Albinö Rhino: Upholder LP

Albinö Rhino

As I  promised, I considered and purchased this latest long-play from Albinö Rhino. Upholder is the name of this self-released album and I’m hooked. I listened this via BandCamp quite a lot and on Saturday I had to visit local record store and save a copy for myself. With psychedelic-doomed-space soundscapes this album is nearly hypnotic and I like it a lot. Honestly I’m little amazed that this actually is self-released.. not that I have some problems with it but I really think that some label should sign this band as quickly as possible. Like I said, I really dig this one and I should check out their previous releases as soon as possible. Limited to 300 copies and available from band’s BandCamp site.


Prophets Of Saturn: Retronauts LP (purple-in-clear)


Another heavy-doom-space piece that came earlier this week. It seems that I have some kind of doomed-stoner-retro era going on but so what, who cares? Prophets Of Saturn comes from UK and this is their second album according to Discogs. When this was released (by HeviSike Records) I managed to skip it somehow but thanks to HeviSike for reminding me that there were some signed copies left (if I remember right there were 10 copies available).. and now I got one of those. Yeah, take a trip with Prophets to space and back. Limited to 50 DH editions (those are long gone), HeviSike exclusive version limited to 100 (few ones left), this signed version and then there is bronze-colored version limited to 250 copies. I suggest you to check out this one. Available from HeviSike Records.



Domkraft: The End Of Electricity LP (tri-color)


Earlier this year I purchased Domkraft’s debut album and I just loved it. I still love it. Now I have their second album in my hands. Damn-hell-yes!! This second one will crush you. I don’t really know what to say but with their psychedelic-sludge-space-doom they have indeed taken their place in my record rack, forever. Recommended band, both of their albums are awesome and both still available. I chose this color variation just because same colors can be seen on the cover. Recently Domkraft has signed to Magnetic Eye Records and you can purchase “The End of Electricity” via MER BandCamp site. Oh, their debut album (ltd. 250) still available via band’s own BandCamp site. Superb release!!



Flying Saucer Attack: Further LP


My long-lost love, Flying Saucer Attack. I had this album years and years ago, got it from a friend of mine who brought it from England. At that time I was totally blown away with Pixies, Shellac, The Jesus Lizard, Mazzy Star and many more. I loved this album, the only FSA album I have ever had (well, I still got some seven-inches though..). Oh, those blessed hazy years. Can’t remember when I sold my copy but I thought that I’ll buy it back sooner or later. It took about twenty years. I bought this copy via Discogs and happy that I did. One of the most beautiful records I have ever own. FSA’s music has been called “experimental space rock” and that could be the right characterization when talking about their music. Beauty this surely is and hey, this has been repressed on vinyl again. My copy is original one :)


Les Lekin: All Black Rainbow Moon LP (translucent red)

les lekin

Ha-haaa, came across with this hidden treasure via BandCamp. Never heard of this three-piece doomed, stoned, space-psych-kraut group before but now I’m under their spell. Really love these tunes on this record and even though there are only few instrumental bands I like to listen, this on goes on top of that list. Limited to 500 copies (250 pieces on red and 250 on white vinyl) and available from Tonzonen Records. Recommended one.


Oranssi Pazuzu: Värähtelijä 2xLP (magenta/orange blend)

oranssi pazazu - värähtelijä

“Yes, Oranssi Pazuzu is out of the old black metal box and lost—wonderfully, strangely—somewhere between heaven and hell”  -Grayson Haver Currin, Pitchfork.

Brilliant record from this Finnish group. Loved their previous record “Valonielu”, and this one takes us a step closer to the great unknown.. psychedelic darkened space rock/metal. And those lyrics.. I do not wanna even try to translate those to english.. This masterpiece was released on royal blue/orange crush (limited to 250 copies), magenta/halloween orange (limited to 250 copies), orange (limited to 350 copies) and on black vinyl. 20Buck Spin (US) still have black copies available & Record Shop X still seems to have orange & black copies available. Beauty!


Mondo Drag: The Occultation Of Light LP (TP)

mondo drag

And another test press.. Well, I couldn’t wait till release date (2016, February?) and as I found out that this TP was available from Riding Easy Records.. well, here it is now. Not bad purchase at all because this is freaking good prog/psych/space/kraut/stoner rock album. I liked their previous release (even though I haven’t managed to get my hands on vinyl version, yet) and oh boyz & girlz.. this is freaking album. These test pressing are limited to 30 hand-numbered copies and if you are interested, there still seems to be copies available through Riding Easy. Recommended album! If you do not fancy these TP’s, then you have wait little longer to get official variants..

And one thing about Riding Easy, I truly appreciate what they are doing, every damn package/record has arrived in perfect condition and that’s what matters. Thanks!

