Saint Karloff: Interstellar Voodoo LP (blue transparent)

Saint Karloff

The year has changed and I’m still going through my last year’s purchases. This monstrous album from Saint Karloff (released by Majestic Mountain Records) was one of those I waited anxiously to arrive. Awesome record even though color variation wasn’t what I expected. Unique marbled vinyl (limited to 100 copies) was turned to transparent blue in some part of the production but so what? It’s still unique to me. Just checked out around the internet and it seems that all color variations of this record has been sold out by now. Even the cassette version is also sold out.. Glad that I got me a copy. Thumbs up for Majestic Mountain Records, keep on releasing beautiful records!


Black Magick SS: 3xCS bundle

black magic ss

Creep Purple Records released this 3 cassette bundle from Black Magic SS last week and I purchased these tapes without knowing anything about this band or their music. The fact is that I have purchased all cassettes this label has released just because I trust blindly that I get quality stuff. And once again I was right. This band is awesome! As I mentioned before, this is a totally new group for me and I’m happy I managed to get this bundle (3xCS, limited to 200) before it was sold-out.  Thanks to Creep Purple for putting out these awesome tapes, you rule!! Creep Purple Promotion is also one of the best sources for discovering new stoner/doom/sludge/psych releases


Earth Tongue: Floating Being LP (orange/yellow)

earth tongue

Earth Tongue and their loving psychedelic/garage mixed debut album. Have to say that this record is quite refreshing. I came across with this album via some stoner/doom/psychedelic chart, listened to it via BandCamp few minutes and decided to hunt down the psychical release. I managed to grab this “Inverted Eye” edition, limited to 250 copies. This beauty is released by Stolen Body Records and seems that there’s a second press available right now to pre-order. Go for it, I certainly would but got my copy right here, right now.


Holy Serpent: Holy Serpent LP (clear)


Managed to miss this one in 2015.. and I blame our beloved dog for that because I had to take it out for a piss and while I was standing there in the rain.. this die-hard edition was sold out. So I waited 4 years patiently until I found a copy with decent prize tag from Discogs. Psychedelic, stoner filled acid rock could be how to describe this album. This clear copy is limited to 100 copies and was available via Riding Easy Records back then. Since I now got the first two records from this Australian group, I should go after their latest one, also available from Riding Easy. Lovely record indeed.


Numidia‎: Numidia LP (orange)


Numidia and their self-titled debut album. This Australian band combines elements of progressive & psychedelic rock with middle eastern blues or something and the result is outstanding. A really enjoyable record we got here. I know that these tunes are far from stoner & doom records I have been purchasing lately but oh boys & girls, time to time it’s refreshing to step outside the box. Limited to 300 copies on orange vinyl and still available via Nasoni Records & straight from the band. Great release and at this moment most played one in this household.


Grajo: Slowgod II (DHU exclusive)


Here it is. On a scale of one to ten, this album goes straight to eleven. Latest (and second full-length) from Grajo, called Slowgod II. Last year I was completely sold when I heard the band’s debut album. With this album, band has taken a step beyond and I’m following what ever the direction is. Great record mixing elements from doom to space rock and that vocalist.. aah what a voice she has. DHU exclusive version (limited to 90 copies) has been sold out from the source for a while but you can still reach for this color variation via band’s BandCamp site and as I’m writing this there seems to be only 2 copies left.. so you better act while you still can. There’s also other color variations available from both DHU Records & band. Astonishing album and once again (how many times have I said this..) excellent work from the label!! 

I know that this album is made to listen via turntable but it’s little hard to carry portable turntable along and that vinyl does not fit into my walkman. So I Have to purchase this on Mp3 format too..


Paleons: Hyperborean LP


I have been waiting this one like waiting for the moon to rise. Preordered this months ago and finally it arrived today. I’ve been listening this album a lot within last few months (MP3 files I got when I ordered physical copy) and have to say I’m very pleased. Instrumental psych-kraut-prog-space-stoner.. quite hard to label this band so maybe you should check this out by yourself. I love this, you don’t have to. Limited o 300 copies on black wax and available from their BandCamp site. Recommended!


