Unreqvited: Disquiet LP (splattered)


Already have this record on tape but it didn’t prevent me to purchase this on vinyl too. I like this shoegazing/black metal just because the atmosphere it’s creating. Black metal puritanists surely have their opinion about music like this but I do not care about that. My purchases are based on the fact that I like every  damn record I buy. Beautiful blackened music on this splattered vinyl still available via Ordo MCM. I like this one and I surely recommend this one. Cassette version available via Fólkvangr Records.


Monarch!: Never Forever 2xLP (silver & black merge)


Oh, my first touch with Monarch! Have to say it’s not bad one. I really don’t know what genre I should place this record but at the end who even cares. Album is hazy, doomed, droned & shoegazing and all these makes it sound just.. awesome. Can’t even imagine better record playing on the background while sitting on the balcony and watching how the autumn sun slowly glides along the horizon. Nice one indeed. Available from Profound Lore’s MerchTable store (US), seems that Profound’s EU store has sold this already out. Recommended one.


El Altar Del Holocausto: – S H ∃ – LP (splattered)

el altar gel holocausto

Got this post-rocking instrumental album from Throne Records few weeks ago, and have to admit that my soul is resting while listening these tunes. There was this time period while I listened mostly instrumental post-rock like If These Trees Could Talk, Toundra, Explosions In The Sky, Mono etc. Great bands but too much is just too much. Nowadays I use to listen bands from this genre time to time and this album by El Altar Del Holocausto sounded way too good to miss. This splattered, numbered version is limited to 75 copies and as you can already guess, it’s sold out. But don’t worry (if you are on this kind of music), there’s still regular version available from the source, Throne Records (and the prize ain’t bad at all, 13€ + shipping).


Snowman: The Horse, the Rat, and the Swan LP (gold)


Then we have some experimental alternative rock from Australia. Have to admit that I was a little worried would this ever arrive but as you can see,  it did (my skepticism is caused by another australian band, La Mancha Negra, that never managed to sent me a record I purchased 27 months ago..). Anyways, record came in perfect condition and I really like this one, so glad I bought it. Insane mixture of psych/noise/punk/ambient/shoegaze/no-wave/whatever and somehow they manage to keep it all together. Damn this is good, just check it out. Limited to 300 copies on gold-colored vinyl and available from Trait Records (AU).


Planning For Burial: Below The House LP (white)


Planning For Burial. Doomgaze might be the best word to describe this album, or not. Experimental/drone/darkened/shoegazing.. We can call it what ever we want and still we are nowhere near what this album is about. Ordered this from The Flenser sometime ago and it was totally worth to wait. Beautiful & painful. Music for travelling, alone. This is still available from The Flenser (both black & white vinyl with or without additional CD). Anost seems to have regular black copies for sale, so if you wanna save some euros I suggest you check it out there. Don’t know about you but I like this a lot.







King Woman: Created in the Image of Suffering LP (colored..)


After spending few hours with Grief I decided to check this one out (picked up my copy from the post office yesterday). Shoegazing, doomed post-rocking metal, or something, with outstanding, beautiful. ethereal vocals by Kristina Esfandiari. Released by Relapse and limited to 300 copies (this color variant). Crushing melancholy and freaking good album by far. There’s still black variant available from Relapse and I really suggest you to check out this band if you already haven’t. Aaaarghh.


Nadja: The Stone Is Not Hit By The Sun, Nor Carved With A Knife LP


Latest addition to my collection is this new LP from Nadja, released by Gizeh Records. I’ve been trying to buy their releases since “Dagdrøm” I bought four years ago. Yes, I like their doomed, drone-filled-shoegazing dreamsludge. I have no idea about limitation of this vinyl but on thing I know, it’s available from Gizeh Records. First 50 copies came with this hand-numbered art print like shown in the picture (well, bottom of the print at least). Recommended album.


Flying Saucer Attack: Further LP


My long-lost love, Flying Saucer Attack. I had this album years and years ago, got it from a friend of mine who brought it from England. At that time I was totally blown away with Pixies, Shellac, The Jesus Lizard, Mazzy Star and many more. I loved this album, the only FSA album I have ever had (well, I still got some seven-inches though..). Oh, those blessed hazy years. Can’t remember when I sold my copy but I thought that I’ll buy it back sooner or later. It took about twenty years. I bought this copy via Discogs and happy that I did. One of the most beautiful records I have ever own. FSA’s music has been called “experimental space rock” and that could be the right characterization when talking about their music. Beauty this surely is and hey, this has been repressed on vinyl again. My copy is original one :)


Cloud Cover: Mirror Me LP (white)


I can’t even describe the smile on my face when I opened the package holding this most beautiful record inside. All these little extras (baseball card, trivia pursuit card etc..) brought smile on my face and every time I hold this record in my hand I’m still smiling. This is an awesome record by Cloud Cover. This record goes to that same category as Kathryn Joseph’s “Bones You Have Thrown Me And The Blood I’ve Spilled” last year.. Magnificent album indeed, experimental-drone-shoegazing-whatever-awesomeness filled soundscapes and certainly goes to my Top 10 of 2016. Just give this one a listen and purchase a copy (while you still can) from BandCamp. Oh, this is limited to 100 copies on white vinyl so hurry..


