Big Black: Atomizer LP


Here’s one album that altered my state of mind years & years ago, A-T-O-M-I-Z-E-R. My journey with Steve Albini started around 1994 when John Peel played “At Action Park” on his radio show (still have some of those shows recorded on cassette). Soon I discovered Rapeman & Big Black. This album, Atomizer, has been one of my all-time-favorite. If you haven’t heard Big Black before I suggest to check this one out, you either love it or then you hate it. Same thing with the character after all these three bands, Steve Albini. I love this album, I certainly love each of these bands. Classic.


Snowman: The Horse, the Rat, and the Swan LP (gold)


Then we have some experimental alternative rock from Australia. Have to admit that I was a little worried would this ever arrive but as you can see,  it did (my skepticism is caused by another australian band, La Mancha Negra, that never managed to sent me a record I purchased 27 months ago..). Anyways, record came in perfect condition and I really like this one, so glad I bought it. Insane mixture of psych/noise/punk/ambient/shoegaze/no-wave/whatever and somehow they manage to keep it all together. Damn this is good, just check it out. Limited to 300 copies on gold-colored vinyl and available from Trait Records (AU).


Bosse-De-Nage: All Fours 2xLP (red)


Once in a while there’s time for records like this one is. Latest from Bosse-De-Nage released by The Flenser (vinyl version). Like I just said, now and then I have to boot my hazy mind and surely this record is going to help me with that goal. As we already know, this band has something to say and now I just have to “hear” the message from beyond.. Operating somewhere between experimental, black metal & post-punk, this band surely has a place on my record shelf. This red version is still available from the source, The Flenser. There was also this clear copy (most limited version) but it was sold bundled with some other pre-orders back then. Was little pissed off when I noticed that there was clear copies on sale at Profound Lore  (those are also long gone by now). Once again solid release from Bosse!

The Men: New Moon LP

the men

This came also today. I thought that I should try something new and purchased this one. Well, this is.. some kind of post-punk/noise/rock and actually sounds decent. This is “limited” version of this album by Sacred Bones. 350 hand-numbered copies.. Standard vinyl still available from Sacred Bones.

Wear Your Wounds / Revelator: Wear Your Wounds/Revelator 7″ (white)


It’s been little quiet month.. just moved to another town and I have been little slow on buying records or anything. But this was in my letterbox yesterday. Interesting little record. Even though I’m not a big fan of Converge, this time J. Bannon surprise me in good way. This is limited to 400 copies on white vinyl exclusively from his website (seems to be sold out..) but Deathwish is releasing this on “coke bottle blue” vinyl in near future.

Eraas: s/t LP


This I found from Bandcamp. Once again nice little treasure among other fine records. This is limited to 600 copies on vinyl and available from their Bandcamp page and record company’s page (they have only few copies left). Good one, in my opinion.

Birds In Row: Cottbus 12″

birds in row

There’s no way I can remember when I heard this first time but I was sold immediately. Raw record and raw music and that suits me. Limited to 500 copies on black vinyl. Sold out from Throatruiner Records but try getting this from Discogs.