Domkraft: Seeds LP (red)


Damn .. A new record from Domkraft, and of course I had to get it, no doubt about it. I am very attached to the band’s apocalyptic soundscape, their way of wrapping together doom & sludge metal with some psychedelic mix. Bought this red version of the record and skipped that Box Set (way too expensive for me and I’m not ready to pay that much for a seven-inch, LP, CD, booklet, and some prints). I’m happy with this version I have (saved some money for a few other albums I have on my want list). Anyways, this record is an amazing soundtrack for the apocalypse to come. The Box Set and red-colored version are still available for example from Kozmik Artifactz.

Lightmaker: Lightmaker LP (red/blue pinwheel)


This is Lightmaker from States with their self-titled debut album. Hell yeah! Doomed stoner with haunting vocals, what else can you ask? Due to the situation all over the globe, it took nearly 2 months for this to arrive at its final location (my hands) but I have to say that every minute was worth the wait. This is a kind of record that will have a lot of spinning time in this household. Heavy as hell and at the same time so beautiful. Highly recommended. Released by DHU Records and there’s still “Band edition” (half black / half white) available from the source. Kozmik Artifactz also has that version if you are interested. And both color variations still available via Band on their BandCamp site!

Grave Disgrace: Rest In Peace LP (swamp green with gold/black splatter)


The very first record to hit me this year, Grave Disgrace with their strongly doomed album called Rest in Peace. At first I wasn’t sure about this record .. I pondered the purchase decision for a while until I grabbed myself by the neck and pressed that button. That decision was the right one. Been listening to this album a lot and still it keeps growing and growing. Great work from this Russian group and I really hope to hear more about them in the near future. “Black Seed” edition (regular black wax) seems to be still available from the source, Black Farm Records. Recommended for all doomsters!

Bongtower: Oscillator 2xLP (white/black merged)


Here’s some love from Russia in the form of Bongtower. Oscillator is Bongtower’s first vinyl release and have to say that this love is heavy, crushingly heavy. I’m not that familiar with the Russian stoner / doom scene but this band sounds amazing! Great Blend of space / stoner / doom & sludge. Deep bow in the direction of Hand of Doom for releasing this beast from below / above. Limited to 250 copies and still available via Hand of Doom. Get a copy before it’s too late.

Vessel: Vagabond Blues LP (orange/black mabled)


Australian desert/stoner/fuzzed/psych group delivering some delicious ear candy. Majesic Mountain Records released this one earlier this year and I grabbed a copy immediately. Been listening to this a lot since the day I got a copy delivered to my doorsteps. I’m quite sure that this record can be found on my “Highlights of 2020” list. This is totally sold out from the source, Majestic Mountain Records, but if you fancy a copy of your own then head to BandCamp!

Sundrifter: Visitations LP (clear)


Yet again one from my million miles long “wantlist”. This time Sundrifter and their space-fuzzed debut full-length (on vinyl) called Visitations. Grabbed this copy via Discogs (thanks to the awesome seller) and it arrived in mint condition. Brilliant album and one thing that bothers me (in the best possible way) are those vocals, reminds me of some artist I just can’t get to my mind. Like I said, great album and I’m thankful I finally managed to include this to my collection. Season of Mist seems to have copies still available (with quite a decent price tag). Recommended one!

Mephistofeles: Satan Sex Ceremonies LP


Managed to get my sweaty hands on this dirty release too (thanks to Creep Purple). At one point I promised to myself that I won’t miss any Mephistofeles release but that promise has proved a little difficult to keep. Just can’t keep tracking what label is releasing their upcoming material next, and in what format. Well, I’m glad that I got this one. Been listening to this band since I purchased their debut via Black Farm Records four years ago and still, they sound as dirty as they did back then. This latest one was available via Creep Purple (sold out quite quickly). Really hope they would repress this one just because those Discogs prizes are hilarious. Hell Yeah!