Circle: Pori 2xLP (clear)


Funny that I have forgotten this band totally. I loved their debut album (bought it when it was released in 1994) but somehow I have managed to skip most of their records during these years.. Anyways, this 5th album of Circle (Finnish psychedelic/kraut rock band) has been pressed on vinyl first time (150 copies on clear and 350 copies on black vinyl) and available from Ektro Records (but remember, shipping cost from Finland are enormous). But you can also purchase regular black copy for example from Norman Records. Great band and now I just have to go after their other albums.. damn!


Master Musicians Of Bukkake: Further West Quad Cult LP (white)

master - 01

Hmm.. Strange album from Master Musicians of Bukkake (well, what else can you expect from this group). And hey, if you purchased their previous album, Far West, you can place this vinyl to that extra pocket of its gatefold cover. You can also listen these two albums simultaneously to experience something more experimental.. but this LP works fine for me on its own (only have one whole turntable). Once again very strong performance from this group and this only forces me to check out all their previous releases too..

master - 02

Further West Quad Cult is still available from Important Records, on white vinyl (blue version is sold out). You can also check “Far West” from the same source (only regular black copies available though).




Lucid Sins: Occultation LP (clear with black haze)

lucid sins

Ha! This one came from Totem Cat Records today. Lucid Sins and their damn good retro-sounding psychedelic/stoner album “Occultation”. Never heard of this band before but spotted announcement of this album from TCR’s facebook page, listened few tunes and result can be seen on picture above. Obviously this album sounds so timeless that I would have thought this is a band (and their record) from 70’s or something.. little do I know. This album goes easily to my top 10 albums of this year. This color variation is limited to 100 copies (there are also 400 copies on black wax) and I’m quite surprised that there are still copies left of this most limited edition on Totem Cat Records webstore!!


Dead Sea Apes: High Evolutionary LP (clear frosted)


And then we come to this excellent instru/experimental droned psychedelic album. Latest from Dead Sea Apes, released by Cardinal Fuzz. Been listening this piece a lot and won’t get enough. It’s that good. Can’t praise enough that work done by Cardinal Fuzz and all those bands on this label. This album, and all their previous releases should be in Your record rack. So, what are You waiting for? You can purchase this from Cardinal Fuzz or straight from the band (Cardinal has only black copies left but if You act fast enough, You can get frosted one from the band).

Woodsman: s/t LP (orange vinyl, collaged cover)


Finally (took almost a year) I can hold this piece of art on my hands. This came today and I was more than surprised that it even arrived (long story..). Have to admit that I haven’t listened this album for a long long time but while writing this post these tunes are floating inside my cranium via headphones. And still I love these tunes, instrumental-space-psych-rock and with that recipe You can’t go wrong. If I remember right, this version was limited to 25 copies (on orange vinyl and the cover collaged by the band). Surprisingly this version was sold out long a go but You can grab at least black copy from band’s BndCamp page. Recommended release (still is).

Geezer: Gage LP (Halloween Edition)


And then I got this beauty from STB Records (with tons of extra stuff, mp3 coupons etc.). This is limited to 50 hand-numbered copies on clear vinyl with yellow & green splatter, and was available on Halloween’s eve. Actually I already have this on die hard version but I just couldn’t resist purchasing this.. damn me and my hoarding issues. Well, I love this album and really appreciate everything STB Records is doing. Nice item and really awesome record!

Electric Wizard: Black Masses 2xLP (boxset, purple on clear vinyl)


I picked this up from the Post office today. As far as I know this is the most limited version of this double vinyl (this was not available for public, limited to 100 copies). Few weeks ago as I was sitting on the train on my way to home when there came this tweet from Rise Above Records that few of these were available to purchase and I managed to pick a copy. Maybe this was little expensive but certainly worth every penny.

And yes, this is the first Electric Wizard’s album I have on vinyl (actually first on any possible format..). And one thing I have to say about packaging (which was very well secured).. I have never ever seen these kind of corner protectors :)


Awesome packaging from Rise Above Records! Thanks!! I really appreciate this kind of service!

