Mollo Rilla: Viva El Camino LP (clear-black with red splatter)

mollo rilla

After seeing the music video for the song “Night Fang” from the band called Mollo Rilla, I knew I had to get to know this band better. Checked their latest album “Viva El Camino” via BandCamp and it was an easy decision to purchase the vinyl. On this release Mollo Rilla painlessly combines several genres together creating an infinitely functional rock release. I don’t know what kind of mushrooms these guys have eaten but would love to get my hands on those too. A refreshing acquaintance this indeed is. Available from the band’s BandCamp site.

King Buffalo: Dead Star 12″ (red)


I bought this twelve-inch from King Buffalo nearly 5 months ago but managed to placed it under the needle just a few weeks ago. Holy shit this band floats in its very own category. Mixing all possible genres; stoner, space, psychedelic, kraut, blues, etc. creating something so unique you just can’t ignore. Brilliant piece of wax forcing me to hunt all their previous releases except that split with Lé Betre I already have in my shelf. Awesome band! Grab a copy straight from the band!

Stonerror: Widow In Black LP

Stone Error

Oh boys & girls how long I waited for this to arrive. If I remember right I pre-ordered this Stonerror album nearly six months ago and it arrived finally few months ago. The band is from Poland and they know exactly what they’re doing, smooth stoner rock. I suggest you check out this band if you haven’t already done that. Kick-ass record this certainly is. Available via the band’s BandCamp site.


Saint Karloff / Devil’s Witches: Coven Of The Ultra-Riff LP (green/black marbled)


Ha! Scored a Devil’s Witch release (on vinyl) the second time in a row! Maybe just because there are 700 copies floating around. Have to admit that I ordered two copies, from two different sources just to make sure that I get at least one pristine copy without corner dings etc. Well, I got one pristine copy even though I was worried when picking those packages from the post office, both records came packed in those “most” hazardous mailers (mailers without “buffer” zones & without stiffeners). Anyways, record itself sounds amazing, both bands are marvellous and because of this split-release, I even ordered that Saint Karloff’s upcoming album too. Love is in the air.. or should I rather say Love is Doom.. Vinyl version is released by Majestic Mountain Records and cassette version by Stoner Witch Records (yeah, got me a CS version too).


Devil’s Witches ‎– The Audio Erotic Collection 2xLP


Anyone who has ever come across with this blog of mine sure knows how unfortunate I have always been with this band and all their releases. Well, I have managed to grab a few releases on cassette format but this time luck was by my side.. or I keep thinking so. That F5 button was under heavy pressure at the time this compilation was about to be released. And finally, I was lucky enough to get a copy. It’s amazing how fast all those 500 copies vanished. Yeah, I love this record like all those 499 other lucky ones. Thanks to Cursed Tongue Records for bringing this alive (and for understanding my whining about those corner folds..). Greatness on vinyl format!


No Man’s Valley: Outside The Dream LP (green marbled)


Recently I went through some “monthly list” I came across while surfing around the net. Checked all the bands mentioned (well, I knew some of the bands already but then there were bands I had never heard before). No Man’s Valley was one of those. Holy hell, I love this record. Mysterious, melancholic, psychedelic, bluesy desert rock or something. After listening to the first track it was obvious that I have to purchase this one. Here it is now as you can see from the picture above. Brilliant album if I may say even though it has nothing to do with stoner/sludge/doom I nowadays mostly like to listen. Just check out this one, it might surprise you like it did in my case. Available from Tonzonen Records.



Conan: Existential Void Guardian 2xLP (gold)


Still here even though it has been a while since the last update. This latest from Conan arrived few weeks ago and due my working hours and a lack of free time, this has been spinning under the needle only few days now. Double album and that second vinyl is some live bonus (and for your information I haven’t been a big fan of live recording ever, and this one does not make an exception). Conan is Conan, what more can I say? Love their debut wich was/and still is a fantastic piece of doomed sludge/stoner and here we go again. Heavy as hell this one surely is and deserves its place beside previous releases. Not bad at all. This gold-colored gatefold is limited to 200 copies, unfortunately sold out by now but you can still reach out your hairy hands for that green colored (ltd. 300) version still available via Napalm Records 

The Red Widows: Rising 12″ (DHU exclusive)

the red widows

This freaking damn good 12″ came with that latest Grajo album. Here we have a twelve-inch EP from The Red Widows. Unknown band to me but seems that DHU Records manages to surprise me release after release. Groovy 70s influenced stoner/doom rock with vocalist who has been kidnapped straight from the stars. This is good, more than good leaving me wonder when they are going to put out their full-length? This HU exclusive version is still available from the source, DHU Records Highly recommended one and if you don’t believe me, just check it out by yourselves. Hell yeah!! Pure DHU quality

Actually I ordered and got a copy some time ago but postal delivery managed to smash the cover (one corner of it). I uploaded a picture of that corner damage to my Facebook site, didn’t mention what record it was nor from what label it came. Didn’t took long from Robert to contact me and he wanted to send a replacement copy. I wanna point out here that I wasn’t after a new copy when I uploaded that image, I just wanted to show how postal delivery treat even most secured packages. So my humble thanks to Robert, I really appreciate this and know it!


