2 x Wicked Lady & Lee Van Cleef (cassettes) from Creep Purple Records


Got these three tapes few days ago from Creep Purple Records (first releases from this label), some of you may already know Creep Purple by its awesome promotion site for sludge/stoner/doom etc. releases. It didn’t took that much time for me to purchase this bundle of cassettes because I do not own these on vinyl. Nice work and damn good tapes. Waiting for next releases from this label for sure!  These tapes are available from Creep Purple Records (Lee Van Cleef seems to be sold out already though..), all releases are limited to 100 copies. Seems that I’ll be posting more cassette releases on this blog of mine in future… should I rename this blog Vinyl/Tape Diaries :)



Faces of the Bog: Ego Death 2xLP (gold/blue with pink splatter)


DamnHellYes!! Faces Of The Bog and their debut album “Ego Death” that arrived from DHU Records last week. I have reached the point that I do not even have to listen a single note from the albums some labels are putting out (labels like DHU, STB, Poisoned Mind, Totem Cat etc.), with these labels I can go blindly just because they have been releasing pure diamonds lately. Back to the Bog. This record has it all, stoner/psych/sludge/doom/space/metal etc. combined perfectly together and it’s honey to my ears. Awesome record indeed. Still available from DHU Records and I’m wondering what the hell are you waiting for? Go and get some Bog to your life while you still can. Surely this record is going to be on my  top 2017 list. Go!


Oranssi Pazuzu: Farmakologinen 12″ (blue)


Don’t even know why I purchased this one because this is just a re-issue of Oranssi Pazuzu’s material from split release with Candy Cane from 2010. Maybe I just wanted to own these tunes on individual twelve-inch. This blue colored vinyl version is limited to 200 copies and there’s also 350 copies on green and 300 copies on black vinyl. Oranssi Pazuzu is fascinating group, their way of performing avantgardish space-psychedelic-blackened metal.. Both Svart Records & 20 Buck Spin has some variations left so you know what to do.


Wolfmen Of Mars: Gamisu LP (black with green splatter) + some great xtra items!!

wolfmen of mars

I did it, I managed to grab a copy (of this most limited variation) a month ago. Few restock copies were available from Poisoned Mind Records and you just can imagine my finger tapping that F5 button.. I have a test press of this record already and don’t know what I was thinking when I skipped this DLX version (numbered & limited to 77 copies) back then. But now I have this awesome sci-fi/horror/instrumental/garage/whatever masterpiece here with me. Awesome record indeed!

Package arrived (as usual) in perfect condition but that’s not all. As I picked the package from the Post Office I noticed that it weighted quite much.. Opened it at home and found some extra stuff..

poisoned mind

With sweaty hands I picked up following items from the package:

Night Runner: Starfighter LP (pink with black splatter, ltd. 140 copies) -sold out-
Joel Grind: Fatal Planet 7″ (red/black split, ltd.138) –still available
Crypt Trip: Mabon Songs 7″ (translucent blue, ltd. 113) -still available

I don’t even have words to describe how much I appreciate this.. My humble thanks goes to Poisoned Mind, I’m totally astounded. Really love that Night Runner album, missed it in the first place because I literary slept over it and was so damn pissed off to myself. Brilliant 80s synthwave Album! Joel Grind’s (guy is better known by his Thrash Metal band, Toxic Holocaust) seven-inch is also filled with 80s synhtwave sounds (this has been on my wantlist since the day it was released). Last but not least, Crypt Trip. My history with Poisoned Mind Records started with Crypt Trip’s same titled boxset that came via Poisoned Mind two & half years ago. It’s awesome to hear some new stuff from this doomed psych/stoner group! And yet again, Thanks! I’m honored to receive all these recordings, this meaans lot to me.


Dead Sea Apes: Sixth Side Of The Pentagon LP (blood red translucent)


One more Dead Sea Apes album to my collection, and even that arsehole living downstairs can’t swipe the smile from my face. Been following this band for five years now and will follow as long as they are putting these records out. Thing here is that this band is evolving, crossing genres record after record. When I started to listen this band I used words like kraut, psych and now I use words like dub, experimental, experimental. This red-colored version is limited to 150 copies and was available via Cardinal Fuzz & Sky Lantern Records (surprisingly it’s sold out by now). But don’t worry, you can still get your hands on regular black copies for example from Sky Lantern and Norman Records.

