Night Runner: Thunderbird LP (Deluxe edition)


I’m still here.. Just realized that it has been way too long since the last update. Let’s start with this one I got from Poisoned Mind Records few months ago. Second full-length from Night Runner. Thunderbird is the title of the album. I missed Night Runners debut (deluxe version) year ago just because I took few beers too much, passed out & missed that dlx version.. Would like to thank Poisoned Mind for the copy I got for free (pink/black splattered version) later with other order.

So I was quite awake with this second one and scored deluxe version (sold out quite fast). Don’t know what have I done because I also got another copy (clear w/  black & blue splattered version, see picture below) included. And for those who don’t know, Night Runner is mixing synthwave with other genres like jazz, metal, soundtrack etc. Awesome package, I love this but you don’t have to. Vinyl versions of this release are long gone. Recommended album if you get your hands on this.



Terrortron: Orgy Of The Vampires LP


After that crushing Bell Witch album it’s time to ease your mind with some synthwave by Terrortron. Got this album last week and it has been spinning several times by now. Really like this album, seems that I like most of these synthwave/soundtrack albums released lately. Anyways, I really can’t say what it is that fascinate me about this genre, maybe it’s just those old horror films I grew up with and soundtracks on those films. I’m really happy to add this LP to my collection, you should do the same while you still can. Limited to 300 copies and still available from Terrortron’s BandCamp site.



Mika Vainio: Mannerlaatta 2xLP (clear)

Mika Vainio - Mannerlaatta

Few months ago I purchased Pan Sonic’s soundtrack album for Mika Taanila’s film “Atomin Paluu” and here we have another soundtrack for another film. This time we are talking about Mika Vainio’s (other part of the Pan Sonic) soundtrack for Taanila’s new film “Mannerlaatta” (A Tectonic Plate). Well, this is minimal, electronic & experimental, what else we could expect? Yet another masterpiece from this pioneer of minimal electronic music. Taanila’s film is a feature-length Lettrist film, made entirely without a camera and who else could have done soundtrack for it than Vainio? This clear version of the vinyl is limited to 250 pieces and still available from Boomkat. Nice work, like always,



Jóhann Jóhannsson With Hildur Guðnadóttir & Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe: End Of Summer LP (silver)


Soundtrack for the film, End of Summer. This record arrived few weeks ago but I haven’t had a time to listen it until now. And it sounds.. beautiful, in my opinion. Thing with these soundtracks is that you either like them or not, it’s that simple. I bought this for a reason, and I really like these soundscapes. There is this version on silver-colored vinyl (limited to 200 copies) and regular black wax version available. Boomkat seems to have some black copies available, Anost still have both versions.


The Demon’s Rook: Soundtrack LP (test press)

teepee02Even though I have promised to myself that I wont buy any soundtracks.. now and then I just have to make some exceptions. I bought this from Poisoned Mind Records (only 4 copies sale for public) few weeks a go, soundtrack for some film I haven’t seen. But hey, I listened some tunes from this record and I got that feeling.. you know, I was forced to purchase this one. I just don’t know what it is with these soundtracks.. why in hell I choose this when there’s still 9 copies (at this very moment I’m writing this) of that awesome looking limited edition left..? Burden of a manic record collector. Anyways, once again great release from this little record company, Poisoned Mind Records. Go for this while there’s still copies left.

Wolfmen Of Mars: Gamisu LP (TP)

wolfmen of mars

Fantastic record from this instrumental synth-space-horror-stoner band! Even though I’m trying to avoid purchasing test pressings.. I just had to have this one and once I got a chance.. result can be seen on the picture above (there were only 3 copies available for public). Poisoned Mind still has copies on black vinyl /w green splatter & prism cover available (at this moment there are only 2 copies left), why didn’t I purchase that too.. ? Well, anyways this record sounds awesome and I really love it.

