Kryptograf: Kryptograf LP (grey marbled)


Even though it took some time to arrive, it’s finally here with me (and I wanna thank Apollon Records for helping out with this one). Norwegian Kryptograf is hitting hard with this debut album. Album filled with soundscapes from late 60`s / 70`s metal & hard rock with some modern doomed touch. Listened this a lot during last summer (in digital format) and ow that I finally have this physical LP, it’s time for another round. Great stuff, still available via Apollon Records (2nd press). Get yours because these wont last long..

Hashshashin: nihsahshsaH LP


Actually I’m not that big fan of math/prog rock but after hearing few songs from this album I just had to give this one a chance. And yes, I really like this album by Hashshashin (whatever that name means) and I’m more than happy purchasing this. I came across with this (Australian) band via Art As Catharsis Records few months ago and even though I call this math/prog rock, there’s much more flavours on this album. We can clearly hear some oriental, world music nuances mixed here on these tunes. Great album in my opinion. Limited to 250 copies and still available from the source, Art As Catharsis Records. Just check out, you might like it!


Mouse On The Keys: The Flowers Of Romance LP (clear)

mouse on the keys II

Here again and this time with this pretty cool (far more than just cool) album from Japanese Mouse On The Keys. They play jazz influenced prog-rock or something (did I even tagged this right..) and this is third release from them I own so you guessed right, I like this band. I knew that they were releasing a new album but somehow I managed to miss it, totally. Hopefully I found a copy from Bleep (just checked if they still have copies, but sorry, sold out from them also). Don’t know about the limitation but if you are interested, there are copies floating around Amazon. Perfect band from this awesome orchestra.


Voyag3r: Are You Synthetic? 2xLP (translucent blue)


Hahaa.. got this latest (second full-length) from Voyag3r earlier this week. Horror/sci-fi/synthwave seems to be quite popular nowadays and here’s one of my favorite. I really liked Voyag3r’s debut album (Doom Fortress) and now it’s time to check out this new one. After few tunes I’m sold again..This is exactly what I was hoping for, synths/space/horror/80’s. Some may find music like this ridiculous but I don’t. There’s this certain nostalgic value hidden here beyond these sounscapes. This deluxe edition (on translucent blue vinyl, Bellyache Records exclusive) is limited to 300 copies including 3D art print & 3D glasses to stare that print. Still available from Bellyache Records (there’s also this less limited version on black vinyl available). Brilliant!

Agusa: Högtid LP (splatter)


Now I have to admit that I don’t know much about prog rock.. at all. But when I heard first tunes from this album, it brought back memories from times I used to listen Änglagård’s amazing album “Hybris” a lot (nearly twenty years ago, and what an awesome album that is!) But let’s focus on this album from Agusa.

I found this via BandCamp, listened the album throughout and it was easy decision to purchase this one. And it’s true that somehow this record reminds me of that Änglagård album, distantly. But damn I like this album, Swedish prog updated to present day! They know how to do this and I’m very glad to own a copy of this beautiful prog/psych album. This is limited to 100 copies on splatter and 400 copies on black vinyl. It seems that splattered ones are gone but you can still purchase black ones for example from their BandCamp page or from Greatest Hits (I got my splattered one from here). Recommended album!


Cloudkicker: The Discovery LP (black)


As we all know this is that “MYSTERY 2” record released by Blood Music. My copy came today and I ordered this one immediately when I realize who this mystery artist is (I ordered that “MYSTERY 1” long before this one). For me this was one of those “must buy” items. Now my Cloudkicker collection is nearly complete (talking about releases on vinyl). Nice one and I’m glad that I ordered this album from this multi talented artist. Oh, and as we all know, this is sold out.

Goat: Live Ballroom Ritual 2xL (white with green splatter)


This is exceptional day, got picture disc and this one.. live record (two things I usually try to avoid). But when Rocket Recordings announced this one I was ready to purchase one more live recording (maybe one reason is that I live in the middle of the forest and there is no chance to see this band alive.. ) Anyways, I really dig this record and I’m quite happy that I managed to purchase this limited edition colored one. This is limited to 200 copies on this color (online shop exclusive) and of course there is regular copies still floating around. Recommended (for live recording) And you can get yours (black one) from Rocket Recordings.

