Holy Monitor: Southern Lights LP (red/white swirl)

holy monitor

Here’s some psychedelic tunes to make your day. Holy Monitor from Greece with their third (first one I have heard) album called “Southern Lights”. This album has been under heavy rotation during this summer and for good reason. Recording stuffed with beautiful psych/kraut and even some space rock influences. This has been my soundtrack for this sick hot summer and has earned a place in both, my record shelf and my heart. Sold out from various places but Blackspin Record Store seems to have some copies still available, hurry up!

La Era de Acuario: La Era de Acuario LP (clear with purple splatter)

la era de

Here we have a good example of a record that jumped straight to number one on my “wantlist” as soon as I heard the first track of the album via BandCamp. The problem, however, turned out to be that the record was already sold out from BandCamp when I found it. The debut album of this Mexican band became a total obsession for me, I had to get it one way or another. To my surprise I found a copy on the record company’s own website (Necio Records) and seems that there are still copies available. Awesome psych/space rock album and highly recommended if you are on this kinda music!

Serpentina Satelite: Nothing To Say LP (red)


Serpentina Satellite with their second album called “Nothing to Say”. This album was released on vinyl format about 10 years ago and I only recently got this added to my collection. The Serpentina Satellite is from South America, more specifically from Peru. The thing here is all about the fuzzed, psychedelic / space journey and as the name of the album puts it, no vocals. Love this one. Two color variations available, black and red one. If you are after colored one, skip those Discogs sellers and head to Tasty Odds, that’s where I purchased my copy.

Bismut: Retrocausality 2xLP (purple)


Some instrumental space/stoner/psych from Netherlands on purple colored double album. Retrocausality is their second album and I decided to check out this group at last. Woah! After listening to the first track on this album I was forced to purchase the whole damn thing on vinyl format. Been listening to this album quite much lately and every time it has been a very pleasant experience. Have to check out their debut album also as soon as possible. Recommended group/album. Get your copy for example via Lay Bare Recordings, Kozmik Artifactz or from the band itself.

Psychlona: Venus Skytrip LP (blue)


Got this latest from Psychlona from Cursed Tongue Records a few weeks ago. Now that I’ve been listening to it numerous times, I have come to the conclusion that I’m a complete idiot because I skipped their debut album two years ago.. Well, one record more added to my wantlist. Groovy, fuzzed space/stoner/psych and there’s no reason not to like this one. Awesome release from start to the very end. Deep bow in the direction of CTR, once again you have managed to release an outstanding package!

Since this record was released in collaboration with Ripple Music, Us customers can grab the red-colored variation (ltd. 100) directly from Ripple Music. EU customers can still grab the translucent orange version for example from Stickman Records, the blue version is sold out by now.

Uubbuurruu: s/t LP


Uubbuurruu, quite interesting name for the band. This group is from Montreal, Canada and I love their 70’s sounding hard rocking stoner influenced performance. This band & album is one of those BandCamp treasures I come across occasionally. And I have to admit that cover art had something to do with the listening decision when I came across with this one for the very first time. Great album and you still can get a copy via their BandCamp site if you’re interested.

Demonauta: Part 2 – Temaukel, The Spirit Before Time LP (blue/white marbled)


Went through my latest purchases and spotted this one I got before Christmas.. Been a little long since my last blog update (been sick for a couple of weeks and trying to do my work from home due to this global issue with Corona). Once again a band I haven’t listened earlier but now that mistake has been solved. I bought this record from Kozmik Artifactz after listening a few songs via BandCamp. Nice fuzzed/psychedelic/space/stoner album and now I’m forced to get all their previous releases too. It’s that good. Still available via Kozmik Artifactz, so the only question is what are you still waiting for? Go and grab a copy!

Voyag3r: War Mask LP (Transparent green)


Synthwave/retrowave/space/prog/instrumental,  whatever. Voyag3r is one of few bands I like to listen when it comes to this “genre”. This is their third album and third I own (that should tell you of my passion towards this group). Great package and that mask is superior (maybe I should wear it and take a run cross my neighbor back yard. now that the sun has set..). Anyways, great record this is and still available from Bellyache Records (on three different color variations). Check this out if you are interested even a pit, this won’t let you down for sure.


