Lumerians: Transmissions From Telos Vol III LP (electric blue)


Then we have this album filled with psych & kraut. This came in same package as that Dead Sea Apes, from Cardinal Fuzz of course. Damn what a fool I have been before, somehow I have managed to skip their previous albums and now I sincerely regret that. Well, I just have to hunt down those earlier records.. even though it will cost me some money. This is, how can I say that clearer, album worth every single penny I have invested in it and much more. If You like space/psych/kraut rock, this is “must have” item. I have no idea of limitation but Cardinal Fuzz have these blue vinyls and black ones available. For US customers, there are these orange copies (ltd. 200) exclusively through Permanent Records. Recommended, surprisingly!

Woodsman: s/t LP (orange vinyl, collaged cover)


Finally (took almost a year) I can hold this piece of art on my hands. This came today and I was more than surprised that it even arrived (long story..). Have to admit that I haven’t listened this album for a long long time but while writing this post these tunes are floating inside my cranium via headphones. And still I love these tunes, instrumental-space-psych-rock and with that recipe You can’t go wrong. If I remember right, this version was limited to 25 copies (on orange vinyl and the cover collaged by the band). Surprisingly this version was sold out long a go but You can grab at least black copy from band’s BndCamp page. Recommended release (still is).

Dahga Bloom: No Curtains LP (astro blue)

dahga bloom

Update 04/18/14; Well, astro blue is now sold out!

And then the other one from that same box. And now we are talking, again. Dahga Bloom shows us how to play groovy-psychedelic-space rock like it should be played nowadays. This album has been rotating on my headphones for some time now and for the reason, I love it!. This is what I seek when buying records, total surprises! This is limited to 150 copies on “astro blue” vinyl and then there are regular black copies available. If you want this on colored vinyl, I suggest you to hurry because there are 4 copies left (while I’m writing this) on Captcha Records BandCamp page. Recommended release!! Yeah!

Thanks to Captcha for shipping these records taken out of the covers and secured, in these times I really appreciate this!. One thing I missed, that replacement cover for my Has A Shadow album.. ;)

Camel Heads: Anoluz LP (clear with colored splatter)

camel heads

I got a package from Captcha Records today and inside I found two beautiful records. This is one of those two. Camel Heads and their debut album “Anoluz”. This is pure space/psychedelic/desert/instrumental rock from Brasil. What can I say, everything is on its place here, haunting and beautiful record. Have to thank Captcha for releasing (and believing) this album. I do not know about limitation but this seems to be available here and there (just wondering this hasn’t sold out already) and of course this can be purchased from the source, Captcha. Awesome!

Mugstar: Sun, Broken LP (black/white swirl)


And yes! More Psychedelic-experimental-garage-space rock! Next few days I’m going to travel in space and time with three overwhelming albums just came from Cardinal Fuzz. This album definitely is one of those. This is my first touch with this band and my fingers are burning! Great looking package and oh, tunes on this album.. Thanks to Cardinal releasing this awesome album on vinyl. This band is worth to get familiar with. Limited to 500 copies on colorway shown on the picture and still available from Cardinal Fuzz. So, what are you waiting for? Go, go before it’s too late!

The Cult Of Dom Keller: The Second Bardo LP (oxblood with something..)


uuuhh.. Today came a package from the all mighty Cardinal Fuzz. So let’s start checking with this one. I really liked the debut from this band so it was obvious to grab this latest also. And with no exception, I love this album! As we all know this is psychedelic-space-garage or something like that.. damn, I’m not good at putting albums in some specific genre. For me it’s simple, if it sounds/feels good then it’s worth to purchase and I do not care about genre boundaries. Limited to 500 copies on oxblood colored vinyl with some odd specks (looks weird when looking against the light), not bad. This one seems to be sold out from various places but Space Fuzz Records has some copies available..


Flying Saucer Attack: Land Beyond The Sun 7″

Found this beauty while I was going through my seven-inches. Used to listen quite a lot this band years ago and I was surprised that I even still have this. If I remember right, I got this from a friend 1994-1995 with their full length, Further (that one I have sold years ago and regret it with my full heart). I do not know is this post-rock/ space-rock / art-pop or what but I still like their music. Maybe I just have to start hunting their records once again. Nice.

Marc Manning: Ambience1 7″ (+CD)

marc manning

What a wonderful piece of vinyl (plus 70 minutes music on CD). I had no idea about this artist and I purchased this blindfolded just based on a recommendation. Well, not bad recommendation at all. This release is part one from series of four and I’ll certainly go for rest upcoming releases. This is abstract, ethereal psychedelic music with lot of heart on it. Just listening the CD, seventy minute cosmic journey there and back. This is limited to 150 copies and is available from Box Bedroom Rebels. Take a journey with Marc, you won’t regret it.


Radar Men From The Moon: Strange Wave Galore LP (clear)


Latest from Radar Men From The Moon. I just bought their previous album few months ago… and now there’s a new one, huh. Instrumental psychedelic-space-stoner rock and sounds good, much more than good. Headphones on and straight to the roof just to watch stars passing by. My kind of a record. This is limited to 200 copies on clear, 700 copies on black with white splatter and if I’m not totally wrong, there is going to be some kind of deluxe version limited to 100… But anyways, if you are happy with these “regular” versions I suggest you to purchase a copy from Fuzz Club.

Radar Men From The Moon: Echo Forever LP (white with black haze)

Radar Men From The Moon

Hmm, I thought that I’m done with records for this year but I was wrong. This stoner-space rock beauty was waiting for me in Post office when I went down there to send some packages. Well this year is ending quite nicely (even though I’m not done with that frustration-pissed off feeling that Mondo brought to me with that Halloween soundtrack..x2). But with this one I’m happy, very happy. This is limited to 300 copies and some copies are available from White Dwarf if you are interested. Recommended!

The Cosmic Dead: Inner Sanctum 2xLP (pea green)

cosmic dead inner sanctum

Finally got this one from Evil Hoodoo, and was really surprised that this came in nice fabric sleeve (I like this kind of surprises). This band has been on my playlist since I purchased their debut album from Cardinal Fuzz (another great label, one of my favorites). And about the album, great & awesome, I like (I mean I love!). Limitation is 250 copies on pea green and 250 copies black vinyl. Available from Evil Hoodoo, Norman Records and other good stores around. Recommended.

Oranssi Pazuzu: Valonielu LP (dark green)


I have been listening this album a lot (a lot). Cosmic-blackened-space-metal.. or something. Third full length from this band and first one to me, but certainly I’m going to hunt down those previous releases. If there is song titled “Reikä Maisemassa” (Hole in the Landscape), this can’t go wrong. This album is limited to 1200 copies (500 on dark green and 700 on black vinyl) and released between Svart Records and 20 Buck Spin. Available from both sources, Svart Records or 20 Buck Spin (on sale!!).