King Howl: Rougarou LP (red)

king howl

Damn.. I got this album in my wishlist at BandCamp for few months. Then came the day when I listened it through once, for the second and third time. I was sold and I had to get my album in my collection. This is pure rock’n’roll, heavy blues, stoner combining so many elements and the result is..  just amazing! This Italian band is just awesome and I have check out their previous album as soon as possible. Album is still available from the band’s BandCamp site for very reasonable prize. I bought my version from Electric Valley Records and paid 10€ (+ shipping).. Check out this one, this one won’t let you down!


The Picturebooks: Imaginary Horse LP (clear)


Look what I got from Riding Easy Records yesterday. Yep, the debut album from The Picturebooks and it sounds awesome. This German duo knows their Rock’n’Roll, bluesy kind. I really dig this album a lot, it sounds raw, it sounds dangerous, you can smell the sweat on it.. Thanks to Riding Easy for putting this jewel out, without You I would have missed this band totally. This clear version was limited to 50 copies and surprisingly it’s sold out but there are still copies on white and black vinyl available from the source, Riding Easy Records (these should have sold out already..). Recommended album, this is Rock’n’Roll, dangerous kind!

Chrome Cranks: Way-out Lover 7″


I’m was just going through my seven-inch collection and I found this. Oh, treasures from the past, those good old days. Chrome Cranks presenting their awesome seven-inch, “Way-out Lover”. This recording has a huge sentimental value for me. Good old straight Garage-Surf-Rock’n’Roll. I should hunt down some of their long plays as well..