Messa: Feast For Water LP (orange/black)


Well, I skipped this bands debut (can’t say why..) but then I came across with this one, their second full-length and I was sold. Don’t know how to describe this record.. it’s like doomed metal with some darkened jazz in it or something. Anyways, it sounds freaking good. Love the atmosphere on this album and those vocals.. Must get my hands on that debut album too. I bought this copy of mine via Aural Music (according to Discogs there should have been A2 double-sided poster included.. who knows) and surprise, first edition is sold out (orange/black color-in-color (ltd.200) & orange (no information of  limitation) . But don’t worry, Aural has second pressing now for sale with three color variations. I suggest you to check this beauty out!


Night Runner: Thunderbird LP (Deluxe edition)


I’m still here.. Just realized that it has been way too long since the last update. Let’s start with this one I got from Poisoned Mind Records few months ago. Second full-length from Night Runner. Thunderbird is the title of the album. I missed Night Runners debut (deluxe version) year ago just because I took few beers too much, passed out & missed that dlx version.. Would like to thank Poisoned Mind for the copy I got for free (pink/black splattered version) later with other order.

So I was quite awake with this second one and scored deluxe version (sold out quite fast). Don’t know what have I done because I also got another copy (clear w/  black & blue splattered version, see picture below) included. And for those who don’t know, Night Runner is mixing synthwave with other genres like jazz, metal, soundtrack etc. Awesome package, I love this but you don’t have to. Vinyl versions of this release are long gone. Recommended album if you get your hands on this.



Dawn: Dawn EP 12″ (DHU Exclusive version)


Been so busy on job & fixing the house that I haven’t managed to update this blog of mine.. It doesn’t mean that I haven’t received some quite awesome vinyls thou. This single-sided EP from Dawn arrived nearly a month ago and still I find it pretty damn good. Fuzzy stoner rock from Australia released by awesome DHU Records. This DHU exlusive version is still available from the source (just like those two other variants), DHU Records. You can also grab a copy from the band on their BandCamp site. Lovely one & recommended too.


Valonyrkki: Kohtuuton LP


Well, very strange release from Svart Records. There’s only two tracks on this psychedelic album by Valonyrkki (translation could be something like “lightfist”). The one behind this psychedelic record is Ville Pirinen, well-known comic artist and hard-working musician. More info about this project can be found for example from Discogs ( This is limited to 100 copies on black wax and still available from the source, Svart Records. Recommended if you want to clean your ears & mind with this cosmic journey through finnish musical scenes. With open arms & heart I welcome this to my collection, next to Motelli Skronkle.


Doomstress​/​Sparrowmilk: Split 12″ (DHU exclusive color variation)


Few weeks have passed and I have been way too busy at work to even listen any of the new records that have arrived. Even though I should be sleeping at this moment I still want to say some words about this split album from Doomstress​/​Sparrowmilk. Both bands are new to me so this split is quite good way to get familiar with these artists. What it comes to Doomstress, sounds gooood… heavy as hell and I can even taste some 70’s here. Like the voice of the singer. Hmm, now I want some more. Then we come to Sparrowmilk. Never heard of this band before and freaking hell, this is instrumental doomed post-rock or something and hell yes I’m in love. Haven’t been listening instrumental music for some time and this one hit the goal right away. Awesome release from Dark Hedonistic Union Record, once again. This color variation (+ two other versions) of this split is limited to 90 pieces and still available from the source, DHU Records!


