Rosy Finch: Scarlet LP (red/black)


Rosy Finch from Spain delivering some beautiful grunge/stoner/sludge influenced alternative rock or something (I’m just a simple man and it’s hard for me to categorize music styles anymore..). I bought this one alongside that Dö album from Lay Bare Recordings. Great release and this record have been under the needle more than once lately (digital version via headphones on my way to work).   from the band or Lay Bare Recordings. Highly Recommended!!

Demonic Death Judge: The Trail LP (orange transparent)


Yet another great release from a Finnish stoner/doom/sludge outfit. This one is from Demonic Death Judge, a band I have never heard of before (shame on me). Actually, I know the band by the name but somehow I have managed to skip every damn release and tune from this group for years now. A few months ago I saw the official video of “Filthy as Charged” and I was sold! Filthy, groovy… and those vocals. Awesome package. Still available from Suicide Records, just check this out if you haven’t already done it. And I’m gonna hunt down those previous releases for sure!

Witchfinder: Hazy Rites LP (transparent green)


This record has been spinning a lot while I have been isolating myself from the outside world. The band is Witchfinder from France and this is their second vinyl release called Hazy Rites. I don’t know anything about this band but holy hell do I like this album. Doomed stoner/sludge is the name of the came here and the title of the album tells all you need to know. I like this album a lot and I’m a little confused that it haven’t sold out already.. Anyways, check out this one and if you are like it, buy it. There are two different color-variations (regular black wax and transparent green) available here.

Yatra: Blood Of The Night LP (obi version)


Haa… about a year ago I got Yatra’s debut album “Death Ritual” and now I got their second one, Bloof of The Night, here with me. This latest one is released by STB Records and I chose Obi-version just because it looked nicer than other color-variations. For those who are not familiar with this band, Yatra is a little darker mix of sludge/stoner/doom with a hint of Death metal in their sound. Beautiful album and really nice to see STB Records putting out these jewels once again. Still available from the source, STB and if you’re located on old continent Kozmik Artifactz is the place to visit.

Marijannah: Istanah LP (transparent yellow)


Yep.. This band is also one of those I have managed to miss/skip earlier. The point is that there are so many amazing bands/albums floating around and I just don’t have time to check all those out, it’s just impossible. Cursed Tongue Records is one of those labels I follow closely and lately, I have purchased nearly everything the label has released. This latest from Marijannah came through CTR and obviously, I was interested (actually I purchased this album without hearing a note from it). And here it is, there’s always room for quality releases in my collection and this surely is one. At this moment seems that it’s quite hard to find a copy of this album but Stickman Records still have 1 red-colored copy.. and the band is selling cassette version on their BandCamp site if you fancy tapes (like I do).

Gurt: Bongs Of Praise LP (purple)


Doomed sludge/stoner outfit from UK greeting us with their latest full-length. A few years ago I bought their previous album “Skullossus” and like that one a lot. This new one has been on quite heavy rotation lately and yes, this sounds damn good. Hidden treasure this is for sure. Limited to 50 copies on purple, 50 copies on green and 150 copies on black wax. All versions are still available via their BandCamp site. Just check this out!


Horseburner: The Thief LP (blue splatter)


Horseburner? An obscure name for the band.. Well, here’s The Thief, their third album and the first I own. Spotted this band via Ripple Music webstore, listened to it for a few moments and the decision was made. Heavy psych/stoner/sludge/doom, you name it. Great record and I’m going to let the needle follow the grooves numerous times during upcoming weeks. Ripple Music has sold this color variation out a long time ago  but hey, there are still white-colored copies (ltd. 100) available from Ripple’s US & EU stores. Recommended recording indeed!


Evilspeak: s/t CS


Here’s a tape you should check out. Evilspeak with same-titled cassette. This CS is filled with grooving, doomed sludge/stoner and I love this one so much. Have to say that I’m really happy I bought this one and if you ask me, I would love to see this on vinyl too. Give this one a minute or two and you’ll see what I mean. Show your support and purchase the cassette from their BandCamp page. Nice one!!


Firebreather: Under a Blood Moon LP (red with black splatter)


Holy sh**.. !! I picked this one from the local post office a few days ago (after paying taxes etc..). This is Firebreather, crushing doomed stoner monster, from (surprisingly) Sweden. Pure ear candy from the first track to the last one. Released by Riding Easy Records and this variation is limited to 75 copies (should have been red with black splatter but my version is more or less just red). All color variations still available from the source and if you wanna save on shipping costs you can order this evil record from Riding Easy’s EU store. Highly recommended album!!!!!!!! Easily one of the best records I have heard during this year!