Wolfmen Of Mars: Gamisu LP (TP)

wolfmen of mars

Fantastic record from this instrumental synth-space-horror-stoner band! Even though I’m trying to avoid purchasing test pressings.. I just had to have this one and once I got a chance.. result can be seen on the picture above (there were only 3 copies available for public). Poisoned Mind still has copies on black vinyl /w green splatter & prism cover available (at this moment there are only 2 copies left), why didn’t I purchase that too.. ? Well, anyways this record sounds awesome and I really love it.

Spelljammer: Ancient Of Days LP (clear vinyl)


Picked up this beauty today from the post office. My first Spelljammer LP and I’m more than happy that I ordered this (skipped the test pressing just because it would have cost me way too much shipping costs included). I’m very happy with this clear copy (limited to 200 copies and that little, cute patch included) which is still available from Riding Easy Records. I’m really digging these doomed stone-spaced tunes, yet again awesome band from Sweden..



Merlin: Christkiller LP (special edition by Poisoned Mind Records)

merlin - 01

Haaa.. I had a possibility to purchase this album and glad that I did. Even though this is a repress (I do not usually purchase reissues..) I had to have this one. Originally this album has been released by the band itself and pressings have been quite limited, first press limited to 10 lathe cut 2xLP’s and a second run of 10 lathe cut 2xLP’s called “Fuck RSD edition”… Nice job from Poisoned Mind Records to put this damn good sounding stoner-western-space-sludge album. This version is limited to 76 copies and surprisingly sold out already. But don’t worry, there are still purple/white colored version (limited to 100 copies) and purple marbled version (limited to 125 copies) available from Poisoned Mind Records. Recommended one!

merlin - 03

Shooting Guns / Hawkeyes: Brotherhood Of The Nod LP (die hard copy)


Haa! Now I have to say that this is a damn good split album between these two bands. Hawkeyes is quite new one to me but Shooting Guns and their second album “Brotherhood of The Ram” introduced me to Easy Rider Records (nowadays known as Riding Easy Records) & are ones to blame why my music taste is what it is nowadays..  But, as I mentioned earlier, this one is more than a regular “good” album and surely is worth to purchase (if you like space-stoner-psych-heavy-doom etc.) If you have some money to spend, use your coins well and head to Helmet Lady Records! Oh, there are still “Die Hard” copies available.. Really surprised that this is not already sold out..

Evening Fires: Where I’ve Been Is Places and What I’ve Seen Is Things LP (gold)

evening fires

Hmm.. very interesting release I picked up today from the post office. I do not know how to describe this album but it’s kind of very intense, psychedelic journey trough darkened, cosmic landscapes colored with drone & folk. Very interesting album indeed. This is released by Sunrise Ocean Bender Records and seems to be limited to 250 copies with two color options, black or golden like my copy. SOB seems to have both colorways available so check this album out, it’s worth it. I bought my copy from Cardinal Fuzz (and if I’m not totally wrong it was last golden-colored one) and they still have some black copies available. Recommended, if you’re ready for this trip beyond.

The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol: Pathfinder LP


This little black vinyl flew over the big ocean, straight to my arms today (Thanks, John!).This prog/psych/jazz/rock record was must buy to me since the day I first  listened it via BandCamp. This one was way too hard to find from here, Europe (I think that Cardinal Fuzz had some copies available..) , so I emailed Birdman Sound ( and the result can be seen on the picture above. Now me & Rollo (our beloved goofy rough collie) have been listening these tunes, lying on the bed, for few hours.. And we love every damn note! This is limited to 100 copies and if You’re after this one, I suggest You to contact Birdman Sound or ask if Cardinal still has some copies. Recommended!

Records like this one is, are the reason why I keep collecting,searching new music continuously. I do not wanna miss jewels like this record turned out to be.

Henryspenncer: Saturn LP


At this point (while I’m listening these tunes), I find this record very interesting, mostly because its outstanding mixture of post-rock, folk, drone, deserted blues, western psychedelic cosmic space rock.. Did I mentioned everything yet? The point is that this works for me! And I’m really glad that I purchased this album also (it took just one track to hear). This is limited to 200 copies and is available from Trips und Träume. Get Your copy while there are some available. Once again, choice is Yours, this is mine.

Nope: Walker LP (clear with some blue spot, maybe it’s a swirl..)


This album, “Walker” by Nope, came few hours ago packaged nicely and secured (that’s what I like!). Record is spinning on the turntable while I’m writing this and I like these psychedelic/kraut-like-instrumental-space/shoegazing tunes floating in the air. Not bad album at all! I think that I discovered this band via Cardinal Fuzz (some tweet on Twitter..), if I’m not totally wrong/demented. But anyways, this is limited to 200 copies with “blue swirl” and 300 copies on black (?) vinyl. Just noticed that some one is trying to sell this “blue swirl” version on Discogs for €100..  I think that it would be better if you purchase your copy from Audacious Art Experiment with £12 +shipping (maybe you should ask about availability of colored ones before placing an order, if you are after that swirled one). Lovely album!