No Man’s Valley: Outside The Dream LP (green marbled)


Recently I went through some “monthly list” I came across while surfing around the net. Checked all the bands mentioned (well, I knew some of the bands already but then there were bands I had never heard before). No Man’s Valley was one of those. Holy hell, I love this record. Mysterious, melancholic, psychedelic, bluesy desert rock or something. After listening to the first track it was obvious that I have to purchase this one. Here it is now as you can see from the picture above. Brilliant album if I may say even though it has nothing to do with stoner/sludge/doom I nowadays mostly like to listen. Just check out this one, it might surprise you like it did in my case. Available from Tonzonen Records.



Palace In Thunderland: The King Of The Empty Aeon LP (gold)


Totally new band for me. Heard this band for the first time via Cursed Tongue Records and the track called “Vicarious” forced me to listen more. After that, it was quite an easy decision to purchase the album. Not that traditional Stoner/doom band, they are mixing different elements to their music and it makes this album so refreshing. Great release from Cursed Tongue Records (like the fact that this label does not get stuck on some specific genre). This treasure is still available via Cursed Tongue Records, CTR edition (ltd. 100) & regular version (ltd. 300). Recommended release indeed!



Absent: Towards The Void LP (green transparent)


Wow! Here we have little heavier release. Brazilian Absent with their debut release “Towards The Void”. Psychedelic Funeral Doom as band itself describes their music on their BandCamp site. I agree even though the end of the third track goes straight to blackened metal. Brilliant! Thanks to Cursed Tongue Records for bringing this alive on vinyl format. Dark & hopeless this record surely is but that’s what makes it so beautiful. This limited version is gone from the source, Cursed Tongue Records, but there’s still “regular” version on black wax available. Highly recommended one!

“Existence is a shallow grave 
For misery is the price of our stay 
Fuck the light in cold demise 
A hole of chaos to swallow the sky 
Drown this world in nothingness”


Devil’s Witches: “Velvet Magic” & “Porno Witches and Vietnam Veterans” Cassettes

devil witches cass

I’ve been overwhelming unlucky with vinyl releases of this band, every damn time. So, I went for these CS versions and finally the sun decided to turn its face to me. Bought these via Golden Dawn Recordings and finally I understand why people are after releases of this band, these are freaking brilliant! Stoner/psych/doom.. don’t really care about categories, I rather just listen the tunes and let my ears make decisions. My hairy ears are in love. Cursed Tongue Records is about to release these two as a double album and maybe, just maybe I’ll be little luckier then.. who knows.


Cassette mayhem… part II

Yeah. Time for some cassette update.. Sorry for those vinyl freaks (like I am) but lately I have found myself purchasing more & more albums in this format. Some of these I also got on vinyl but I love these handy little things as much I love every damn vinyl I have. Mostly stoner/doom stuff but there’s also some stranger tapes listed.


shrooms circle

Lovely cover! Shrooms Circle with their sludge/doom/stoner release. Really don’t know much about this band but sounds great. Ordered this tape via Golden Dawn Recordings months ago and from that source it’s sold out long ago. Limited to 50 copies and if you ask me, that’s way too limited..



Quite epic stoner/doom cassette, oh I love this. Self released tape limited to only 50 copies. One of my favourite ones lately. Sold out from the band’s BandCamp page but I really hope that they’ll find the way to get this released on vinyl too.



Well, got this on vinyl.. just couldn’t resist purchasing this on tape too. Psychedelic/stoner/doom/sludge/whateveryouwannacallit.. Nice one. Vinyl version still available via DHU Records and cassette (ltd.100) available via Doom Stew Records. Get one while you still can



Hmm.. Never been a great fan of live recordings but purchased this tape from Electric Wizard via Creep Purple. Limited to 500 copies on this grey colored cassette and just to let you know (if you didn’t already know) there’s a second pressing on black cassette too.. both sold out. Not bad at all.



