The Kings Of Frog Island: VI LP (green/black splatter)


Last year, more specifically in the second half of the year, I received lots of stunning records. Here’s one of them, the latest from The Kings of Frog Island. When I ordered the record, I had the impression that it was an instrumental recording. I can’t figure out where that impression came and yes, I was wrong. Psychedelic space / stoner album from the first note to the very last one. Very enjoyable to listen to. Recommended music while sitting behind the steering wheel. Transparent blue version of this record is still available from the source, Kozmik Artifactz. Splattered version available from Greatest Hits Mailorder as well as that blue one.

Bongtower: Oscillator 2xLP (white/black merged)


Here’s some love from Russia in the form of Bongtower. Oscillator is Bongtower’s first vinyl release and have to say that this love is heavy, crushingly heavy. I’m not that familiar with the Russian stoner / doom scene but this band sounds amazing! Great Blend of space / stoner / doom & sludge. Deep bow in the direction of Hand of Doom for releasing this beast from below / above. Limited to 250 copies and still available via Hand of Doom. Get a copy before it’s too late.

King Buffalo: Dead Star 12″ (red)


I bought this twelve-inch from King Buffalo nearly 5 months ago but managed to placed it under the needle just a few weeks ago. Holy shit this band floats in its very own category. Mixing all possible genres; stoner, space, psychedelic, kraut, blues, etc. creating something so unique you just can’t ignore. Brilliant piece of wax forcing me to hunt all their previous releases except that split with Lé Betre I already have in my shelf. Awesome band! Grab a copy straight from the band!

Vinnum Sabbathi: Of Dimensions And Theories LP +7″ (Earth & Moon)


Space, the final frontier.. Vinnum Sabbathi is offering us a journey to the stars with their latest release “Of Dimensions & Theories”. Quite impressing, instrumental stoner/space rock album from this Mexican group. Beautiful looking package and for your information, this version is now sold out but Stolen Body Records seems to have 2nd edition (Mars & Phobos) available. What are you still waiting for? Go ahead and take trip to the stars while you still can.

Merlin: The Mortal LP (purple with mustard splatter)


The third album I have managed to get from this freaking beautiful band (missed that previous one..). Merlin has traveled so far from their first album, there’s saxophone, flute, accordion, trumpet..  and still this is Merlin. The outstanding album floating somewhere between space/stoner/psychedelic/doom & stoner. The Company records have managed to release a marvelous package and I have to say it’s worth every penny I invested in it.  Splattered one is sold out but you still can get yellow variation from the source, The Company. Great band, great record and most of all, awesome label!

I ordered this splattered copy months ago but while it was on its way,  postal delivery managed to smash one corner of the cover… I was a little pissed for a while but then I had this brilliant idea to order another copy just to get a replacement cover. Splattered one was already sold out so I reached for the yellow one and mentioned on my order that it would be nice if corners of the mailer were extra secured.

A yellow copy arrived, and it brought some friends along (there were two extra albums included, more about those later). I’m happy and so is my friend because he got a yellow version with a damaged corner but he’s alright with cosmetic faults.



Domkraft: Flood LP (green translucent with purple & magenta splatter)


Been a while but still here. This latest from Domkraft was one of the last albums I got last year. Was after that most limited version but got tired of hunting it so I ordered this color variation (makes me wonder why in hell I always try to get that most limited version..). Third album I own from this awesome doom/space/sludge group, and still loving every tune they put out. Hypnotic release with awesome illustration. This color version is limited to 400 copies and still available (like green version, ltd 500 copies) for example via Blues Funeral Recordings (US) & Kozmik Artifactz etc. Highly recommended album & band. With this one you can’t go wrong, ever.

