King Buffalo: Dead Star 12″ (red)


I bought this twelve-inch from King Buffalo nearly 5 months ago but managed to placed it under the needle just a few weeks ago. Holy shit this band floats in its very own category. Mixing all possible genres; stoner, space, psychedelic, kraut, blues, etc. creating something so unique you just can’t ignore. Brilliant piece of wax forcing me to hunt all their previous releases except that split with Lé Betre I already have in my shelf. Awesome band! Grab a copy straight from the band!

Psychlona: Venus Skytrip LP (blue)


Got this latest from Psychlona from Cursed Tongue Records a few weeks ago. Now that I’ve been listening to it numerous times, I have come to the conclusion that I’m a complete idiot because I skipped their debut album two years ago.. Well, one record more added to my wantlist. Groovy, fuzzed space/stoner/psych and there’s no reason not to like this one. Awesome release from start to the very end. Deep bow in the direction of CTR, once again you have managed to release an outstanding package!

Since this record was released in collaboration with Ripple Music, Us customers can grab the red-colored variation (ltd. 100) directly from Ripple Music. EU customers can still grab the translucent orange version for example from Stickman Records, the blue version is sold out by now.

The Hypnagogics: Endless Nights LP (smokey)


This album by Hypnagogics came out via Majestic Mountain Records earlier this year. Strong hard rocking, stoner album from this Swedish group. Oh, this is also their debut album which is a little hard to believe. Those guitars on this release.. awesome.  Endless Nights is sold out from the source and seems that you have to turn to Discogs / Ebay if you wanna grab a copy which I recommended from the bottom of my heart.

Pastor: Unveil LP (white)


Yeah, one of my favorite albums by far this year. Pastor is mixing some awesome 70’s hard rock influences with stoner/psychedelic. Brilliant record and it has been under the needle nearly everyday since I got my copy. Quality release from Cursed Tongue Records once again. Sold out from the source, but you still can get your hands on regular version via Kozmik Artifactz. Grab a copy while you still can!

Dopelord: Sign Of The Devil LP (clear)


Look what I got here, latest from Dopelord! Few years back I purchased their previous one “Children Of The Haze”, beautiful album by this doomed stoner-outfit from Poland. Now I got their latest one here with me, and I couldn’t be happier. Freaking awesome album and still available from Green Plague Records. This clear variation (limited to 150 copies) is sold out by now but you can still get your hands on that regular black wax. One of my favorite and highly recommended! Yesss!

Humulus: The Deep LP (blue with white splatter)


Hmm.. Here I am tryng to figure out how many outstanding bands & records there are I haven’t heard of and how many I will miss?. This release from Italian band, Humulus, could have been one of those but luckily that did not happen. So, how did I come across with this psych/desert/stoner release? Well, going through Kozmik Artifactz latest mailorder additions… and checking them out via BandCamp & Youtube. Really like this record, atmosphere, vibes and clean singing (a few reasons why this record has been under heavy rotation lately). The Deep is still available via Kozmik Artifactz. Recommended!

Pseudo Mind Hive: Of Seers & Sirens LP (endless seas edition)


Fell in love with this band after purchasing their previous album “From Elsewhere” at the end of 2019. Now I got their latest one here with me. And my love for this band is growing and growing. Awesome album, leaving me speechless. Psychedelic/stoner or something… A record like this one is for listening and my words are meaningless just because I just can’t find the right ones to describe how amazing this album is. I couldn’t find a copy from this part of the world so I purchased mine from Salty Dog Records, Australia (was a little expensive but worth every penny). If you wanna blow your mind with this album, there’s still very limited version available via Salty Dog Records.

Marijannah: Istanah LP (transparent yellow)


Yep.. This band is also one of those I have managed to miss/skip earlier. The point is that there are so many amazing bands/albums floating around and I just don’t have time to check all those out, it’s just impossible. Cursed Tongue Records is one of those labels I follow closely and lately, I have purchased nearly everything the label has released. This latest from Marijannah came through CTR and obviously, I was interested (actually I purchased this album without hearing a note from it). And here it is, there’s always room for quality releases in my collection and this surely is one. At this moment seems that it’s quite hard to find a copy of this album but Stickman Records still have 1 red-colored copy.. and the band is selling cassette version on their BandCamp site if you fancy tapes (like I do).

Bison Machine: Seas Of Titan LP (clear, white & blue splattered)


It took only four years from Bison Machine to release their second album. In this case time itself is irrelevant because here we have a great hard (retro) rocking heavy album. Bought their debut album in 2015 (self-released version) and listened to it a lot during that year, but then years passed by and the record faded into oblivion.. But now it’s time to drag forgotten treasure back into the sunlight, next to the latest one. Seas of Titan still available via Kozmik Artifactz.


Merlin: The Mortal LP (purple with mustard splatter)


The third album I have managed to get from this freaking beautiful band (missed that previous one..). Merlin has traveled so far from their first album, there’s saxophone, flute, accordion, trumpet..  and still this is Merlin. The outstanding album floating somewhere between space/stoner/psychedelic/doom & stoner. The Company records have managed to release a marvelous package and I have to say it’s worth every penny I invested in it.  Splattered one is sold out but you still can get yellow variation from the source, The Company. Great band, great record and most of all, awesome label!

I ordered this splattered copy months ago but while it was on its way,  postal delivery managed to smash one corner of the cover… I was a little pissed for a while but then I had this brilliant idea to order another copy just to get a replacement cover. Splattered one was already sold out so I reached for the yellow one and mentioned on my order that it would be nice if corners of the mailer were extra secured.

A yellow copy arrived, and it brought some friends along (there were two extra albums included, more about those later). I’m happy and so is my friend because he got a yellow version with a damaged corner but he’s alright with cosmetic faults.



Stonerror: Widow In Black LP

Stone Error

Oh boys & girls how long I waited for this to arrive. If I remember right I pre-ordered this Stonerror album nearly six months ago and it arrived finally few months ago. The band is from Poland and they know exactly what they’re doing, smooth stoner rock. I suggest you check out this band if you haven’t already done that. Kick-ass record this certainly is. Available via the band’s BandCamp site.


The Red Widows: Fuzzifixion 2xLP (striped beer/black/beer)


The Red Widows

DHU Records hitting hard once again. This time releasing a heavy fuzzed, doomed stoner album by The Red Widows. Actually, this one arrived some time ago but I’ve been sooooo lazy posting my new purchases here. Anyways, with this album, The Red Widows manages to wrap its haunting fingers around my neck while pulling me deeper and deeper into its fuzzed oblivion.. Great release from the great label. There’s a good reason why I keep purchasing DHU releases one after another, quality. This is DHU exclusive variation limited to 90 copies and surprise, surprise it’s sold out. You still can get your hands on other color variations from the label, straight from the band or from Kozmik Artifactz (for example). Go!