Youngblood Supercult: The Great American Death Rattle LP (black/bone with red splatter)


And here it is, the last LP record I received on 2017 (came just for the Christmas, few days earlier actually). Hmm.. am I experiencing de-ja vu here because I wrote a post of their previous album on 22nd of December last year.. but hey, I could use those very same words about this album too but I’m not that lazy. Very well, an excellent album once again and after listening this numerous & numerous times during this past week I’m certain that this is going to be on very top of my list of best purchases during 2017. Great combination of retro-psych-stoner-whatever-you-wanna-call-it and I’m smiling. Thanks to the great Dark Hedonistic Union Records for releasing & delivering this treasure to us all, we salute you! This color variation is DHU exclusive, limited to 90 copies and for those who did not get their hands on this treasure, The Company Records seems to have some red-colored copies (limited to 125) still available. Recommended, obviously :)


Necro Deathmort: Overland LP (transparent blue)


Haaa.. It’s the latest full-length from mighty Necro Deathmort. It’s damn nice to see how far this band has reached. I remember ordering their CD years ago (actually it was between 2011-2012) called “Music Of Bleak Origin”.. Still that album sounds amazing like this new one. Overland is like apocalyptic soundtrack to some sci-fi movie, hmmm.. like this new Blade Runner. Great record and those who are interested of electronic/experimental soundscapes should certainly check this out. Vinyl available on four different colors (three colored versions, each limited to 100 copies) clear, blue, red & regular black. EU customers can purchase this brilliant album from Profound’s EU store, others might want to check this via Profound’s MerchTable store.


Ides Of Gemini: Women LP+7″

ides of gemini

This latest from Ides Of Gemini has been waiting for some listening quite a long time now. It’s just that I simply do not have time to take every purchased record to closer listening right away. This is my second album from this band (bought their debut years ago) and still I like this band  lot. Some strange way I love these nearly shoegazing doomed tunes even though I rarely listen to these records. Surely there’s a time and a place for music like this, absolutely music for those rainy, darkening autumn evenings. Nice one. Available from awesome record stores around the globe and of course from the source, Rise Above Records


Black Bone Exorcism: Crack The Bone, Break The Heart 2xLP (“Heretic” edition)

black bone

It’s hard to find the way when you’re lost in the darkness. And here’s one freaking interesting record by Black Bone Exorcism, released by Dark Hedonistic Union Records (damn you DHU, you’re draining my savings). Music on this album is quite hard to describe, surely this ain’t black metal, doom or stoner even though I can hear some echoes from these genres here, what it is then? Can I hear some distant Neurosis influences.. don’t know but boys/girls, it’s intense, desperate, hopeless, dark and mos of all it’s rocking big time. Maybe you should check it out by yourself . This DHU “Heretic” exclusive (limited to 90 copies) is still available from DHU likewise that “Collapse” version which is limited to 150 copies. Brilliant album! Oh, actually I ordered that “Collapse” version because on the mock-up picture it looked amazing, but sometimes record plants can’t provide what they promise and thanks to DHU  for swapping it to his “Heretic” one.


Beastmaker: Inside The Skull LP (black)


The last couple of months I have been struggling by myself either to continue this blog or let it just fade away.. But then, what else would I do on my spare time? So I decided to continue this journey & spreading the word. Actually I ‘ll try to post something everyday just because I have received/purchased huge amount of excellent records during this time.

Let’s start with this latest by Beastmaker, album called “Inside The Skull”. Purchased their debut album about a year ago and loved that one (still loving it though) and now this new one. Well, damn good doomed stoner album in the spirit of Black Sabbath. It’s heavy as hell, groovy and I’m quite surprised they managed to produce another “Beast” this quickly. What else there’s to say? Try it. This “Die Hard” edition is limited to 100 copies and came with awesome poster (sold out). There’s still two other versions available, on transparent red vinyl (EU version) and on solid purple wax (US edition). Both versions still available from Rise Above. Go & get one for yourself.


Wounded Giant: Vae Victis LP (Die Hard)


Once again damn good release from STB Records, this time we are talking about Wounded Giant’s latest full-length “Vae Victis”. If you like your stoner/doom dirty & loud, this might be your thing (surely it’s mine) and og boys & girls I do like this record. I got to know about this band few years ago when STB released their split album with Goya but somehow it has been rarely under the needle in this household, and that’s a shame. I’m really excited about this one so I have to give that split release some turntable-time once again. This Die Hard edition is limited to 100 copies and as usual, those sold out quite fast. But don’t worry, there’s still few variants available from the source, STB Records (US) and Kozmik Artifactz (EU) has this red/white swirl version still available. Damn! I feel eeeeevil after listening this record.







The Janitors: Horn Ur Marken LP (green marbled)


Latest from The Janitors arrived via mail nearly a month ago and has been in heavy rotation since that day. I really love these psychedelic/space rock soundscapes on this album. Their previous album was a winner and with this new one we have a double winner here. This colored version disappeared from Cardinal Fuzz webstore within seconds, and I was one of those who missed it. I bought my copy from the band (found out that there were few copies left on their BandCamp site). If you haven’t heard of this swedish band, I suggest you to check this out. I have no idea of limitation of this color variation but there’s still black colored copies from the band & Greatest Hits Mailorder for example.