Have to say that I haven’t had that much luck with Mephistofeles releases lately.. at least I got this cassette via Creep Purple a while ago. It was funny to see how much those flippers asked from this tape soon after release (originally limited just only 50 copies). But here comes the best part.. Creep Purple released a second run few months ago (this time 100 copies) and there’s no differences between these two runs. Well, it’s sold out anyways, both runs.



Alastor & Black Magic. Damn good tape this is, honestly. For a moment I couldn’t even remember where the hell I ordered this tape but the place is Graven Earth Records. Psychedelic stoner or something but sounds gooooood… Limited to 200 copies and still available from the source, Graven Earth.


eternal black

Of course I had to buy this one too even though I purchased this on vinyl few months ago. Doom/stoner/metal at it’s best. Cassette version is limited to 100 copies and was available via Hellas Records. If you want a copy, Twin Earth still seem to have some copies available. Vinyl version available via band itself on their BandCamp page.


void terror

Some death metal to your face. This is Void Terror’s demo tape and I loooovee it. Best thing about BandCamp is that possibility to came across some nice suff, like this tape. Cassette (limited to 100 copies) still available via BandCamp. Check it out.




Beastmaker.. Everyone probably knows this band. Band has released numerous EP’s on digital format recently and 4 first one are released on tape. Here I got first two. Purchased these from Toys of Disharmony Distribution.  Following two can be purchased via BandCamp where you can find that first two ones are also released on vinyl. Not bad at all.



Another doom/sludge beast released by Hellas Records. This time we are talking about Soyuz Bear and their evil sounding cassette. You can grab this one via Twin Earth if you are interested. Hell Yeah!!



Haaa.. some death/grind from Australia! I have this thing with Death metal.. I love the genre, mostly bands from the early days but sometimes it’s just great to come across with some new bands and Cryptivore is one of those. Limited to 100 copies, released by Blood Harvest and available for example via band itself



Blackened doom/sludge and one of my favourite cassette release. Limited to 75 copies and available via Graven Earth Records. One thing about that printed sleeve this cassette was hidden in, it’s so tight that I have to use some violence to get the cassette out (sleeve was left out of the picture above). Evil release indeed.



Have no idea of this band, this release or anything involved Thule Thule. This was released by Golden Dawn Records and is limited to 50 copies.. That much I know about this dark, psychedelic release from some dusty vault. Prizes of this tape on Discogs are hilarious…



Yet one nice darkened stoner/doom/sludge release. This time band is Slother and this demo release is named Die Slowly. Band is from Canada and that’s mostly I know about this group. Cassette is released on green (limited to 50 copies) and black (limited to 75 copies) cover. Recommended if you like your stoner/sludge dirty & evil. Available via Toys of Disharmony Distribution.


shrooms circle_asylum

Latest from Shrooms Circle, called Asylum. Band is from Switzerland and really hope that this will be released on vinyl someday. Stoner/Doom/sludge is the concept on this release too. Released by Golden Dawn Reordings & limited to 50 copies..



Well, we all know Danzig. Found this used tape from some local Facebook marketplace. Don’t even know if this is some bootleg version but I don’t care because I paid 3 euros from it. Nice deal considering the fact that the tape is in quite good condition & sounds good.


lunar funeral

If you like your stoner/sludge/doom seasoned with some garage, blues & psych, then you should check out Lunar Funeral’s Sex on A Grave. This is good one and I’ve been listening this a lot (and I really mean lot). Band is from Russia and tape has been released by Hellas Records but I have no idea where to get a copy anymore..



Got this on vinyl too but I had to have this on tape too. Acoustic neofolk is the thing here and even though I’m not familiar with this genre I really love this band. Album is sold out on every format nowadays.. Recommended, highly.



Second full-length from this experimental so-called black  metal outfit. Debut album is one of my all-time favourite This second one is still  under closer listening. Cassette version available for example from Earache and vinyl from various stores.



