Brunt: Ataraxy LP (cream/green)


Sometimes it’s just good to sit down and let the sound waves take you somewhere far away .. Brunt succeeds in this with his latest album perfectly. Ataraxy operates somewhere between post-rocking stoner / desert / doomed Instrumental. Missed this album when it was announced by Magic Mustache Records but managed to grab this copy afterwards. Awesome beauty and available via BandCamp.

Spurv: Myra LP (black/grey merge)


Been a while since I have been listening post-rock at all but this new one from Spurv made me remember how awesome music instrumental post-rock can be at it’s best. This norwegian group is a great example of that. Bought their debut, Skarntyde, few years ago and that record had a serious time under the needle. This new one continues where that debut ended. This is music for those late autumn mornings when afternoon frost is trying to escape from the rays of the rising sun. Beautiful record. Get your hands on this via BandCamp.

Dead Sea Apes: Recondite 2xLP

dead sea apes

Dead Sea Apes.. I fell in love with their psych/drone inspired post-rocking instrumental music since I heard their collaboration album with Black Tempest called “The Sun Behind The Sun” five years ago. Oh, I think that I have all their vinyl releases so I can be called a fan or something. This double album is some kind of compilation but that didn’t stop me purchasing it (even though I’m not that big fan of compilations). I recommend this group if you need a place to escape from this hectic realm, these soundscapes will take you away.. at least for moment. Limited to 300 copies and seems that this is quite hard to find item at this moment. Surely you can grab a copy via Discogs..


Thisquietarmy: Democracy Of Dust LP (blue) + CD


I don’t even remember how many releases from Thisquitarmy I already have but this here is the newest one. Actually, just checked out that I have eleven recordings from this post-rocking drone master. I just can’t explain what is that thing I love the most when listening to this record, is it those soundscapes and all those emotions hiding behind these droned tunesm who knows. Thanks to Eric, your music has made my days easier to walk trough. This new one was released few months ago and I purchased this colored copy with CD immediately as it was available. Colored ones are gone by now (with limitation of 100 copies) but what stops you to grab this on black vinyl (this version also comes with CD) ? So get yours straight from the artist or from the label, Mirida Records.




Paleons: Hyperborean LP


I have been waiting this one like waiting for the moon to rise. Preordered this months ago and finally it arrived today. I’ve been listening this album a lot within last few months (MP3 files I got when I ordered physical copy) and have to say I’m very pleased. Instrumental psych-kraut-prog-space-stoner.. quite hard to label this band so maybe you should check this out by yourself. I love this, you don’t have to. Limited o 300 copies on black wax and available from their BandCamp site. Recommended!


El Altar Del Holocausto: – S H ∃ – LP (splattered)

el altar gel holocausto

Got this post-rocking instrumental album from Throne Records few weeks ago, and have to admit that my soul is resting while listening these tunes. There was this time period while I listened mostly instrumental post-rock like If These Trees Could Talk, Toundra, Explosions In The Sky, Mono etc. Great bands but too much is just too much. Nowadays I use to listen bands from this genre time to time and this album by El Altar Del Holocausto sounded way too good to miss. This splattered, numbered version is limited to 75 copies and as you can already guess, it’s sold out. But don’t worry (if you are on this kind of music), there’s still regular version available from the source, Throne Records (and the prize ain’t bad at all, 13€ + shipping).


Sólstafir: Berdreyminn 2xLP (white + art print)


There’s always room for another Sólstafir album on my record shelf. Ordered this one from Season of Mist some time ago and it came on white vinyl with some art print (this version is limited to 100 copies). Thing I like the most when talking about this band is those vocals, there’s so much emotion there even though I don’t have a slightest idea what these songs are about. Anyways, once again brilliant album from this Icelandic group. Available on various vinyl colors & sets and even this version is still available from the source, Season of Mist.


Worm Ouroboros: What Graceless Dawn 2xLP (black/gold mix)


Actually this came already weeks ago, just haven’t had time to get more familiar with this album but now I’m working for it. Really love their previous album, Come To Thaw, and as this new one is now playing on my headphones I think that I have to share that love between these two albums. This is some kind of mixture of doomed neofolk with some post rock in it but the mostly, this is music filled with sadness.. Great album from this trio, once again. This color variation is limited to 100 copies (there are other color variations also available) and still available from the source, Profound Lore.


Harakiri For The Sky: s/t LP


If I have to describe music Harakiri For The Sky is performing, I would say that it’s melodic, post-rocking blackened metal. But because I don’t have to do so, I just concentrate on listening to it. Few weeks ago I was checking out some local metal bands on their gig and there was this record vendor with hundreds of records.. Of course I had to check out his crates. Hundreds of black metal records from bands I have never ever heard of and then I found this. Harakiri For The Sky’s latest one is on my “wantlist” but now I had a chance to purchase their debut in pristine condition. First press is limited to 500 copies (400 on black & 100 on grey vinyl) and there’s also second pressing on grey splattered vinyl and that is available from example from Ván Records.

Mouse On The Keys: Out of Body 12″ (black)


I was introduced to this group years ago by Denovali Records. This is latest release by this awesome japanese post-rock/contemporary jazz band. It’s quite refreshing to place records like this one on your turntable and let yourself slip away.. This twelve-inch was released by Topshelf Records and limited to 1000 copies (150 copies on black, 350 on clear and 500 on white vinyl) and is available from the same source, Topshelf (clear & white copies, black is sold out..). Beautiful release, once again.

Neurosis: Enemy Of The Sun 2xLP, Souls At Zero 2xLP & Through Silver In Blood 2xLP


These I bought for myself as a christmas present. As you can see all three albums are represses, I can’t afford to buy original copies (surprise). I have this difficult relationship with Neuosis just because there’s one album above all (in my opinion) and that’s “The Eye Of Every Storm”. Yeah, I have purchased all their albums after that release but this particular album is a sort of cornerstone, or something, to me. Well,  now it’s time (at last) to get little more familiar with their previous albums and I think that this will be very rewarding journey. I’m a bit ashamed that I haven’t done this earlier but better late than never, I guess.

Mono: Requiem For Hell 2XLP (gold/silver in ultra clear)


Haaaa.. new album from one of the best Post rock bands there is, Mono. I lost my heart to this group when I heard their album “Hymn To The Immortal Win” (2009) and the song “Follow The Map”. I got this one earlier this week and listened it only once (it’s a shame that I have to work during weekdays..) but I truly love every note I heard. Obviously this album will have plenty of playing time. This colorway is limited to 250 copies and there is also this “sunburst” version limited also to 250 copies (both of these are released by Pelagic Records and both are sold out). Pelagic still has gold/silver version (limited to 500 copies) and regular black available on their store. Those who live in states can purchase pale gold/silver version (ltd. 1000) from Temporary Residence.