Ne Obliviscaris: The Aurora Veil LP (frosted clear)

Ne Obliviscaris

Huhhh.. and another one from Ne Obliviscaris. And I have to say that now I have overdose of metal (laughing). Anyways, I waited these albums to be released months and now these little treasures have found their way to daddy. This one is more darker than “Portal Of I” and I like that! This is limited to 100 copies on black and 100 copies on frosted clear vinyl. Both versions are sold out..

Ne Obliviscaris: Portal Of I 2xLP (black)

Ne Obliviscaris

This is nice, I like. Progressive metal and violin (and maybe a hint of black metal or something). It’s obvious that those “Black Metal” puritans hates this album. My honest opinion is that when it sounds good, it’s good and dot! Nice package, nice new friend and credits goes to Blood Music, again. Limited to 100 copies on black and 200 copies on nice colored vinyl. Both vinyl versions are sold out (surprise).

Goat: World Music LP (black & white)

Goat - World Music

Well, I do not know what I was thinking (or was I thinking at all) when I purchased this one. Yes, I already have few versions of this album (black one from 1st press and even purple, signed, one..) but still I had to purchase this.. insane. And about the album, yeah, it’s still great and I love it. This is Sound It Out Records exclusive and limited to 150 copies and obviously sold out in hours. Maybe I have to start collecting every color variations of this album.. or not.

Cloudkicker: Subsume LP (blue with white swirl)


This one came few days ago. I have been fan of Cloudkicker since I heard his “Beacons” album. This artist has his own path of doing what he likes. Nice record, once again. This is available through his BandCamp page. Limited to 100 copies on this color variation (sold out) but you can still purchase this on transparent, blood-red vinyl.


Oh, and I have to mention this. I hate shrink-wrap. Why? Because wrapped cover allows LP to move inside the cover and the result is nearly every time seam splits.. like happened with this record. Yes, I asked to ship this record taken out of the cover but unfortunately their warehouse was too quick and here we can see the result..


Ludicra: The Tenant 2xLP (transparent navy blue)


Suddenly came across with this one last week. I remember hearing this album first time few years ago and was planning to purchase this.. Hmm.. now I did. I do not know what it is with this album but I do enjoy listening this, a lot. Well spent 15 euros, I think. This color was limited to 100 copies and there is also black copies floating around and some kind of special edition, I settle with this one.

Ihsahn: The Adversary 2XLP (black)


Finally I got this one, missed this when it was released (by Blood Music) but now I hold this on my tiny, hairy hands. Love this album so much, even though I’m not a fan of Emperor. This was limited to 300 copies (100 copies on black and 200 copies on white vinyl). Sold out long long time ago. You might find this from Discogs/Ebay but be ready to pay great pile of coins if you would like to have this one.

Brujas Del Sol: Moonliner LP (purple/white swirl vinyl)

brujas del sol


Wouh! This one came today and this one is GOOD! Had some issues about rough handling by post delivery but Big Thanks goes to Devouter Records, they replaced damaged one and I really appreciate that. And about the music, amazing pyschedelicspaceprogrock album. You can purchase this one from Devouter Records, and from band’s Bandcamp page. About the limitation, Discogs and their Bandcamp page says it’s 100 copies..

Breach: Kollapse 2xLP (clear)


Now we are speaking! This might be the record of the year! Been waiting vinyl version of this record nearly 12 years and now I have this absolute beauty on my tiny hands. This record took my breath away 12 years ago and still does. This is limited to 500 copies (100 copies on clear and 400 copies on black vinyl). Available from the source Apocaplexy Record (you can also purchase few records from Terra Tenebrosa while you are visiting the site).

Ensemble Economique: Psychical LP


Well, let’s float in a psychedelic void for a while. Aaargghh, how in hell this can sound this good.. Maybe I should stop buying new records and just listen to those I already have.. First press limited to 470 copies, surprise surprise there is also repress of this record! And I have to say that you can find this jewel quite cheap from Discogs.

Talons: Hollow Realm LP (black)


If you have missed this one, now it is time to give it a try. Hmm, I would call this progressive post-rock, but who really cares about that. Awesome debut album. This is limited to 500 copies; 100 on black (tour exclusive), 150 on white, and 250 on clear vinyl. I got my black one from Denovali.