Grajo: Slowgod II (DHU exclusive)


Here it is. On a scale of one to ten, this album goes straight to eleven. Latest (and second full-length) from Grajo, called Slowgod II. Last year I was completely sold when I heard the band’s debut album. With this album, band has taken a step beyond and I’m following what ever the direction is. Great record mixing elements from doom to space rock and that vocalist.. aah what a voice she has. DHU exclusive version (limited to 90 copies) has been sold out from the source for a while but you can still reach for this color variation via band’s BandCamp site and as I’m writing this there seems to be only 2 copies left.. so you better act while you still can. There’s also other color variations available from both DHU Records & band. Astonishing album and once again (how many times have I said this..) excellent work from the label!! 

I know that this album is made to listen via turntable but it’s little hard to carry portable turntable along and that vinyl does not fit into my walkman. So I Have to purchase this on Mp3 format too..


Paleons: Hyperborean LP


I have been waiting this one like waiting for the moon to rise. Preordered this months ago and finally it arrived today. I’ve been listening this album a lot within last few months (MP3 files I got when I ordered physical copy) and have to say I’m very pleased. Instrumental psych-kraut-prog-space-stoner.. quite hard to label this band so maybe you should check this out by yourself. I love this, you don’t have to. Limited o 300 copies on black wax and available from their BandCamp site. Recommended!


Wolfmen Of Mars: The Witch, The Goat & The Malevolent Spirit LP (tricolor)


I got this awesome package from Poisoned Mind Records last week. Latest album from Wolfmen Of Mars and what a release we got here!  Electronical psychedelic space/stoner/horror instrumental beauty and what an eye/ear candy this release truly is. This Die Hard edition (limited to 82 hand-numbered copies) comes with die-cut jacket, enamel pin, sticker sheet, PMR logo patch etc. Sad but true, this version is already sold out, actually it sold out within hours. Even though TP & DH versions are gone there’s still two variations of this album available, white with black splatter (limited to 125 copies) and grey colored one (limited to 150 copies) so why don’t you just head to Poisoned Mind’s webstore and let these soundwaves blow all that wax from your ears!


Voyag3r: Are You Synthetic? 2xLP (translucent blue)


Hahaa.. got this latest (second full-length) from Voyag3r earlier this week. Horror/sci-fi/synthwave seems to be quite popular nowadays and here’s one of my favorite. I really liked Voyag3r’s debut album (Doom Fortress) and now it’s time to check out this new one. After few tunes I’m sold again..This is exactly what I was hoping for, synths/space/horror/80’s. Some may find music like this ridiculous but I don’t. There’s this certain nostalgic value hidden here beyond these sounscapes. This deluxe edition (on translucent blue vinyl, Bellyache Records exclusive) is limited to 300 copies including 3D art print & 3D glasses to stare that print. Still available from Bellyache Records (there’s also this less limited version on black vinyl available). Brilliant!

Monolord: Vænir 2xLP (clear, die hard copy)


Finally, a copy of this damn good album on clear vinyl (the one I was after) and most of all, I got this at a reasonable prize tag on it (Discog purchase, surprise). Yes, I missed this one totally when Riding Easy put this on sale.. But here it is now and there’s a smile on my face, from ear to ear. Been a big fan of this swedish fuzzed/space/sludge/doom trio since their debut album “Empress Rising” and this second full-length is no exception.

This clear one is limited to 100 copies and not available anymore anywhere but from Discogs/Ebay.. But do not worry, you can get a copy on yellow vinyl straight from the band or head straight to Riding Easy and choose between black or green copies while you still can. Fuzz-Hell-Yeah!!

