Widows: Oh Deer God LP (black)


Now I have to say that 5£ prize tag on this album is like stealing.. Oh Deer God by Widows is album filled with some stoner/sludge & doomed/bluesy riff-rock. This musical mayhem has been dragged under the sun about 3 years ago and seems that it is still very alive. Don’t know if the band is still active but would love to hear from them in the future. Good one, really good! I should have paid little more than 5£ from this one.. shame on me. Check out this via their BandCamp site and if you like what you’re hearing, buy it.

Mephistofeles: Mayhem Sessions 12″ (Re, blue)


Although in general I skip all possible reprints, sometimes I’m forced to bend. This is the third edition (on transparent blue vinyl as you can see on the picture) of Mephistofeles twelve-inch “Mayhem Session” which I received from Hand Of Doom a few months ago. This Argentine band has burned a scar deep into my heart with their filthy mixture of doomed-garage-stoner. My personal torment began almost 4 years back when Black Farm Records released their debut album, Whore. Still missing the original version of “(((I’m Heroin)))”, so if anyone knows where to get that beauty for decent prize just drop me a line.. well, the first press of this one would be nice too (that red one..)

Lunar Funeral: Sex On A Grave LP (black/red)


A few years back I purchased Lunar Funeral’s “Sex On Grave” on cassette via Hellas Records (if I remember right) and been digging it since the day the tape arrived. I also have to admit that this band is one of few Russian stoner/doom outfit I have ever heard of. Anyways, Forbidden Face Records has put out this beautiful album on vinyl recently and surprise surprise I just had to purchase this wax version too. My copy is one with some red on black vinyl (ltd. 100). This color variation is already sold out by now but you can still get your hands on pure black version (ltd.150) via Forbidden Place Records. If you like your stoner/doom with some garage vibes, you know where to go.


Lightsabres: A Shortcut To Insanity LP (green/white)


My precious..  Fifth album from Lightsabres, this time released by DHU Records (favourite artist & one of the best labels there is). Made a deal with myself about six years ago when Lightsabres debut album was released that I’ll buy everything this artist will ever release (Demons was so brilliant, and still is). Love these garage/stoner/grunge/fuzzy/lo-fi albums John Strömshed keeps recording. Damn this latest sounds as great as all previous albums (got this on cassette version too). Even though I promised to purchase all Lightsabres related releases, I missed Strömshed so-called solo album “Absint” which was released yesterday, limited to 25 lathe-cut twelve-inch (I was an hour late and by the time I checked my phone it was gone..). Anyways, great record & great package. This DHU exclusive is sold out from the source but still you can grab it from Lightsabres BandCamp site (there’s 5 copies still available..) and for cassette lovers there’s few alternative to choose from at that very same address. Cassette version also available from Medusa Crush Recordings (CA).



Gurt: Skullossus LP (red/black splattered


Never heard about this band? Don’t worry, me neither until I read a review of this (their second) album from Sludgelord some weeks ago. Damn-shit-hell this album is kicking my fat ass totally. This sounds dirty, dangerous and that makes it beautiful. Mixture of sludge, stoner, metal. punk etc. and I’m really enjoying this record. Worth to check out if you haven’t already done that. I have no clue about limitation of this vinyl release but so what, really hope that there are copies enough for everyone. Check it out, you may like it. Available from their BandCamp site & their BigCartel Store. Aaaaarggghhhh..




Neurosis: Enemy Of The Sun 2xLP, Souls At Zero 2xLP & Through Silver In Blood 2xLP


These I bought for myself as a christmas present. As you can see all three albums are represses, I can’t afford to buy original copies (surprise). I have this difficult relationship with Neuosis just because there’s one album above all (in my opinion) and that’s “The Eye Of Every Storm”. Yeah, I have purchased all their albums after that release but this particular album is a sort of cornerstone, or something, to me. Well,  now it’s time (at last) to get little more familiar with their previous albums and I think that this will be very rewarding journey. I’m a bit ashamed that I haven’t done this earlier but better late than never, I guess.

Babes In Toyland: Spanking Machine LP


Haa, last Saturday I took a train to my previous home town and visited the local second-hand record store just to check out their selection. After some digging I found this one, a record that I sold to this same store about four years ago! Hah, I bought it back immediately. After all this was one of those “grunge” bands I crew up with. Can’t even understand that this record was released 26 years ago.. Great one, great band.