Hemptress: Alchemy LP (CTR edition)


I almost skipped this little treasure when it still was available (actually I just had some issues with my budget at that time). Fortunately, I came to my senses and decided to invest my pennies in what I love. These guys from Canada have stolen my heart with their southern influenced, stoner fueled rock ‘n’ roll. The band sounds awesome and like so many times before Cursed Tongue Records have managed to release an outstanding record. This variant is long gone but you still can get a copy (on black wax) from the source, Cursed Tongue Records. Hell Yeah!

Monolord: No Comfort 2xLP (Orange/ Black Pinwheels And White/Brown Splatter)


Fourth album by this Swedish fuzz king, Monolord. Album after another this band manages to wrap me around its finger (or is that even a proper saying?). Damn, this album is fueled by fuzzy, doomed sadness… like that tittle of the album, there’s no comfort on this album. Brilliant release. This variant is limited to 100 copies and it’s long gone, but do not worry because there are plenty of not-that-limited variants available via Relapse US / Relapse EU. Certainly one of the best releases in 2019.


Crypt Witch: Bad Trip Exorcism LP (green)


This instrumental stoner/sludge/doom abomination arrived earlier this week. I almost skipped this one because of term “instrumental”…  Now that I got this here with me, I’m quite happy that I didn’t. Crushing & heavy this surely is and who needs vocals when the music itself is leading the story? Limited to 300 copies on transparent green vinyl. The band has sold out vinyl copies but there’s still cassette version available via their BandCamp site. I found at least one place where you still can get your hands on vinyl version, Shiny Beast.


Waingro: III LP (blue)


Hey, what is happening here? Why I haven’t heard about this band before? Waingro has released two albums before this newest one and I’ve been out of the map with these recordings. Thanks to Sludgelord Records for releasing this third album and presenting this group to me.. Waingro hits hard with their stoner fueled, heavy rocking sound. You can purchase this via band’s BandCamp site and EU customers via Sludgelord Records. I have seen the light.


Old Horn Tooth: From The Ghost Grey Depths CS

old horn tooth

Truth is that when the vinyl is not an option, then you go for CS (really hope that someone out there would release this on vinyl). Old Horn Tooth with this doomed, noisy stoner/sludge-filled tape stole my attention immediately as I heard this tape via BandCamp. This green copy is from the first press (limited to 25 copies) and there’s also a second press released on purple cassette (also limited to 25 copies). The sad truth is that both versions are sold out, but that’s how it goes..

I’m looking forward to hearing more about this band as soon as possible!


Kongh: Counting Heartbeats 2xLP (green/black)


Finally, this debut album by Kongh has been on my “want list” for years and suddenly found a copy via Discogs for a very decent price. Even though this has been released 12 years ago it sounds quite fresh to me. Crushing doomed sludge or something.. I don’t care about labeling music for different genres. Brilliant record. This version is limited to 270 copies. Recommended one.


Kannabinõid: 3 LP


Track number 2 and 11 seconds. Within those 11 seconds, I made my mind and bought this album. Kannabinõid comes from Estonia and this sludge/stoner/doom/metal-filled album has stolen my heart & soul. This album titled “3” seems to be their second full-length and what an album it is. Limited to 200 copies and available via their BandCamp site. Just check out this monstrous beauty, I’m going after their debut one. Special thanks to the one who packed & shipped this, super secured and all corners of the record were protected individually. Pure awesomeness.


Eremit: Carrier Of Weight LP (boxset)


This box set by Eremit arrived nearly 6 months ago, shame on me… that I haven’t had time for this one until now. This one is heavy, and I really mean that. The band is from Germany and this is their debut album (and if you ask me, this is freaking amazing for debut album.. or album at all). I  bought this box set (limited to 50 copies) via Transcending Obscurity and seems that they have sold out all vinyl versions by now. Recommended if you like your music super heavy & doomed. Hey, I love this.


Mammoth Storm: Alruna LP (orange)

mammoth storm

Somehow I have managed to avoid this band for some time, don’t ask me why because I have no idea. Was surfing around BandCamp and suddenly decided to check this album out. Well.. It took only a few minutes to purchase “Alruna” from Argonauta Records after listening to that first track. This one is heavy, doomed and at the same time so gooooood. Now that this band has stolen my attention, I must get their debut I have managed to skip. Seems that Argonauta has sold out this orange version but at least Season of Mist has some colored copies available if you are interested. Using google you can find this also from HHV or Napalm Records but those might be regular black copies.. Recommended one, highly.

Lucifungus: Akuma Kin LP (secret stash edition)


And what about this monstrous abomination filled with filthy fuzz, moss, mushrooms, and some secret green stuff? Lucifungus from Australia with their debut album (correct me if I’m wrong) “Akuma Kin”. Doomed stoner rock/metal and Hell Yeah I freaking love this record! Some might say that this sounds like Canadian Dopethrone, but more you listen, more you know. F**king awesome release. This came through Black Farm Records some time ago and this color variation (limited to 100 copies) is long gone but hey, go and grab that yellow edition (limited to 150 copies) while you still can!