Forming The Void: Reverie LP (white/purple)


Have to admit that I nearly missed this one, Forming The Void and their latest bone crushing heavy masterpiece “Reverie”. For me this band is brand new, never before have I listened to any of their records. The error has been corrected and learned from. Two more records added to my wantlist (previous vinyl Releases). One of my favorite records during this year. Strictly speaking, I dig every record I own, all of them have earned a place on my shelf. Check this one out if you haven’t already. Ripple Music seems to have 1 copy of this variant available on their BandCamp site (if you fancy these limited, colored ones). Regular copies available via Ripple’s US / EU store.

Psychlona: Venus Skytrip LP (blue)


Got this latest from Psychlona from Cursed Tongue Records a few weeks ago. Now that I’ve been listening to it numerous times, I have come to the conclusion that I’m a complete idiot because I skipped their debut album two years ago.. Well, one record more added to my wantlist. Groovy, fuzzed space/stoner/psych and there’s no reason not to like this one. Awesome release from start to the very end. Deep bow in the direction of CTR, once again you have managed to release an outstanding package!

Since this record was released in collaboration with Ripple Music, Us customers can grab the red-colored variation (ltd. 100) directly from Ripple Music. EU customers can still grab the translucent orange version for example from Stickman Records, the blue version is sold out by now.

Obsidian Sea: LP (grey, red & black splatter)


Took a little longer than I expected to include this one to my collection. Strangers by Obsidian Sea had been on my “wantlist” since it was released and now I managed to grab this multicolored version via Ripple Music’s sale about a month ago. Name of the game here is stoner/doom with obvious 70’s influences. Vocal work on this album reminds me of something so familiar but I just can’t figure it out.. Recommended one this surely is. Still available from the source, Ripple Music and for European residents the cheapest solution would be Ripple’s Eu store (regular version). Hell Yeah!!


Horseburner: The Thief LP (blue splatter)


Horseburner? An obscure name for the band.. Well, here’s The Thief, their third album and the first I own. Spotted this band via Ripple Music webstore, listened to it for a few moments and the decision was made. Heavy psych/stoner/sludge/doom, you name it. Great record and I’m going to let the needle follow the grooves numerous times during upcoming weeks. Ripple Music has sold this color variation out a long time ago  but hey, there are still white-colored copies (ltd. 100) available from Ripple’s US & EU stores. Recommended recording indeed!


Lightning Born: Lightning Born LP (splattered)

lightning born

One of those records that I’ve been listening very closely the past couple of weeks. Lightning Born’s debut that arrived with Zed & Shotgun Sawyer from Ripple Music some weeks ago. Bluesy/stoner/hard rock is the field they are playing on. This “Astral Storm” version is still available from the source, Ripple Music. Those EU citizens who want to save some shipping cost can also purchase this album via Ripple’s EU store. I prefer US store… some of you may know why. Ten out of ten to this album for sure.


Zed: Volume LP (color-in-color)


Got this latest full-lenght by Zed from Ripple Music some time ago. Once again a band I have never heard of before… Better later than ever. This kind of southern/stoner rock pleases me a lot and obviously, this has been in heavy rotation lately. This album (colored version, limited to 100 copies) is still available from the source, Ripple Music, and if you live on the old continent I suggest you to visit Ripple’s EU store (regular black wax available). Check this out!


Shotgun Sawyer: Bury The Hatchet LP (splatter)

shotgun saywer

Love at first sight.. but I have to admit that it took way too long to purchase this bluesy/stoner  release from Shotgun Sawyer. Never been even near States but somehow this record manages to take me there.. weird, but must have something to do that bluesy sound. Really happy that I finally decided to grab this record. This is still available from the source, Ripple Music (US) and regular black version available from their EU shop (if you want to save some shipping costs). Amazing record in my opinion