Spelljammer: Abyssal Trip LP (silver with some splatter)


I’m speechless. Spelljammer did it again. It’s been a while since I last dropped the band’s record on a turntable.. Shame on me because I just realized how freaking awesome band Spelljammer is and has always been. Crushing doomed stoner with vocals echoing somewhere beyond the void … can you ask for more? This came out via Riding Easy Records a few months ago and was instant must-buy for me. Obviously this color variation is long gone as well as all other special color-variations but who actually even care about colors when you can get your hands on regular black wax for example via Riding Easy Records EU store?

Firebreather: Under a Blood Moon LP (red with black splatter)


Holy sh**.. !! I picked this one from the local post office a few days ago (after paying taxes etc..). This is Firebreather, crushing doomed stoner monster, from (surprisingly) Sweden. Pure ear candy from the first track to the last one. Released by Riding Easy Records and this variation is limited to 75 copies (should have been red with black splatter but my version is more or less just red). All color variations still available from the source and if you wanna save on shipping costs you can order this evil record from Riding Easy’s EU store. Highly recommended album!!!!!!!! Easily one of the best records I have heard during this year!


Holy Serpent: Holy Serpent LP (clear)


Managed to miss this one in 2015.. and I blame our beloved dog for that because I had to take it out for a piss and while I was standing there in the rain.. this die-hard edition was sold out. So I waited 4 years patiently until I found a copy with decent prize tag from Discogs. Psychedelic, stoner filled acid rock could be how to describe this album. This clear copy is limited to 100 copies and was available via Riding Easy Records back then. Since I now got the first two records from this Australian group, I should go after their latest one, also available from Riding Easy. Lovely record indeed.


Here Lies Man: You Will Know Nothing LP (clear + booklet)

here lies man

Yep, second one from Here Lies Man on clear wax including booklet (limited to 100 copies). Got this hmm.. last week but haven’t had a time place this one under the needle until today. Band’s debut album (that was released last year) was quite amazing and “You Will Know Nothing” goes to that same category, bringing some fresh air to stoner/psych genre with some afrobeat included. Some may find this band and their records way too hard to chew but for me this is just pure sweetness for my ears. Clear one is sold out from the source, Riding Easy Records, but they still have regular black version available. Friendly Records in UK seems to have some light blue copies (limited to 300).. Anyways, if you’re interested finding a copy near you I suggest you to search a copy via google (like I always do). Great record.