Joel Grind.. Man behind Toxic Holocaust and various projects etc. Obviously this sounds quite like TH in my opinion. Anyways, nice one and came with button & patch. Still available from Joel’s BandCamp site




And then something totally different. Came across with these tapes via BandCamp and it was love at first sight. Never been fan of Dungeons & Dragons or anything involved with role-playing etc. but these tapes are awesome. 8-bit dungeon synth bringing smile to my face. Just check out Heimat Der Katasthrope, they have tons of awesome tapes available.




Last but not least, two tapes from this freaking amazing band, Haunted. Perfect name for the band because the music.. it’s haunting stoner/doom with ethereal vocals. Latest one, Dayburner, must be the best stoner/doom record I have heard this year. First one still available on tape & vinyl from Twin Earth,  Second one, Dayburner seems to be little hard to find on tape but DHU Records released it on vinyl recently so you can grab this beauty from DHU (I already did).


Cassette mayhem…

Haa.. somehow I have purchased great pile of cassettes during last few months. Never thought that I would turn back to this format but here we are. There is more than one reason why cassettes have found their way to my heart.. This format is way more cheaper, these arrive without a doubt in much better condition than vinyl records and most of all, in some cases cassettes are the only physical format available. Some of these albums I already have on vinyl format but I just couldn’t resist getting those on cassette too..



Let’s start with these two tapes from Mephistofeles, stoner/doom outfit from Argentina. I bought these two cassettes from Creep Purple Records (nice job, once again!). Even though I have that “Whore” also on vinyl I just had to have it on cassette too. These two are sold out by now. “Whore” have been released on cassette format by few other labels too but all copies are sold out and Discogs prizes of those are ridiculous!




Old good OLDE and their latest album on cassette format. Stoner/doom is the thing here and vinyl version of this album is still available from STB Records (BandCamp). If you fancy this more on tape, I suggest you to check out Medusa Crush Recordings. MCR also have some other items for sale there..




Let’s jump right to atmospheric/blackened/depressive/metal. I found this record via BandCamp and I really like it. Also just found out that this has been released on vinyl too..  Cassette version can be ordered via Fólkvangr Records, vinyl version via Ordo MCM. Nice recording indeed.




Let’s continue with little rougher stuff. This is Dödsrit from Sweden and this cassette kicks ass big time! Blackened metal mixed with crust/punk. This is concept that just can’t go wrong if you ask my opinion. Available from Bloodsoaked Records. Recommended release!




Latest from all mighty Electric Wizard. I purchase this on cassette & vinyl (more about that vinyl version later..). Wizard is wizard, what else can I say? This was available via Spinefarm Records but seems that it’s sold out (but I think there’s more copies to come).




Ambient, drone, minimal are those words best to describe this one. Some of you may already know that I love to listen soundscapes like this cassette is providing. Music for dark rooms. Still available from Invisible City Records. Lovely.




The main reason purchasing this on tape was the prize (and shipping costs). Would love to own this one on vinyl too but at the moment I settle for this cassette format. It’s nice to see that these tape releases are selling out quite fast, does that tell something? Good record and someday I gonna get my hands on that vinyl version too.




Back to psych/space/stoner/doom genre. Just have to wonder why this hasn’t been released on vinyl? This cassette has been released by Transylvanian Tapes and it was already sold out from the source when I heard about this band the very first time. Anyways, I was lucky enough to grab a copy straight from the band though (seems to be sold out from that source too..). Hope that some awesome DIY label would give this one good vinyl treatment.




And back to the darker side. I came across with this band while surfing around Bandcamp. First I wasn’t that interested but after listening “Saudade” few times I just had to purchase it and their previous one, “Respire”. Black metal is the thing here, you don’t have to like it but I do. Both tapes available from their BandCamp site.




Yet one recording that should have vinyl treatment. This band from France has managed to create awesome sounding stoner/doom tunes and I really hope to hear more from them as soon as possible. Tape has been released by Transylvanian Tapes and is still available from the source. Recommended highly if fuzzed stoner/doom is your thing!




