Vokonis: Odyssey LP (yellow with red splatter)


Yet again stunning release from Sweden.. Got this latest one by Vokonis a few days ago and it has spent some quality time on my turntable more than once. I’ve known this band for years now but this is actually the first physical release from them that I own. Now I’m just wondering how in hell I have managed to skip all their previous releases? This kinda progressive approach to doom/stoner is more than welcome if I may say. Highly recommended album! Available for example from Kozmik Artifactz Records and from the source, The Sign Records.

Numidia‎: Numidia LP (orange)


Numidia and their self-titled debut album. This Australian band combines elements of progressive & psychedelic rock with middle eastern blues or something and the result is outstanding. A really enjoyable record we got here. I know that these tunes are far from stoner & doom records I have been purchasing lately but oh boys & girls, time to time it’s refreshing to step outside the box. Limited to 300 copies on orange vinyl and still available via Nasoni Records & straight from the band. Great release and at this moment most played one in this household.


Sólstafir: Berdreyminn 2xLP (white + art print)


There’s always room for another Sólstafir album on my record shelf. Ordered this one from Season of Mist some time ago and it came on white vinyl with some art print (this version is limited to 100 copies). Thing I like the most when talking about this band is those vocals, there’s so much emotion there even though I don’t have a slightest idea what these songs are about. Anyways, once again brilliant album from this Icelandic group. Available on various vinyl colors & sets and even this version is still available from the source, Season of Mist.


Anciients: Heart of Oak 2xLP (blue)


Latest arrival to my tiny collection came yesterday. Anciients, reminds me little of Mastodon etc. Really enjoyable record if you like some progressive metal. On this color vinyl is limited to 100 copies (pre-order item). There are also 500 copies on brown vinyl available and of course standard black copies. Brown and black copies can be found from the source Season of Mist (blue one is sold out).