Goblinsmoker: Toad King 12″ (clear with green splatter)


Got this abomination from Sludgelord a few weeks ago.. Dirty, evil and heavy as hell. This surely is not the easiest record to listen through. Actually this recording was released a few years ago on cassette version. I missed the tape back then but now I’m happy owner of “Toad King”on most precious format, vinyl. Still available from the source, Sludgelord. Recommended one if you want to let your speakers grind your brains to porridge, like I do!

Waingro: III LP (blue)


Hey, what is happening here? Why I haven’t heard about this band before? Waingro has released two albums before this newest one and I’ve been out of the map with these recordings. Thanks to Sludgelord Records for releasing this third album and presenting this group to me.. Waingro hits hard with their stoner fueled, heavy rocking sound. You can purchase this via band’s BandCamp site and EU customers via Sludgelord Records. I have seen the light.


Sàbba: Pentacle 12″ (crystal clear/lathe cut) + CS


Doooooommmm.. got this one on vinyl & on cassette. Love this kinda ethereal doom or whatever you may call this. DHU Records released this on clear, lathe cut vinyl limited to only 66 copies (maybe that was little too limited run..). Aaarghh.. this must be one of the best releases I have heard by far during 2019. DHU Records has sold out this vinyl version (surprise) but Sludgelord still has this on cassette so you know where to go. Amazing release.