And another album waiting for someone to release it, surprise, on vinyl. This cassette was the reason I found out Transylvanian Tapes and all those delicious releases the label has put out. Evil sounding tape,  I like it. Transylvanian has sold this out, and seems that band has too (good for the band, not that good for possible fans who missed it). At least you can support the band buying the album on digital format.




Oh I love these releases Transylvanian is putting out. Cosmic Reef Temple with their album “Age of The Spaceborn” blew my mind. You better check this out because this is awesome! Saxophone here is something I haven’t heard before and have to say it works. And yet another  recording I would love to buy on vinyl format. Available from the source, Transylvanian Tapes. Highly recommended one.




Filthy death metal from Caffa. This tape came along my order from Transylvanian Tapes, so it was like a gift. And I really like this gift too. Even though I’m more into early death metal I really enjoy listening to this one too. Pity that this is sold out from the source (well, if I got a copy so there must still be some copies left..). Thanks to Transylvanian Tapes, I really appreciate this!




This is Hell. Freaking brilliant. Sold out but sounds like this..




Lightsabres, my favorite one. Got all Lightsabres albums on vinyl but some strange way I thought that I have to purchase those albums on cassette format too. Actually I was after his latest release (split with Blissful Stream) and these previous tapes I just ordered to cover those shipping cost.. Hey, it’s me here trying to justify these purchases to myself. Tape is still available from Medusa Crush Recordings if you are interested.




Same thing with this one as that one above. Lightsabres forever! Medusa Crush still having some copies if you lack one.




And here’s the reason for buying all those tapes from Medusa Crush. I was after this split release with Blissful Stream. Now that I have been lisening to this release I just have to say it was worth every penny I spent. Great thing here is also that I’m in love with Blissful Stream now. Brilliant release indeed! Still available from Medusa Crush Recordings so what the hell are you still waiting for?




Here’s some drone to your ears. Excellent release. Painting soundscapes and this surely is one hell of a soundtrack for these late hours. If you want a copy of this you better hurry because Invisible City Records have on two left at this very moment I’m writing this.




Some older death metal on cassette format. Hammerheart Records have re-pressed these two albums on vinyl & CS. Those vinyl versions are already sold out but there’s these tapes still available like Malleus Maleficarum, Consuming Impulse, Testimony of The Ancients, Spheres and even the newest one called Hadeon. Great work from Hammerheart!




Three cassettes filled with experimental/drone/ambient/noise… aah, now I can close my tired eyes and let these soundscapes take over. These tapes are sold out but that should not prevent you to check out these, some of you might even like these tapes.


Monolord: Rust 2xLP (semi die-hard copy)


Damn, just remember that I got this latest from Monolord months ago and haven’t said a word about it. Yes, I purchased this “poor man’s” semi die-hard version from Riding Easy Records (couldn’t afford to purchase neither that “Faux Leather” nor “Denim” version) and like I said it has been here with me sometimes now. This version was limited to 100 copies with some kind of printed extra cover (nice way to add some extra price to album..). Anyways, once again great release from this swedish trio (with some finnish blood). I have been following this group since their first release and seems that still they are going strong with their awesome mix of doomed/psyched stoner-sludge whatever you call it. There are so many color variations of this vinyl floating around so anyone interested of this album surely gets their copy. Available for example from the source, Riding Easy Records and various other places, like: Bengans, Bilbo, etc.


