Huanastone: Third Stone From The Sun LP (black/white marbled)


Once again a good example of how good music these Swedish bands produce. Huanastone is the name of this group and this seems to be their debut album, at least if Discogs is to be believed. I’m completely sold to this prog/stoner/blues combination. Clear vocals, groovy riffs, and the atmosphere on this album are near perfection. Would love to know how swedes manage to release these awesome albums one after another. Great find if I may say. Available from band’s BandCamp site. Highly recommended!

Sumokem: Prajnaparadha LP (oxblood)


Do you ever purchase albums without hearing a single note from them in advance? I do, sometimes. That’s what happened here, I bought this from Cursed Tongue Records along with another record (I’ll come back to that other record another time). What we have here is the second full-length from Sumokem. Their debut was released a few years back and I clearly remember skipping it, the reason could be that I simply didn’t have the money at that time to invest in records. Shame on me! But back to this one, this is mere perfection from start to finish. Progressive, doomed stoner / sludge with a classic metal twist and I’m speechless at this moment. Maybe it’s just better that you check out this record all by yourself because my words don’t do justice. A-W-E-S-O-M-E! Go and grab a copy while you still can, available from the source, CTR or for example from Kozmik Artifactz. Those floating around the States can grab a copy from The Cosmic Peddler.

Horseburner: The Thief LP (blue splatter)


Horseburner? An obscure name for the band.. Well, here’s The Thief, their third album and the first I own. Spotted this band via Ripple Music webstore, listened to it for a few moments and the decision was made. Heavy psych/stoner/sludge/doom, you name it. Great record and I’m going to let the needle follow the grooves numerous times during upcoming weeks. Ripple Music has sold this color variation out a long time ago  but hey, there are still white-colored copies (ltd. 100) available from Ripple’s US & EU stores. Recommended recording indeed!


Voyag3r: War Mask LP (Transparent green)


Synthwave/retrowave/space/prog/instrumental,  whatever. Voyag3r is one of few bands I like to listen when it comes to this “genre”. This is their third album and third I own (that should tell you of my passion towards this group). Great package and that mask is superior (maybe I should wear it and take a run cross my neighbor back yard. now that the sun has set..). Anyways, great record this is and still available from Bellyache Records (on three different color variations). Check this out if you are interested even a pit, this won’t let you down for sure.


Anciients: Voice Of The Void 2xLP (green transparent)


Second album from this Canadian metal monster. Few years ago (actually it has been 3 years now) I bought band’s debut, Heart of Oak, and I was sold immediately. For debut album that one was quite brilliant. Now it’s time to check out their latest one called “Voice of The Void”. Of course this second album is way better than that debut, naturally. But hey, there has been three-year cap between these to albums, Great sounding band if you are into Baroness, Kylesa etc. This transparent green vinyl is limited to 100 pieces (of course there is other variations also available) and you still can grab this from Season of Mist’s North American Store. Recommended one, truly.



Geryon: The Wound And The Bow LP (cream w/black splatter)

profound lore

Here’s a one breathtaking avantgardish death metal release indeed! This is not for easy-listeners. I really like nearly every release Profound Lore is putting out..  this one goes straight to that continuum. This is a hard bite to chew, I realized it at that very moment I heard first notes from this album and now I’m losing myself to this vortex. This color variation is limited to only 50 copies (and it’s sold out)  but there’s still regular black copies available from Profound’s Merchtable. I welcome you to join with me in this vortex.


Breach: Venom 2xLP (test press)


And another test press.. damn, I have tried to avoid purchasing any test pressings but here we go again. Actually I also have reissue of this record (released by Apocaplexy Records, awesome label) on clear vinyl, limited to 100 copies, and as we can see here that was not enough so I had to purchase this TP (limited to 30 copies) from the same source. This prog/hc/metal band from Sweden was ahead of its time, way ahead. Breach no longer exists but from the ashes of this band rose Terra Tenebrosa but that’s a different story. I love this record and still looking for original version of this record :D


Breach: Venom 2xLP (clear)

breach venom

Yes! This one I got from Germany today, packaged extremely well/secured (there was even 4 stiffeners placed inside the mailer) but this is common service for this awesome record label, Apocaplexy Records. And yes, this is repress (on two vinyls) of this beauty. It was love at first sight when I found this band years and years ago (I blame their last album “Kollapse”). I think that this band was ahead of its time, mixing prog-hc-metal etc. together and creating something unique. Love this album, love this beautiful quality repress, love Apocaplexy.. this day is filled with love (well, most part of this day). It’s a pity that this band is no more around but now we have Terra Tenebrosa! Anyways, this clear version is limited to 100 copies (obviously sold out by now) but I suggest You to pick that regular black copy from Apocaplexy Records (oh, black copy is limited to 400 copies). Recommended release indeed!

Wild Throne: Blood Maker 12″ (red)

wild throne

This twelve-inch came today from Brutal Panda Records. Once again this record is one of those I suddenly found while looking for treasures from BandCamp. And what a treasure this certainly is. Progressive metal/heavy and very, very energetic and now I’m just waiting for their full length if there is one coming. I really like this one, little different from what I usually listen but that’s just positive thing! And I really dig the cover art, awesome. This is limited to 100 transparent red and 400 black copies. Surprisingly red one is sold out but you can grab black one from Brutal Panda Records. Recommended!!

Damn I like this more and more now..!