“II” Test Press is sold out & “II” Die Hard Edition is sold out and I feel like a leech..


I was so happy to get these two items added to my cart today, clock was 12noon EST and I felt like a winner! I had this presumption that I have 10 minutes to check out and I just wanted to check out how fast these items gonna go. About 12:05 I decided to check out..


And this exploded to my screen! Aaarghh.. Both items were sold out and I was left empty-handed. I was little frustrated but hey, I saved some serious euros though. I checked out STB’s facebook and found out that there has been major problems with STB’s Bigcartel site (Paypal has not been accepted etc.) but these issues has nothing to do with label itself. You can read about this from STB’s facebook site.

Really appreciate STB & Steve and I just can’t even imagine how frustrating this is for one of the most awesome record label there is. I going to purchase this album from some european distro (and if you ask me, that regular version is the best looking color variation of this record).

Sincerely, M.