Knut: Terraformer LP (transparent blue)


Second-hand item picked from the local record store. It’s always nice to find something you have been searching and last week I scored once again. Knut and their awesome sludge/hardcore/math/noise release “Terraformer” and oh, this is also the most limited color variation of this record (limited to 100 copies). Not a bad deal at all considering the prize I paid of it. Now I have to after those previous releases too.. damn.


Castevet: Mounds Of Ash LP (white)


Luckily I got some other albums also today. This one I purchased from Discogs and now I have to say that I’m very pleased how THIS was packaged. Castevet and their debut “Mounds Of Ash” on white vinyl. Black metal with some hardcore influences from The States and I’m really glad that I have this one on my hands now. Now I just have to hunt for their second one. According to Discogs this is limited to 125 copies on white and 500 copies on black vinyl. Oh, and you can grab a copy for yourself easily from the same place (with nice prize), Discogs. Recommended release, I like this one.