2 x Wicked Lady & Lee Van Cleef (cassettes) from Creep Purple Records


Got these three tapes few days ago from Creep Purple Records (first releases from this label), some of you may already know Creep Purple by its awesome promotion site for sludge/stoner/doom etc. releases. It didn’t took that much time for me to purchase this bundle of cassettes because I do not own these on vinyl. Nice work and damn good tapes. Waiting for next releases from this label for sure!  These tapes are available from Creep Purple Records (Lee Van Cleef seems to be sold out already though..), all releases are limited to 100 copies. Seems that I’ll be posting more cassette releases on this blog of mine in future… should I rename this blog Vinyl/Tape Diaries :)



Faces of the Bog: Ego Death 2xLP (gold/blue with pink splatter)


DamnHellYes!! Faces Of The Bog and their debut album “Ego Death” that arrived from DHU Records last week. I have reached the point that I do not even have to listen a single note from the albums some labels are putting out (labels like DHU, STB, Poisoned Mind, Totem Cat etc.), with these labels I can go blindly just because they have been releasing pure diamonds lately. Back to the Bog. This record has it all, stoner/psych/sludge/doom/space/metal etc. combined perfectly together and it’s honey to my ears. Awesome record indeed. Still available from DHU Records and I’m wondering what the hell are you waiting for? Go and get some Bog to your life while you still can. Surely this record is going to be on my  top 2017 list. Go!


Oranssi Pazuzu: Farmakologinen 12″ (blue)


Don’t even know why I purchased this one because this is just a re-issue of Oranssi Pazuzu’s material from split release with Candy Cane from 2010. Maybe I just wanted to own these tunes on individual twelve-inch. This blue colored vinyl version is limited to 200 copies and there’s also 350 copies on green and 300 copies on black vinyl. Oranssi Pazuzu is fascinating group, their way of performing avantgardish space-psychedelic-blackened metal.. Both Svart Records & 20 Buck Spin has some variations left so you know what to do.


Wolfmen Of Mars: Gamisu LP (black with green splatter) + some great xtra items!!

wolfmen of mars

I did it, I managed to grab a copy (of this most limited variation) a month ago. Few restock copies were available from Poisoned Mind Records and you just can imagine my finger tapping that F5 button.. I have a test press of this record already and don’t know what I was thinking when I skipped this DLX version (numbered & limited to 77 copies) back then. But now I have this awesome sci-fi/horror/instrumental/garage/whatever masterpiece here with me. Awesome record indeed!

Package arrived (as usual) in perfect condition but that’s not all. As I picked the package from the Post Office I noticed that it weighted quite much.. Opened it at home and found some extra stuff..

poisoned mind

With sweaty hands I picked up following items from the package:

Night Runner: Starfighter LP (pink with black splatter, ltd. 140 copies) -sold out-
Joel Grind: Fatal Planet 7″ (red/black split, ltd.138) –still available
Crypt Trip: Mabon Songs 7″ (translucent blue, ltd. 113) -still available

I don’t even have words to describe how much I appreciate this.. My humble thanks goes to Poisoned Mind, I’m totally astounded. Really love that Night Runner album, missed it in the first place because I literary slept over it and was so damn pissed off to myself. Brilliant 80s synthwave Album! Joel Grind’s (guy is better known by his Thrash Metal band, Toxic Holocaust) seven-inch is also filled with 80s synhtwave sounds (this has been on my wantlist since the day it was released). Last but not least, Crypt Trip. My history with Poisoned Mind Records started with Crypt Trip’s same titled boxset that came via Poisoned Mind two & half years ago. It’s awesome to hear some new stuff from this doomed psych/stoner group! And yet again, Thanks! I’m honored to receive all these recordings, this meaans lot to me.


Dead Sea Apes: Sixth Side Of The Pentagon LP (blood red translucent)


One more Dead Sea Apes album to my collection, and even that arsehole living downstairs can’t swipe the smile from my face. Been following this band for five years now and will follow as long as they are putting these records out. Thing here is that this band is evolving, crossing genres record after record. When I started to listen this band I used words like kraut, psych and now I use words like dub, experimental, experimental. This red-colored version is limited to 150 copies and was available via Cardinal Fuzz & Sky Lantern Records (surprisingly it’s sold out by now). But don’t worry, you can still get your hands on regular black copies for example from Sky Lantern and Norman Records.