Street Sects: End Position LP (milky clear + book)


Got this one from The Flenser few days ago. I’m smiling, just because this album is totally insane. Noise, industrial, samples, hardcore.. you name it. I can’t help myself but some distant way this reminds me of Johnny Violent and his awesome album “Shocker”. Anyways, this is refreshing album in every possible way. If you want to blow your brains away with music, try this one. This colored version is limited to 250 copies but first hundred copies came with a book shown in the picture. Brilliant record in its own twisted way. Available from The Flenser.




Stara Rzeka: Zamknęły Się Oczy Ziemi 2xLP (clear)


Woah! I just listened this album through and what a haunting beauty this is! This is the reason why I still keep on collecting records (even though I have been slowing down lately just because of that Terra Tenebrosa’s shipping fiasko few weeks ago). This double album arrived from Poland in sturdy mailer, in perfect condition. Stara Rzeka (as far as I know) is a one-man band of Polish Jakub Ziolek. He is blending different genres successfully in his music; ambient, drone, psychedelic, folklore, noise etc. One of those records you have to experience by yourself..  This awesome album is still available on regular black wax from the source, Instant Classics. Clear copies (like mine) were limited to 100 copies and unfortunately those are already gone. I suggest you to purchase this via BandCamp, because then you’ll get a digital copy along with the psychical one.



Pigs: You Ruin Everything LP (clear with red haze)


Pigs and their perfectly titled album, “You Ruin Everything”. This album has been on my “Most Wanted” list for ages and few weeks ago I found a copy via Discogs and luckily it also arrived in perfect condition. This band goes to the same category as Jesus Lizard & Shellac when talking about noise-rock bands. I have been listening so much stoner/sludge records lately so this is like refreshing wind, blowing from ear to ear. This colorway is from the second pressing and I’m really happy with it. Recommended and can still be purchased via Solar Flare Records (4th pressing).


HORNSS: Telepath LP (Black with pink swirl, Die Hard edition)

hornss - telepath

It’s all about the hornss.. Doesn’t this package look wonderful? Latest album from HORNSS, released by STB Records. Seems like a marriage made in heaven. Love this album, it’s raw, it’s brutal and it freaking rocks! Doomed-desert-stoner-rocking-metal must be the best way to describe this one and listening to it makes me want to dance around the house reckless and bang my head against things that comes on my way. And the package itself, pure STB quality once again, damn I love everything this label is putting out (even though sometimes I just can’t afford purchasing these jewels because of those shipping prizes to europe.. shame on me). This beauty is limited to 100 Die Hard copies (shown in the picture above), there’s also 135 OBI units (clear with black, silver & pink splatter) and “Not so Standard” edition (limited to 175 copies on silver & swirl vinyl) still available from STB Records. And top of this all, EU customers can grab their copies from Kozmik Artifactz & AU customers from Underground Records (these are limited to 200 copies on hot pink vinyl)! Hell of a deal!



Lightsabres: Hibernation LP (TP)


This is the curse of the record collector / music hedonist. Yes, I have already that deluxe-numbered-colored version of this album but I couldn’t resist purchasing this test pressing last week.. Three copies came available via artist’s own BandCamp site last week and I was one of those lucky three (I missed  the first round when this album was released). All four records from Lightsabres are pure diamonds, so I decided to support this artist once again. Awesome record, just keep on releasing records like these. Yes, this dude here is smiling even though his wallet feels lighter & lighter day by day.


Lightsabres: Hibernation LP (transparent, sea blue)


This latest full-length by Lightsabres came earlier this week from HeviSike Records. What can I say? This swedish artist puts out a new record every year and still I haven’t got enough of his dirty, hazy, lo-fi garage/stoner/punk/rock. This is his 4th album and I hope that he will keep these coming. Once a fan, always a fan. This deluxe version on “sea blue  transparent” vinyl is limited to 50 copies (including a hand-numbered art print). Then there are these two other versions, “sea blue transparent” limited to 150 copies (only difference to that DLX version is lack of art print..) and “coke bottle” clear limited to 300 copies. Coke bottle version still available from the artist’s BandCamp site or just head to HeviSike Records, choice is yours! Hell Yeah!!