Nightcrawler: Strange Shadows 2×7″ (on shaped vinyls)


Then some darkwave electro-synth into your darkness. I really like these 80’s’-like synth/soundtrack/electronica releases. Oh boys & girls, these tunes reminds me of those ridiculous horror movies I use to stare at my friend’s home.. (at 80’s we got black/white TV at home and surprisingly no VHS player.. ). Fantastic release and  nice looking vinyls indeed. This is limited to 500 copies and if you are interested, you still can grab a copy for example from

Egisto Macchi: Nucleo Centrale Investigativo LP (on white vinyl + 7″)


And another awesome repress from Cinedelic, outstanding “Nucleo Centrale Investigativo” from that same gentleman, Egisto Macchi. Soundtrack from some Italian police TV series from 1974.. Hell yeah! Action music as it says on the label of that seven-inch. Experimental/abstract/classical music.. from 1974 (damn, I wasn’t even born yet). Limited to 400 numbered copies and 100 of those are pressed on white vinyl. Available from Cinedelic (quality release indeed).

p.s. Cinedelic also knows how to package records for  shipping, I really appreciate that!

Philip Glass: Candyman [Original 1992 Motion Picture Soundtrack] LP (clear yellow)


Candyman, candyman, candyman,candyman, candyman… Picked this up from the post office earlier today. I never ever thought that someday I’ll find myself buying soundtracks.. like I do nowadays. This I had to have just because this film caused me numerous nightmares, sleepless nights and for some time I was afraid of mirrors.. hey, that was years and years ago (here I am trying to convince myself..) Hahaaa :)

This is released by Light In The Attic and limitation of this one goes roughly; 500 copies on silver mirror, 500 copies on  bee striped, 1400 copies on black vinyl and then there is this  transparent yellow version (Clive Barker exclusive, surprisingly sold out) limited to 100 copies. Horrified soundtrack and at least regular copies are available from various places, Light In The Attic, One Way Static, Boomkat & Norman Record for example..

David Holmes: ’71 (Original Soundtrack) LP


Woah.. quite impressing soundtrack if I may say.. I have said that I’m not that big fan of soundtracks but now I have to take back those words, once again. This soundtrack sounds very darkened, hopeless and brooding. In other words, awesome! I really hope to see this film in near future. If I remember right, this is limited to 1000 hand-numbered copies, but my copy came with some handwriting by Holmes himself on the cover (well, these copies were available via Touch Sensitive but are sold out now). Copies without writing on the cover available for example from Boomkat. Highly recommended record!



Voyag3r: Doom Fortress LP (gold colored) [UPDATE 11/24/14 about 2nd pressing]


The 2nd pressing pre-order of Voyag3r’s Doom Fortress LP is now live at Bellyache Records. Ships December 9, 2014.

This time around they are offering “Deep Space Nebula” (translucent purple) 250 copies and black vinyl 250 copies. Both versions come with a double sided 12″ x 12″ art print and digital download code.

The 1st 50 orders (either color) will receive a limited edition 1.25″ button set.

Yep, at last a reason to smile! This came today and what else could save Your day than sci-fi/horror/soundtrack/instrumental record like this one. Yes, this absolutely made my day. Yesterdays wounds are now healed and I’m ready to face new disappointments this awesome synth-horror beauty playing on the background. Beautiful package. This was limited to 100 copies and sold out already on pre-order but don’t worry, there are black copies (limited to 400 copies) still available from Bellyache Records!


Ennio Morricone: Le Foto Proibite Di Una Signora Per Bene OST LP


Hahaa.. and more of these repressed Morricone soundtracks.Never really thought that I find myself listening these twisted soundtracks. I always thought and had this fallacy of Morricone composing music only for some strange Italo westerns.. damn I have been so wrong (more shame on me). But hey, this world is filled with music, good awesome tunes, and there’s no way I have time or chance to hear even 0.00001% of it in my lifetime. Yes, I’m glad that I did purchase these two. Gonna purchase some more in near future. It has been announced that limitation of this repress is 500 copies.. is it true or not, actually I do not care because music is what matters. This seems to be available from different stores around the globe. Recommended.