Saint Karloff / Devil’s Witches: Coven Of The Ultra-Riff LP (green/black marbled)


Ha! Scored a Devil’s Witch release (on vinyl) the second time in a row! Maybe just because there are 700 copies floating around. Have to admit that I ordered two copies, from two different sources just to make sure that I get at least one pristine copy without corner dings etc. Well, I got one pristine copy even though I was worried when picking those packages from the post office, both records came packed in those “most” hazardous mailers (mailers without “buffer” zones & without stiffeners). Anyways, record itself sounds amazing, both bands are marvellous and because of this split-release, I even ordered that Saint Karloff’s upcoming album too. Love is in the air.. or should I rather say Love is Doom.. Vinyl version is released by Majestic Mountain Records and cassette version by Stoner Witch Records (yeah, got me a CS version too).


Crypt Witch: Bad Trip Exorcism LP (green)


This instrumental stoner/sludge/doom abomination arrived earlier this week. I almost skipped this one because of term “instrumental”…  Now that I got this here with me, I’m quite happy that I didn’t. Crushing & heavy this surely is and who needs vocals when the music itself is leading the story? Limited to 300 copies on transparent green vinyl. The band has sold out vinyl copies but there’s still cassette version available via their BandCamp site. I found at least one place where you still can get your hands on vinyl version, Shiny Beast.


Jex Thoth: Totem 12″ (white)


Let’s start this marathon with some older release. This twelve-inch from Jex Thoth has been on my “wantlist” for ages and now it’s finally where it should have been years ago, in my record shelf. Got this cheap and in top condition (actually I was after another release and the seller had also listed this one for sale too). Awesome release indeed. Still missing their debut album, yeah I once had it but was stupid enough to sell it.. stupid people do stupid things..


Devil’s Witches ‎– The Audio Erotic Collection 2xLP


Anyone who has ever come across with this blog of mine sure knows how unfortunate I have always been with this band and all their releases. Well, I have managed to grab a few releases on cassette format but this time luck was by my side.. or I keep thinking so. That F5 button was under heavy pressure at the time this compilation was about to be released. And finally, I was lucky enough to get a copy. It’s amazing how fast all those 500 copies vanished. Yeah, I love this record like all those 499 other lucky ones. Thanks to Cursed Tongue Records for bringing this alive (and for understanding my whining about those corner folds..). Greatness on vinyl format!


Green Lung: Woodland Rites LP (green/black marbled)

green lung_xx

This arrived a few weeks ago, Green Lung and their debut “Woodland Rites” on green/black marbled vinyl (well, in the picture it looks very black..). My story with this band started last year when I missed totally their cassette EP and I promised to myself that I will hunt down a copy somehow. Never got that cassette but now I got a full-length. A great record filled with occult/stoner/doom & hard rocking tunes. Funny thing with these releases by Kozmik Artifactz is that the most limited version is always black colored (limited to 100 copies) then there is some colored option, in this case, green/black marbled limited to 200 (first 111 copies of which are hand numbered.. as a mailorder edition). Someone is selling this numbered one for an egregious prize on Discogs…

First pressing is sold out now but second pressing (two color variation, red and white, and both limited to 250 copies) still available for example via Kozmik Atrifactz.

Highly recommended one!


Mephistofeles / The Black Furs: Split 7″ (purple)


Yep, as you can see I managed to grab this one, split release by Mephistofeles & The Black Furs. Have to admit that 40€ was a little high prize to pay from this seven-inch but hey, it was released by Creep Purple (I love that label and all that work the guy behind it has done for promoting stoner-doom-psych etc. artists & music). Both bands playing dirty, filthy doomed rock’n’roll on this little record and I really suggest you to check out these artists if you haven’t already done that. Die-hard version (this) is limited to 50 copies and sold out within ten minutes but you still can get your hands on regular version (limited to 450 copies) via Creep Purple.

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Taiga Woods: Taiga Woods LP (green)

taiga woods

More I listen to this more I find myself enjoying it. Taiga Woods, never heard of this norwegian band before but decided to order this with Absent’s album from Cursed Tongue Records (I really like the idea of releasing two albums at the same). Well, this psych/stoner/hard rocking record has earned its place in my record shelf. Don’t know but these groovy, fuzzy tunes are forcing me to move my legs across the floor. Limited to 100 copies on green colored vinyl (sold out by now) and 300 on black vinyl. Regular one still available from the source, Cursed Tongue Records. Recommended one!

Silver Devil: Paralyzed LP (marbled)

silver devil

Now we are talking! Damn I love this fuzzed stoner/psych/doom album by swedish Silver Devil. In my opinion this album is so near perfection that I could cry, yes it’s that good. I remember that I took a sneak peek of their previous album when it was released and skipped that (can’t imagine what the hell was I thinking back then..). One more record to my wantlist though. Sadly this LP version is limited only to 100 copies which sounds little too small pressing.. Well, thing is that it’s still available from Ozium Records and I’m little surprised that it hasn’t sold out already. Oh, if you fancy this on CD, you can get that shiny little disc for 3€ from that very same place. Hell freaking YEAH!


Elder: Elder LP


Found this, nearly pristine, copy of Elder’s first record from local record store. Have to admit that this band has been hiding in the darkness on my doomed path. Now that I’m listening to this album I just keep wondering how have I managed to avoid this band for so long. Maybe some day soon I learn from my mistakes. Timeless psychedelic-doomed-stoner album and place in my record rack is guaranteed. And what’s best, I didn’t pay myself sick  when I was buying this.


Windhand: Eternal Return 2xLP (box, green/purple with splatter)


Album I have been waiting for months to be released and yesterday it suddenly arrived at my doorsteps. Windhand is one of those bands I have been following for years now and my love towards this group is getting stronger album by album. Dorthia Cottrell’s solo album, released three years ago via Forcefield Records, was one of my favorite ones during 2015. Upcoming weekend I’ll spend some quality time with this newest one for sure. This so-called “Boxset” is limited to 300 copies and sold out quite fast (surprise, surprise..) but there are still various color editions available for you to choose via Relapse Records and various independent record stores. Even though music has evolved since the debut album, this still is Windhand and I love it.


Grusom: II LP (clear/blue marbled)


Got this album about a week ago and been listening it a lot within last few days. Second album from this Danish group and this one is a winner (just like their debut three years ago). Thing I love the most are those lyrics and how perfectly music itself supports texts. Beautiful record if I may say. Little hard to fit this record on any specific genre but it’s kinda mixture of psychedelic -hard rock-stoner.. or something. Available via Kozmik Artifactz on colored or regular black vinyl. Recommended, highly.


Morag Tong: Last Knell Of Om LP (bone)

morag tong

Last week I got this album from Morag Tong. Spotted the band via BandCamp and listened the album few times.. I was sold (like so many times before). Last Knell of Om is a monstreous mixture of doomed sludge/stoner with heavy psychedelic influences. Band is mixing so many styles & genres that the result is near perfection Picking this album you just can’t go wrong and surely one of those albums that should have been sold out long ago. Highly recommended one and still available from band’s BandCamp site. Can’t remember how limited this release is but hurry up because I have the feeling this will be gone soon. Just check it out, you might like it as I do. Superb!