Wojciech Golczewski: Dark Souls (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) LP


Soundtrack, once again, even though I keep on promising to myself that I do not go for these. Then you go and find record like this while exploring BandCamp. I have no idea what this film is about, never ever heard about Wojciech Golczewski but so what. I listened some tracks and fell in love. It’s the atmosphere on this album that fascinate me but enough of this gibberish, maybe it’s just better if you listen some tracks by yourselves. Limited to 300 copies on black wax and available from Data Airlines.




This came today and right now as I’m writing this post, the record is spinning on the background. As a soundtrack this sounds quite good, nearly heavenly. This is what I like the most of these soundtrack works. And as we all know Dylan Carlson is involved with The Earth, so for me this is “hors d’oeuvre” while waiting for those The Earth’s represses to arrive. Beautiful score. This is limited to 100 copies on sky blue, 400 copies on gold and 500 copies on black vinyl.  Seems that the source, District Lines, has sold out their copies but you can pick black copy for example from hhv.de (germany). Beauty.