Puce Mary: The Spiral LP


While visiting the local record store the other day I asked the owner to recommend some records and he did, one was that Ättestupa’s album I wrote about earlier. I also bought two other records and this latest from Puce Mary was one of those. Really strange record, filled with strange tunes and in some twisted way I really enjoy these soundscapes. Noise, electronics, industrial, experimental are the words to describe this. Not bad at all, I just have to give this a little more time & spins (and we all know where that leads.. me purchasing every damn release this artist have ever put out). available for example from Boomkat.


Dr. Gunni: Eins Og Fólk Er Flesk 7″ + other treasures..


Oh, it’s nice to pay a visit to grandma. Earlier today I went to local record store hunting some treasures.. Well, it was not that glorious experience but I did find this weird little seven-inch from Dr. Gunni (this guy is from Iceland so it’s obvious that this 7″ is filled with some strange tunes). This is his first EP and released by Bad Vugum (strange underground record label from Finland) and I’m glad that I got this now, finally. And no, that is not a price tag on the cover, this was quite cheap :) If you want to know what this artist is about, check my post of his second EP here.

And about the record store, some rare stuff was available but mostly nothing special, prices were quite high, and that’s why I use to order my records from abroad. But I had to take a picture of one record that made me smile :D


Poor Testament, seems that someone or something has anger issues. Hmm.. it was quite cheap though, only 2 euros.. This one should be framed.


Yellow Swans: Going Places LP + CD

yellow swans

And this noise/experimental LP I bought few years ago from Boomkat. I do not know has this anything to do with music :) but I’m in love these experimental / abstract records (thanks to Panaonic / Pan Sonic / Mika Vainio). What can I say, hard to heart and hard to head. Every one should try these sounds, at least once. Love, once again. Do not know about limitation but seems to be very wanted record according to Discogs.