Mephistofeles: Whore LP (silver haze)


And yet again one great, dirty & filthy psych/stoner/doom album but this time from Argentina. Fuzzed and groovy, that’s the way to do it. I found out about this band via Creep Purple (damn good site about upcoming releases etc.). This copy of mine is “Secret Stash Edition” that came pressed on silver haze vinyl & is limited to 100 copies (came with a poster & patch). This version is sold out but there’s still some copies left on solid grey vinyl (ltd. 100). And for those who prefer solid black copies, there’s also few copies left of those at the source, Black Farm Records. Nice one!






Grajo: s/t LP (Imperium)


Aaaaargh! This freaking beauty arrived few days ago. Grajo and their self-titled debut(?) album released by one damn interesting label, DHU Records. I found this band & album just by accident when I was checking out that Youngblood Supercult’s album I wrote earlier about. What a way to start this year. I really, really, really (did I made myself clear?) dig this album. Perfect mix of space-stoner-psych-doom-rock. One thing I’m missing here, how in hell there’s still copies of this album left to purchase? This “Imperium” version is limited to 90 copies and I really suggest you to check this out no matter what color variation/format you choose. You know where to head at, DHU Records!

Youngblood Supercult: High Plains 2xLP (Acid Tongue edition)


It didn’t took that much time to purchase this Youngblood Supercult’s album “High Plains” after I heard that second track “Monolith” via their BandCamp page. Thing I like the most is the atmosphere on this album, fuzzed bluesy stoner/retro/psych rock with damn good sounding vocals. Needless to say that I dig this album big time! This brilliant double album is available from D.H.U. Records. The color variation on the picture is called “Acid Tongue edition”, it’s D.H.U. exclusive limited to 90 copies and sadly it’s sold out by now. But don’t worry, there’s still black-colored copies (ltd. 150 copies) available from the source, D.H.U. Records. Recommended one!! And hey, if you’re gonna visit the site I suggest you to check it out thoroughly.

Must purchase this album also on digital format…


HORNSS: Telepath LP (Black with pink swirl, Die Hard edition)

hornss - telepath

It’s all about the hornss.. Doesn’t this package look wonderful? Latest album from HORNSS, released by STB Records. Seems like a marriage made in heaven. Love this album, it’s raw, it’s brutal and it freaking rocks! Doomed-desert-stoner-rocking-metal must be the best way to describe this one and listening to it makes me want to dance around the house reckless and bang my head against things that comes on my way. And the package itself, pure STB quality once again, damn I love everything this label is putting out (even though sometimes I just can’t afford purchasing these jewels because of those shipping prizes to europe.. shame on me). This beauty is limited to 100 Die Hard copies (shown in the picture above), there’s also 135 OBI units (clear with black, silver & pink splatter) and “Not so Standard” edition (limited to 175 copies on silver & swirl vinyl) still available from STB Records. And top of this all, EU customers can grab their copies from Kozmik Artifactz & AU customers from Underground Records (these are limited to 200 copies on hot pink vinyl)! Hell of a deal!



Salem’s Pot: Pronounce This 2xLP (clear)


My first full-length from this swedish psychedelic/stoner/acid/doom/rock group. And yes, I like this album even though I had some doubts.. As you can see this is that so-called “Die Hard Edition” on clear vinyl limited to 300 copies (copies come with 5 different cover layout you to choose from, each limited to 60 copies). I think that this copy of mine has the meanest looking cover.. Anyways, there’s still some of these DH versions available from Riding Easy Records so maybe it’s time for you to open your wallet and let those dollars go!


Les Lekin: All Black Rainbow Moon LP (translucent red)

les lekin

Ha-haaa, came across with this hidden treasure via BandCamp. Never heard of this three-piece doomed, stoned, space-psych-kraut group before but now I’m under their spell. Really love these tunes on this record and even though there are only few instrumental bands I like to listen, this on goes on top of that list. Limited to 500 copies (250 pieces on red and 250 on white vinyl) and available from Tonzonen Records. Recommended one.


Mondo Drag: The Occultation Of Light LP (TP)

mondo drag

And another test press.. Well, I couldn’t wait till release date (2016, February?) and as I found out that this TP was available from Riding Easy Records.. well, here it is now. Not bad purchase at all because this is freaking good prog/psych/space/kraut/stoner rock album. I liked their previous release (even though I haven’t managed to get my hands on vinyl version, yet) and oh boyz & girlz.. this is freaking album. These test pressing are limited to 30 hand-numbered copies and if you are interested, there still seems to be copies available through Riding Easy. Recommended album! If you do not fancy these TP’s, then you have wait little longer to get official variants..

And one thing about Riding Easy, I truly appreciate what they are doing, every damn package/record has arrived in perfect condition and that’s what matters. Thanks!