Hashteroid: Hashteroid LP (green)


Got this thing with Cursed Tongue Records, I nearly always manage to miss what they are releasing (happened with Wolftooth & Mephistofeles..). But now I managed to grab this speed filled stoner/space/thrash beauty from Hashteroid. Version pictured above is limited to 100 copies and still wondering how in hell this is still available? Awesome package in every possible way.  Available from the source, Cursed Tongue Records. And as mentioned above this green version is limited to 100 copies but there’s also so-called “regular” version on yellow wax (limited to 400 copies) available. Highly recommended band, album & label!


2 x Wicked Lady & Lee Van Cleef (cassettes) from Creep Purple Records


Got these three tapes few days ago from Creep Purple Records (first releases from this label), some of you may already know Creep Purple by its awesome promotion site for sludge/stoner/doom etc. releases. It didn’t took that much time for me to purchase this bundle of cassettes because I do not own these on vinyl. Nice work and damn good tapes. Waiting for next releases from this label for sure!  These tapes are available from Creep Purple Records (Lee Van Cleef seems to be sold out already though..), all releases are limited to 100 copies. Seems that I’ll be posting more cassette releases on this blog of mine in future… should I rename this blog Vinyl/Tape Diaries :)



Faces of the Bog: Ego Death 2xLP (gold/blue with pink splatter)


DamnHellYes!! Faces Of The Bog and their debut album “Ego Death” that arrived from DHU Records last week. I have reached the point that I do not even have to listen a single note from the albums some labels are putting out (labels like DHU, STB, Poisoned Mind, Totem Cat etc.), with these labels I can go blindly just because they have been releasing pure diamonds lately. Back to the Bog. This record has it all, stoner/psych/sludge/doom/space/metal etc. combined perfectly together and it’s honey to my ears. Awesome record indeed. Still available from DHU Records and I’m wondering what the hell are you waiting for? Go and get some Bog to your life while you still can. Surely this record is going to be on my  top 2017 list. Go!


Oranssi Pazuzu: Farmakologinen 12″ (blue)


Don’t even know why I purchased this one because this is just a re-issue of Oranssi Pazuzu’s material from split release with Candy Cane from 2010. Maybe I just wanted to own these tunes on individual twelve-inch. This blue colored vinyl version is limited to 200 copies and there’s also 350 copies on green and 300 copies on black vinyl. Oranssi Pazuzu is fascinating group, their way of performing avantgardish space-psychedelic-blackened metal.. Both Svart Records & 20 Buck Spin has some variations left so you know what to do.


The Janitors: Horn Ur Marken LP (green marbled)


Latest from The Janitors arrived via mail nearly a month ago and has been in heavy rotation since that day. I really love these psychedelic/space rock soundscapes on this album. Their previous album was a winner and with this new one we have a double winner here. This colored version disappeared from Cardinal Fuzz webstore within seconds, and I was one of those who missed it. I bought my copy from the band (found out that there were few copies left on their BandCamp site). If you haven’t heard of this swedish band, I suggest you to check this out. I have no idea of limitation of this color variation but there’s still black colored copies from the band & Greatest Hits Mailorder for example.


Oranssi Pazuzu: Muukalainen Puhuu LP (clear/purple split with some black splatter)


Been waiting (secretly) for this repress for some time and finally it has been done by Svart/20 Buck Spin. Actually I even got that original copy in my hands some time ago but had to return it because condition of the cover didn’t meet my standards (bought used copy and cover was graded NM- but was more like VG). Usually I skip these represses but sometimes it’s almost impossible to track down decent original copies and then I have to bend. About this album, it’s as good as it looks like, really like Pazuzu’s experimental space/blackened metal. This color variation is limited to 150 copies and seems that 20 Buck Spin has these still available. Svart has some other color variations available (less limited editions).

Hyborian: Vol. 1 LP (blue/black merge)


Don’t know about you but I really like this band, this record. Released by The Company and has been available to pre-order months. Don’t know what I was thinking but at first I skipped this (maybe it was because of shipping costs..) when this came available to pre-order.. Few weeks ago I started listening this album with a thought.. It struck like a flash from the bright sky. Awesome sounding album even though this does not sound dirty/mean/evil, this sounds damn good. You can still purchase this stoner/doom/space/desert rock brilliance from the source, The Comapny, or try to find a copy via some european distributor. I bought my copy (limited to 100 copies) via Kozmik Artifactz.