The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol: Masters Of The Molehill LP


I found out about this band nearly a year ago and got their previous album, if I remember right, on January/February. Amazing album was that indeed. Not a long ago I spotted this new one from Cardinal Fuzz and didn’t hesitate.. and here we have the latest album from this awesome Canadian group. Psychedelic/space rock is the thing here and with that concept you just can’t go wrong. Limited to 350 copies and unfortunately Cardinal Fuzz has sold this out already but don’t worry, Norman Records seems to have some copies left. US customers can still find copies from Captcha Records. Highly recommended for every space/psych digger!


Saturndust: s/t LP (die hard edition, gold/black smoke..)


This massive, doomed psychedelic space rock monolith arrived some time ago and I have to admit that I’m quite amazed about this release. This brazilian group managed to surprise me totally with this debut album released by Helmet Lady Records. Even though I pre-ordered this more than 6 months ago it was totally worth it. Recommended release indeed. This die-hard edition (50 copies) has been sold out for long, long time but there still less limited version available from HLR and while visiting their webstore I suggest you to check out what else they have for sale. But now I have to go.. All transmissions have been lost..


Hawkeyes: Poison Slows You Down LP (red with some black haze, die hard)


hmmm.. first release from Helmet Lady Records and from this band, Hawkeyes. Been waiting for this album to arrive for some time and today I was able to lay my hands on this stoner/space rock monolith.  Quite stunning debut release from both, the band and HLR. This die-hard (hand-numbered) edition is limited to 50 copies and sold out long ago but there’s still regular red version available from Helmet Lady Records. Keep your ears/eyes on this record company because I have this itch there’s still plenty of treasures coming up. But most of all, recommended album from this Canadian band!

Lumerians: Transmissions From Telos Vol III LP (electric blue)


Then we have this album filled with psych & kraut. This came in same package as that Dead Sea Apes, from Cardinal Fuzz of course. Damn what a fool I have been before, somehow I have managed to skip their previous albums and now I sincerely regret that. Well, I just have to hunt down those earlier records.. even though it will cost me some money. This is, how can I say that clearer, album worth every single penny I have invested in it and much more. If You like space/psych/kraut rock, this is “must have” item. I have no idea of limitation but Cardinal Fuzz have these blue vinyls and black ones available. For US customers, there are these orange copies (ltd. 200) exclusively through Permanent Records. Recommended, surprisingly!

Woodsman: s/t LP (orange vinyl, collaged cover)


Finally (took almost a year) I can hold this piece of art on my hands. This came today and I was more than surprised that it even arrived (long story..). Have to admit that I haven’t listened this album for a long long time but while writing this post these tunes are floating inside my cranium via headphones. And still I love these tunes, instrumental-space-psych-rock and with that recipe You can’t go wrong. If I remember right, this version was limited to 25 copies (on orange vinyl and the cover collaged by the band). Surprisingly this version was sold out long a go but You can grab at least black copy from band’s BndCamp page. Recommended release (still is).

Dahga Bloom: No Curtains LP (astro blue)

dahga bloom

Update 04/18/14; Well, astro blue is now sold out!

And then the other one from that same box. And now we are talking, again. Dahga Bloom shows us how to play groovy-psychedelic-space rock like it should be played nowadays. This album has been rotating on my headphones for some time now and for the reason, I love it!. This is what I seek when buying records, total surprises! This is limited to 150 copies on “astro blue” vinyl and then there are regular black copies available. If you want this on colored vinyl, I suggest you to hurry because there are 4 copies left (while I’m writing this) on Captcha Records BandCamp page. Recommended release!! Yeah!

Thanks to Captcha for shipping these records taken out of the covers and secured, in these times I really appreciate this!. One thing I missed, that replacement cover for my Has A Shadow album.. ;)

Camel Heads: Anoluz LP (clear with colored splatter)

camel heads

I got a package from Captcha Records today and inside I found two beautiful records. This is one of those two. Camel Heads and their debut album “Anoluz”. This is pure space/psychedelic/desert/instrumental rock from Brasil. What can I say, everything is on its place here, haunting and beautiful record. Have to thank Captcha for releasing (and believing) this album. I do not know about limitation but this seems to be available here and there (just wondering this hasn’t sold out already) and of course this can be purchased from the source, Captcha. Awesome!