Hemptress: Alchemy LP (CTR edition)


I almost skipped this little treasure when it still was available (actually I just had some issues with my budget at that time). Fortunately, I came to my senses and decided to invest my pennies in what I love. These guys from Canada have stolen my heart with their southern influenced, stoner fueled rock ‘n’ roll. The band sounds awesome and like so many times before Cursed Tongue Records have managed to release an outstanding record. This variant is long gone but you still can get a copy (on black wax) from the source, Cursed Tongue Records. Hell Yeah!

Dusty Duke: Troublemaker LP


This is Dusty Duke playing bluesy, dirty/southern rock seasoned with a hint of country. Not bad mixture at all. My copy arrived last week and it has been under heavy rotation since. Troublemaker is Dusty Duke’s second release and that debut album is now on my “want list”. As far as I know, this is limited to 150 copies and still available via their BandCamp site and from Black Farm Records (debut  & this second album available via both sources). Great recording and worth to check out!


Zed: Volume LP (color-in-color)


Got this latest full-lenght by Zed from Ripple Music some time ago. Once again a band I have never heard of before… Better later than ever. This kind of southern/stoner rock pleases me a lot and obviously, this has been in heavy rotation lately. This album (colored version, limited to 100 copies) is still available from the source, Ripple Music, and if you live on the old continent I suggest you to visit Ripple’s EU store (regular black wax available). Check this out!


Rifflord: 7 Cremation Ground / Meditation LP (Die Hard edition) & Cassette version


Yeah, got this album by Rifflord few weeks ago from STB Records. Bought this also on cassette version from Teschio Dischi (didn’t manage to get that most limited cassette version but I’m good with the one I got). Like this album a lot, more than just a lot. Bluesy stoner with some southern influences, match made in heaven. I’m a huge fan of STB Records and this was obvious purchase. Have to admit that I was little surprised that STB has started using those mailers without so-called “buffer zones” , got my copy with dents on the corners of the cover.. and some old followers know exactly what I think about these cosmetic faults.. As I have said before, you just can’t win every time.. This die-hard edition is sold out but you still can get some other limited versions via STB’s BandCamp site. There’s also a handful of copies of this album available on cassette version from Italian label, Teschio Dischi (Teschio has sold out all their cassette versions). Recommended release, indeed.




Munly & The Lee Lewis Harlots: s/t 2xLP (red-yellow)


This beauty arrived today from Pesanta Urfolk, oh and how I have been waiting for this to arrive (there was some problems with USP and it took nearly one and a half months to arrive). Many thanks to Pesanta for solving those shipping problems. Recommended. This is limited to 500 copies, 100 copies of those came on this color and rest are black. Black copies available from Pesanta Urfolk (colored ones are sold out). I have been little unlucky with my purchases lately and this didn’t make an exception, lyrical booklet is missing.. and on the top of everything, I had to pay nearly $30 customs from the package this came in. Damn :)