Switchblade Jesus: Death Hymns LP (purple)


Got this latest from Switchblade Jesus via Cursed Tongue Records along with that Sumoken album I posted earlier. A band I’ve known for years but never managed to get familiar with. Once again an error that has now been corrected. Stoner / doom (and I’m honestly hearing strong Speed/Thrash Metal influences here) is the name of the game, obviously, and hell yeah I love these furious tunes that are penetrating the fragile cranium. Here I am wondering how on earth I managed to dodge the repertoire of this band until now? Damn. Recommended one and still available from the source, CTR! Get a copy, you obviously need one like I do.

Oh… some treasures from the past..


Bought these few months ago via some Facebook group and I’m quite happy because all these have been kept well and I got these quite cheap. If I remember right I never did own any VoiVod records on vinyl back then (only few cassette copies). My journey with Napalm Death started (and pretty much ended) with “From Enslavement” but holy hell, Conspiracy by King Diamond was one my favourite ones those days… (and still it brings shivers down my back). NIce records and yet one step closer (actually four) fulfilling my dream.


Pantera: Cowboys From Hell LP


Those were the days my friend.. Actually this is the only Pantera’s record I have ever own, and that’s fine to me (been thinking of purchasing “Vulgar Display Of Power” for ages though.. 25 years ain’t that long  or is it?). I still remember how hard this album hit me when I was still on the brink of my teenager years. Times when music really ment something and your purchase decision based on the few following things: the cover of the album, videos on MTV’s Headbanger’s Ball & reviews on Metal Hammer. Somehow I still miss those years of innocence (hah, beer & cigarettes etc.). Great album and with this one I do not care anyone else’s opinions :)