Zeal And Ardor: Stranger Fruit 2xLP (purple)


Well, here we really have a stranger fruit. Zeal & Ardor with a second album continuing on the road to.. who knows where. Mixing blackened metal to spiritual music is a thing most of metalheadz wont bite but that’s not my concern. Loved (and still loving) the debut album and now I have to share that love with these two albums.. Zeal & Ardor is a great example of the artist with unique vision, an artist who has the courage to blend together two totally different genres and has ability to make it work. If you haven’t heard any tunes from this artist before, I suggest you to check out this album with opened mind just because its way too challenging to explain it with plain words & empty sentences. Available for example via Amazon..

Zeal And Ardor: Devil Is Fine LP (Box set)

Zeal And Ardor (Box set)

Ha, I just could not resist purchasing this box set. One of the most interesting albums this year and surely one of my favorite. In case you do not know what Zeal & Ardor is about, I suggest you just to listen few tracks below. This box set is limited to 40 copies and sold out quite fast (and yes, this is second press of this magnificent album. If you dig what you’re hearing there’s still white-colored vinyls (second press, limited to 100) available via Reflections Records.


Zeal And Ardor: Devil Is Fine LP (transparent green, dlx version)


Yep, It’s Zeal & Ardor, this weird record mixing black metal, blues etc. First time I heard this I was more than confused.. Music that I’ve been waiting for years (unconsciously). I don’t know what else to say. Negro Spiritual & Black metal, what a confusing but awesome blend and those lyrics.. I bought this record straight ahead from BandCamp on mp3 and few days/week from that Reflections Records announced that they will bring this on vinyl. Must buy. This version I bought came with a badge, patch & t-shirt and transparent green vinyl, it’s so-called “deluxe version” and if I remember right there were 100 pieces available. There’s still these “regular” versions available, on black and on transparent green vinyl. Awesome album and it makes you want more! Go, go, go!!