Vokonis: Odyssey LP (yellow with red splatter)


Yet again stunning release from Sweden.. Got this latest one by Vokonis a few days ago and it has spent some quality time on my turntable more than once. I’ve known this band for years now but this is actually the first physical release from them that I own. Now I’m just wondering how in hell I have managed to skip all their previous releases? This kinda progressive approach to doom/stoner is more than welcome if I may say. Highly recommended album! Available for example from Kozmik Artifactz Records and from the source, The Sign Records.

Stonebirds: Collapse And Fail LP (clear/black)


Woah, now we are talking! A Monstrous album from Stonebirds crushing my guts with its darkened & hopeless beauty.  This French band manages to blend various styles on this latest release. Mostly doomed post-metal with some distance echoes of sludge somewhere between the grooves. Bought their “Into The Fog… And The Filthy Air” album years ago and been waiting a new one to be released and just realized that I have missed an album between these two.. How in hell that can be even possible? Well, next one in my shopping list is that missing 2xLP called “Time”. Shame on me.. In the picture the vinyl looks very much black but when held to the light the effect can be seen, have to admit that it took little time and some advices to realize that..  This version is sold out but if you fancy regular version or even test pressing, Ripple Music still have those available. Band itself has some regular copies available in their BandCamp site too and Kozmik Artifactz has 1 copy still available.

Goblinsmoker: Toad King 12″ (clear with green splatter)


Got this abomination from Sludgelord a few weeks ago.. Dirty, evil and heavy as hell. This surely is not the easiest record to listen through. Actually this recording was released a few years ago on cassette version. I missed the tape back then but now I’m happy owner of “Toad King”on most precious format, vinyl. Still available from the source, Sludgelord. Recommended one if you want to let your speakers grind your brains to porridge, like I do!

Dö: Astral Death Cult LP (aqua blue)


Well, it took a little longer to purchase this one than I thought. That mistake has been taken care of now. I bought this blue version (even though in the picture it looks like regular black version)  from Lay Bare Recordings. Döömed psychedelic/space/stoner is the thing here with this release. I have never had that much of fate for Finnish stoner/doom (or metal) genres overall but obviously, something is happening… At least between my ears. Great record this surely is. I’m turning into döömster..

Black Tomb: s/t 2xLP (test pressing)

black tomb

Aaahh.. Black Tomb. Actually I pre-ordered a copy of this album from the band over a year ago but never seen that copy, I don’t know where it is but certainly it’s not here with me. Fuck it, at least I got me a t-shirt and a patch.. This one here is a test pressing of this awesome album and I bought this from Totem Cat because I grew tired of waiting that copy I ordered. Like I said, I really love this album ( I even have a tape version). There’s some kind of twisted darkness surrounding this doomed sludge release and have to say that their graphic designer must be insane (brilliant art work capturing the very soul of these tunes!). You still can get your hands on this evil album via Totem Cat Record, recommended.


Subrosa: For This We Fought The Battle Of Ages 2xLP (cream with black splatter)


Even though this wasn’t my day (you can check out from facebook why..) I’m still available to smile just because of this record. This is my first album by Subrosa (somehow I have managed to miss all previous ones.. can’t explain why) and even though I knew the release date and the time when this was available for pre-order, I still missed the most limited color variation. Okey, I tried to order a copy using my phone but couldn’t remember my PayPal password (changed it few days earlier) and the moment I got it right all those color mix versions were gone, just my luck. I’m starting to realize (finally) that the music is what matters, not the color of the vinyl ;D

I have listened this one trough couple of times now and come to the conclusion that I have to hunt down those previous releases too (luckily few previous ones have been reissued lately). As you can see I’ve been purchasing more and more reissues lately and the reason is simple, I can’t afford those Discogs/Ebay prizes anymore, few can.

Beautiful record this certainly is, and hey there are still regular black copies & clear (limited to 700 pieces) available for US, EU & ROTW customers via Profound Lore’s Merchtable store. Canadian customers are privileged to order this “cream with black splatter” variant via Profound’s official store though..


Monolord: Vænir 2xLP (clear, die hard copy)


Finally, a copy of this damn good album on clear vinyl (the one I was after) and most of all, I got this at a reasonable prize tag on it (Discog purchase, surprise). Yes, I missed this one totally when Riding Easy put this on sale.. But here it is now and there’s a smile on my face, from ear to ear. Been a big fan of this swedish fuzzed/space/sludge/doom trio since their debut album “Empress Rising” and this second full-length is no exception.

This clear one is limited to 100 copies and not available anymore anywhere but from Discogs/Ebay.. But do not worry, you can get a copy on yellow vinyl straight from the band or head straight to Riding Easy and choose between black or green copies while you still can. Fuzz-Hell-Yeah!!

Shroud Eater: Dead Ends 12″ (transparent red)

shroud eater

It’s sludge time! After listening whole lot of piano music lately this brings little change to my over relaxed state of mind. It has been a while since I have listened good old sludge/stoner and this record woke me up from my slumber. And as I have said many times before, I can smoothly jump from modern classical to raw metal and other way around, no big deal to me. I like this one, that’s why I purchased it. This is limited to 300 copies (100 x   red, 100 x gold and 100 x mixed color) on vinyl. You can purchase this from Divine Mother Recordings or from Red Moth Records, and yes, recommended!

Oh, who wouldn’t like extras gifts? I got this seven-inch split from Repellers/Dead Hand hidden in the mailer. And I appreciate this, a lot. This one is also available from the same source as that  beauty mentioned above..

dead hand