Horseback: Dead Ringers 2xLP (baby blue)


Yeah, latest from Horseback (solo project of Jenks Miller) and this is a golden one. I still can remember the moment I heard Horseback’s “The Invisible Mountain”, it was mind-blowing moment. Since that moment I have purchased every vinyl (and some cassette) release from Horseback. I love this artist, and as long I still can breathe on my own I will purchase every upcoming release for sure. It has been a long way from “The Invisible Mountain” to this latest one and the journey has been very intense, interesting & progressive. Krautrocking psychedelic, shoegazing folk-drone. One of the best albums I have heard this years. Baby blue colorway is limited to 300 copies and is still available from Relapse Records. Awesome!


King Woman: Doubt 12″ (oxblood)


Damn I was late when this was released first time, but now this beautiful twelve-inch is here with me. This oxblood version is from the second pressing and I purchased this along that Black Wing album from The Flenser.  Love the voice of Kristina Esfandiari and this experimental shoegazing record. This oxblood version is limited to 200 copies and there’s also this electric blue version from the third press (limited to 200 copies) available from The Flenser (oh, there’s also black copies available). Recommended one indeed!

Black Wing: …Is Doomed LP (clear/olive green)


If some one there is interested, these are still/again available from The Flenser. I missed this experimental synth-shoegazing album by Black Wing when it was first available (if I remember right, this color variation was earlier sold only in Black Wing/Heat Dust bundle) but now these are available. Really like the tunes on this album and that picture on the cover.. maybe one of the best I have ever seen, chilling.

Thisquietarmy: Vessels LP (clear)


There will never be enough Thisquietarmy records. As I have mentioned many times before I’m a hyper-fan of this artist. This one I ordered from Aurora Borealis records (on sale there) and still missing record or two from his catalogue but slowly I’m getting there. Anyways, once again strong record from this master of droned soundwaves. If you like some drone filled atmospheric, experimental, doomed shoegazing tunes, this record is for you (actually all his records are). Limited to 300 copies on clear vinyl and as mentioned, available from the source, Aurora Borealis and will cost you only £5.99 + shipping!

Thisquietarmy: Anthems For Catharsis LP


Haaaa.. It has arrived, Anthems For Catharsis, the latest album from Thisquietarmy. I have praised this artists and his previous records more than once here on my blog but there’s a reason why, just listen for yourself (recommended artist for all ears). He paints beautiful landscapes with his drone/ambient fueled music.. speechless am I in front of this wall of sounds. This release is limited to 500 copies on black wax and available from the source, TQA Records and for us here in Europe from Stashed Goods (for example..). Beauty.

Planning For Burial: Leaving 2xLP (pink)


Woah.. Actually this arrived last week but I have been little lazy updating this blog lately (some may have noticed that..). Anyways, new band for me and I fell in love with this one immediately since I heard this experimental/slowcore/drone/shoegazing/beauty. Purchased this from The Flenser and I have to say that “money well spent” with this one. This is just what I’m constantly looking for, new artist & awesome musical experiences. I have been listening this record quite a lot recently and love this sadness filled atmosphere on this album. This pink-colored version is limited to 200 copies and it sold out quite quickly. Recommended one. Oh, you can get your hands on this (black copy) via Anost.

Now I just sit & wait for my Mamaleek & Bosse-De-Nage albums to arrive from the same source..

Pyramids: A Northern Meadow LP (splattered)


Got this from Profound Lore today (came extremely well-packaged as usual). Somehow I really like this record, its strange mixture of blackened metal & shoegaze. I have few split releases from this band already (with Horseback & Wraiths) but haven’t listened those that much.. After listening this new one, I really have to check those previous ones more closely. This splattered version is limited to 100 copies and was available from Profound Lore (sold out) but there’s regular black copies still available. EU customers can order this album from Season of Mist. By the way, this came much cheaper to order from abroad..

Fvnerals: The Light LP (transparent w/ black splatter)


Haunting, that’s what this debut album from FVNERALS is. I have been staring at this monitor for a while now wondering what to say about this record. This sounds hopeless, this sounds fragile, this sounds crushing. Is this darkened ambient, slowcore filled with drone soundscapes? I do not really know but damn, this sounds awesome! You better listen this album by yourself, maybe then you’ll understand what I’m trying to say here..

This splattered version is limited to 75 hand-numbered copies and is (still?) available from Throne Records. Oh, there are also regular copies (on black vinyl, surprise) available either from Throne or from the band’s BandCamp page. Love this one.

Grawl!X: Good Grief LP


Hey, there’s always some room for shoegazing dream pop and today there seems to be perfect few hour cap for some of these hazy tunes. This one I picked up from the post office few hours ago, debut album by Grawl!X (hmm.. quite strange name this solo debut of James Machin has). And as this is just a debut album, how awesome will his future releases be! Limited to 250 copies and first 25 copies came with this little handbound lyric book. Album is available from Time Travel Opps. Nice!

Mamiffer: Statu Nascendi LP (clear with gold haze) and one good example of proper mailer for vinyl records


Picked this up from the post office few hours ago. For me it’s quite hard to categorize this album in any genre. Maybe this is just doomed shoegazing, droned & experimental dream-pop? Well, we don’t care about genres here and this album sounds awesome, it’s hazy, experimental filled with ethereal vocals, perfect record for my headphones. Missing few releases from this band but I’m going to get those.. This is limited to 500 copies (150 copies on clear /w gold haze and rest 350 on black vinyl) according to SIGE records but Anost in Europe says that there are 700 copies.. who knows.. For those who prefer colored variation, head straight to SIGE BigCartel Store and purchase your copy while there ia still copies left (of course there is also regular black copies available) . Europeans can purchase their copies (black) from Anost. Recommended vinyl release from this awesome duo.

and these are mailers (with crash/bumper zones) MerchTable is using, I like these.