Geezer: Gage LP (black)


It’s here! Countless mornings this record has been on my headphones on my way to work. More I listen to it, more I love it. Psychedelic-Blues-Rock played just like I love to hear it. Actually I received this album few weeks ago but there was some scratches on the vinyl so I decided to contact Steve from STB Records and today I received this replacement vinyl (really happy about this!). It’s awesome how DIY label like STB takes care of their customers, I really appreciate this kind of customer service (can’t say same about some big/major labels..). Great album & great label. Oh, seems that these Geezer albums are nearly sold out but if you’re fast enough, you might still get this hand-numbered OBI strip version (limited to 100 copies) from STB Records. Recommended!

Oh, I got some extra along this Geezer album!

curse the son

This was a great surprise because I missed this one totally when it was released. Curse The Son and their album Psychache. What can I say? Thanks Stephen/STB Records, Your label rules big time!


Goat: Commune LP (regular black but..)


Goat has arrived (at least one version of this new album). Yes, this is regular black copy but..


with unique cover. This Stranded Rekords version, exclusively sold by Bengans Record Store is limited to 200 (hand-numbered) copies and each of these copies has unique, different cover made by followers of the band. Not bad at all. Hey Zyma Banshee, your design has entered my record collection :)


Great album, but what else could You expect from this awesome collective. Now I’m going to place this blackened golden disc on my turntable and lean back. Oh, I also ordered that 5×7″ version and really hope to get my hands on that package soon

. Funny thing with that seven-inch SingleBox (limited to 1000 copies), it’s still available from Bengans for  $41.00 but there is already some copies for sale on Discogs from €66.00 to €200.00

Anyways, Goat is what Goat is, amazing.


The Well: Mortal Bones 7″ (clear)

the well

I nearly forget that this one came couple of days ago from RidingEasy Records. This seven-inch teaser (full-length album is also now available) sounds groovy, very seventies influenced and massive, I like this. Now I have to wait for payday that I could purchase that album too. This clear one was limited to 50 copies and already sold out. RidingEasy has still other color variations available though. Nice little record.

Only sad thing is that once again postal/delivery system has shown its claws.. Even though this seven-inch was packaged very well it does not prevent this to happen..

the well_02


Electric Citizen: Sateen LP (opaque red)


Package came today from RidingEasy Records. Once again I was bit too eager to get this album that I did not read release information through.. I pre-ordered this because I thought that I missed test pressing/die hard versions. Well, actually those came on sale about week later or something :D (same thing happened with my Monolord LPs). Anyways, maybe I just have start collecting every single version of every item RidingEasy is releasing. And about the band, hard -psychedelic-stoner-whatever-rock and sounds good, very good, goes to my this years top list without the doubt. Even though nowadays there are many bands playing this kind of rock, this band stole my heart with they “Light Years Beyond” seven-inch earlier this year. Recommended album!

There are still different colorways available around the globe:

Opaque Red (limited to 100 copies) EasyRider Records
Opaque Teal (limited to 200 copies) EasyRider Records
Clear Purple (limited to 100 copies) Hevisike UK, for £14.99
White (limited to 100 copies) (for example..)

Nope: Walker LP (clear with some blue spot, maybe it’s a swirl..)


This album, “Walker” by Nope, came few hours ago packaged nicely and secured (that’s what I like!). Record is spinning on the turntable while I’m writing this and I like these psychedelic/kraut-like-instrumental-space/shoegazing tunes floating in the air. Not bad album at all! I think that I discovered this band via Cardinal Fuzz (some tweet on Twitter..), if I’m not totally wrong/demented. But anyways, this is limited to 200 copies with “blue swirl” and 300 copies on black (?) vinyl. Just noticed that some one is trying to sell this “blue swirl” version on Discogs for €100..  I think that it would be better if you purchase your copy from Audacious Art Experiment with £12 +shipping (maybe you should ask about availability of colored ones before placing an order, if you are after that swirled one). Lovely album!


Electric Citizen: Light Years Beyond 7″ (clear)

electric citizen

This also came today, nice little one from Electric Citizen released by RidingEasy records. Got this one (on clear vinyl, limited to 50 copies) and now I’m just waiting for that debut album to be released (once again trying to get my dirty&hairy hands on test pressing..). So, the conclusion is that I really like this seven-inch and I want more, much more. As you can read above this is limited to 50 hand-numbered copies on clear vinyl and already sold out. But don’t worry there are two other color variations available from The RidingEasy records (light blue, limited to 75 copies and regular black copies).