Ragana: Wash Away LP


Ragana and their second full-length, Wash Away. I just couldn’t resist purchasing this album after listening that first song from this album via BandCamp. Yeah, this two-piece perform a beautiful mixture of blackened metal, crust, doom, punk, sludge etc. All these elements are combined perfectly here and the result is a damn good album. I like this one a lot (that doesn’t mean that you have to do so), it’s simultaneously fragile & cruel. Limited to 500 copies and available via their BandCamp site (for example).



Angry Johnny And The Snots: The Last Day LP

Angry Johnny And The Snots

This one I found today morning while I was visiting the flea market not far from home. Occasionally I love to do some crate digging even though nowadays it’s nearly impossible to find anything for reasonable prize tag on it. Today I found something interesting, “The Last Day” from Angry Johnny And The Snots. I have been a fan of Angry Johnny for years now and have some of his stuff on CD format but nothing on vinyl, until today. Johnny is angry, I know and there’s always been something fascinating on his music. it’s a mixture of rock, country, bluegrass, punk etc. but most of all it’s honest and straight from the heart. For some Johnny might be familiar of his artwork, for example cover of “Where You Been” by Dinosaur Jr. is done by this gentleman. I’m really happy that I found this, shrink-wrapped, in awesome condition and it cost me as much as 3 and a half euros.

Hah, just spotted that some one is trying to sell this vinyl on Amazon for $499.98



Lightsabres: Beheaded LP (Die hard edition)

Got this beauty yesterday (poster came 3 days earlier). Latest full-length from this Swedish  garage-stoner-punk-rock dude, John Strömshed. Few years ago I heard his debut album “Demons” and I had to get the record immediately. I just love these hazy-fuzzy-garage tunes. Now, three albums later I’m still a great fan of his music and will always be. This album is surprisingly sold out from both sources, STB records and from the artist himself. I had a chance to order the TP from this album but I choose this die-hard edition instead. This is limited to 50 copies (if I remember right) and came with the poster exclusive to this edition.

Lovely record and I can recommend this artist for all fans of lo-fi garage-stoner-punk-lovers. Thanks, STB records for giving this artist a proper home!

Taman Shud: Viper Smoke LP (+ CD)

Taman Shud

yeah, I know that I have quite strange taste when it comes to music. This album ,Viper Smoke by Taman Shud has taken total control of my body (via headphones) last few days. I don’t even know what to call this kind of music but on their BandCamp site they call themselves as a necro-psych band.. so be it.and surprisingly I love this record. Psychedelic stoner/garage/punk, just listen for yourself. Available for those who are interested via their BandCamp page. Recommended!

I Am Become Death: S/T 10″ (green & clear with white/black splatter)


This came yesterday along with that The Phuss twelve-inch. I did not order this and I was little confused so I decided to email Magnetic Eye Records about mistakenly shipped item, actually I secretly hoped that there’s a reason for this.. And there was, Mike from MER mailed back saying that this 10 inch is too good not to share and I totally agree. This little one is filled with hardcore, metal & punk. Not bad at all! I really love gifts, especially those one I like. Seems that this colorway is gone but there are still copies with black haze on milky clear vinyl available from Magnetic Eye Records. Go!

Lightsabres: Spitting Blood LP (opaque red)


Damn, this came nearly too fast,,, Hell Yes and thanks for this one goes to STB Records (for recommending this, I had no idea of this new release). This is my second vinyl from this artist and once again I’m smiling, this is awesome garage/sludge/punk/Lo-Fi/stoner album, like previous album was/still is. Recommended one, limited to 100 copies on opaque red vinyl and if you really want a copy, act fast. Available from his BandCamp site.


This came packaged like this and I was horrified.. but he must have some magic touch because cover etc. were in pristine condition. I’m in love!



Stu Daly: You and Me and These Four Walls EP (clear)

stu daly

One thing I love about BandCamp is that you get noticed every time when someone you follow purchase some records. Once again I have to thank retter for purchasing awesome releases.. And about this little lathe cut seven-inch (limited to 50 copies and surprisingly sold out now), it’s lovely folk-blues-punk-soul three-piece as described on his BandCamp page. What can I say, powerful & emotional release. And I’m really happy that I managed to grab a copy.