotha LP (lavender)

human behavior

Now I’m healing my metal overdose with this beauty. Found this from BandCamp and now I find this really refreshing. The point is that I made my decision to purchase this album based on just one song,  I’m Sorry, Hosanna. And I’m very glad that I did. If you enjoy listening experimental folk/country seasoned with little goth, then this album is for you (as it’s for me too). Limited to 500 copies and seems that 100 of those are colored like this one I got. Available from band’s BandCamp site. Recommended.

Temples: Colours To Life 10″ (white)


This one popped up today. Maybe now I can call my self a music-hipster or something. Actually I had no intention to get this record but after listening it for a while.. my head was turned. I really like this psychedelia-pop-rock thing. Limitation is something like 350 copies on white vinyl and about 600 on black vinyl. Seems that white one is gone from everywhere but you can get your hands on black one from Banquet Records or from Norman Records.