Circle: Fraten 2xLP (orange)


Fraten was released on CD format back in -97 and it was about the time some one to release this on vinyl, Full Contact Records is that company. Since their debut album, Circle has been pushing boundaries of all possible genres and this one was not exception. Experimental krautrock, mesmerizing hypno-rock. Circle has always been one of my favorite ones (at least their first five records) and still looking for the copy of “Hissi”, that second full-length of theirs. This orange-colored version is limited to 150 copies and is still available from Ektro Records (there’s also regular black copies, ltd. 350, available). Norman Records seems to have those black ones on their store. I suggest you to check out this band, at least their debut, Meronia, it’s mind melting hypno-masterpiece.


Lamagaia: Lamagaia LP (purple/blue swirl)


Next few hours I gonna spend with this psych/kraut/space album by Lamagaia. Gonna jump on my bicycle, ride around the city my headphones on and possibly check out some flea markets etc.. or maybe I just go and by some beer and let my mind travel with these tunes across time and space. Freaking good sounding album this surely is, hypnotizing, crushing, tripping. Thanks to Cardinal Fuzz & Sunrise Ocean Bender for giving vinyl treatment to this album. This color variation is limited to 200 copies and surprise, surprise sold out already. Black copies still available for example from Sunrise Ocean Bender (US), White Darf (EU) & Kozmik Artifactz (EU).


Oranssi Pazuzu: Kosmonument 2xLP


One more to go and my collection of Oranssi Pazuzu is complete. Kosmonument, Pazuzu’s third album (second if we don’t count that split with Candy Cane). My journey with Oranssi Pazuzu started with “Valonielu” (which is still their best album if you ask me) and Kosmonument was released few years earlier. Difficult album, disturbed blackened space/psychedelic metal and stories out of this realm. Limited to 500 copies in triple-fold cover. Really happy that I managed to get this one, in this condition. Beware Pazuzu, I’m after “Muukalainen Puhuu” now…

“Olen eksynyt ulottuvuuksiin
joissa Newtonin mekaniikka katoaa
aika ja etäisyys haarautuen
haihtuvat syvään pyörteeseen..”

Dhidalah: No Water 10″ (orange)


Got this one from Japan yesterday. This ten-inch is sick. I bought this after hearing less than a minute of track “No Water”. Yes this is good (I can only imagine how good would their full-length, if there’s ever coming one, sound). Two songs and 25 minutes of excellent sounding psychedelic/space rock (and you can even find some “doom” elements if you listen very carefully). This is limited o 300 copies on orange vinyl and I really suggest you to check this band out and purchase this little masterpiece while you still can. Available from GuruGuru Brain.




Oranssi Pazuzu/Candy Cane: Split 2xLP (transparent red)


Result of some crate digging few days ago. Oranssi Pazuzu/Candy Cane split release, limited to 444 copies, on transparent red vinyl. Believe or not but this was still sealed when I bought it and I got it dirt cheap compared to those Discogs prizes. Obviously it’s not sealed anymore, haha. Not that familiar with Candy Cane but it does not sound bad at all but when talking about Oranssi Pazuzu, I’m smiling. Yes!!


Grajo: s/t LP (Imperium)


Aaaaargh! This freaking beauty arrived few days ago. Grajo and their self-titled debut(?) album released by one damn interesting label, DHU Records. I found this band & album just by accident when I was checking out that Youngblood Supercult’s album I wrote earlier about. What a way to start this year. I really, really, really (did I made myself clear?) dig this album. Perfect mix of space-stoner-psych-doom-rock. One thing I’m missing here, how in hell there’s still copies of this album left to purchase? This “Imperium” version is limited to 90 copies and I really suggest you to check this out no matter what color variation/format you choose. You know where to head at, DHU Records!