Zeal And Ardor: Devil Is Fine LP (transparent green, dlx version)


Yep, It’s Zeal & Ardor, this weird record mixing black metal, blues etc. First time I heard this I was more than confused.. Music that I’ve been waiting for years (unconsciously). I don’t know what else to say. Negro Spiritual & Black metal, what a confusing but awesome blend and those lyrics.. I bought this record straight ahead from BandCamp on mp3 and few days/week from that Reflections Records announced that they will bring this on vinyl. Must buy. This version I bought came with a badge, patch & t-shirt and transparent green vinyl, it’s so-called “deluxe version” and if I remember right there were 100 pieces available. There’s still these “regular” versions available, on black and on transparent green vinyl. Awesome album and it makes you want more! Go, go, go!!


Stu Daly: You and Me and These Four Walls EP (clear)

stu daly

One thing I love about BandCamp is that you get noticed every time when someone you follow purchase some records. Once again I have to thank retter for purchasing awesome releases.. And about this little lathe cut seven-inch (limited to 50 copies and surprisingly sold out now), it’s lovely folk-blues-punk-soul three-piece as described on his BandCamp page. What can I say, powerful & emotional release. And I’m really happy that I managed to grab a copy.