Ihsahn: The Adversary 2XLP (black)


Finally I got this one, missed this when it was released (by Blood Music) but now I hold this on my tiny, hairy hands. Love this album so much, even though I’m not a fan of Emperor. This was limited to 300 copies (100 copies on black and 200 copies on white vinyl). Sold out long long time ago. You might find this from Discogs/Ebay but be ready to pay great pile of coins if you would like to have this one.

Brujas Del Sol: Moonliner LP (purple/white swirl vinyl)

brujas del sol


Wouh! This one came today and this one is GOOD! Had some issues about rough handling by post delivery but Big Thanks goes to Devouter Records, they replaced damaged one and I really appreciate that. And about the music, amazing pyschedelicspaceprogrock album. You can purchase this one from Devouter Records, and from band’s Bandcamp page. About the limitation, Discogs and their Bandcamp page says it’s 100 copies..

Breach: Kollapse 2xLP (clear)


Now we are speaking! This might be the record of the year! Been waiting vinyl version of this record nearly 12 years and now I have this absolute beauty on my tiny hands. This record took my breath away 12 years ago and still does. This is limited to 500 copies (100 copies on clear and 400 copies on black vinyl). Available from the source Apocaplexy Record (you can also purchase few records from Terra Tenebrosa while you are visiting the site).

Ensemble Economique: Psychical LP


Well, let’s float in a psychedelic void for a while. Aaargghh, how in hell this can sound this good.. Maybe I should stop buying new records and just listen to those I already have.. First press limited to 470 copies, surprise surprise there is also repress of this record! And I have to say that you can find this jewel quite cheap from Discogs.

Talons: Hollow Realm LP (black)


If you have missed this one, now it is time to give it a try. Hmm, I would call this progressive post-rock, but who really cares about that. Awesome debut album. This is limited to 500 copies; 100 on black (tour exclusive), 150 on white, and 250 on clear vinyl. I got my black one from Denovali.

Baroness: Blue 2xLP (yellow w/blue splatter)


And here this is, do not know is this from second or third pressing but I do not really care. As far as I know, this color edition is 750 copies. Original pressings from this band are in ridiculous prizes so I’m satisfied with this. Good album and the cover art from Baizley is amazing as always. This one you could find easily from good record stores.

Bloc Party: Four LP (pic) and 3 step unpacking

Picked the package from local Postal office. Here you can see actual package and my tool of destruction (miniature hunting/fishing/whatever knife).

What the f**k! Did I ordered a pile of stickers?

What a reliefe, it was under that sticker pile. Nice looking record indeed. Limited to 500 copies.