Yatra: Blood Of The Night LP (obi version)


Haa… about a year ago I got Yatra’s debut album “Death Ritual” and now I got their second one, Bloof of The Night, here with me. This latest one is released by STB Records and I chose Obi-version just because it looked nicer than other color-variations. For those who are not familiar with this band, Yatra is a little darker mix of sludge/stoner/doom with a hint of Death metal in their sound. Beautiful album and really nice to see STB Records putting out these jewels once again. Still available from the source, STB and if you’re located on old continent Kozmik Artifactz is the place to visit.

Rifflord: 7 Cremation Ground / Meditation LP (Die Hard edition) & Cassette version


Yeah, got this album by Rifflord few weeks ago from STB Records. Bought this also on cassette version from Teschio Dischi (didn’t manage to get that most limited cassette version but I’m good with the one I got). Like this album a lot, more than just a lot. Bluesy stoner with some southern influences, match made in heaven. I’m a huge fan of STB Records and this was obvious purchase. Have to admit that I was little surprised that STB has started using those mailers without so-called “buffer zones” , got my copy with dents on the corners of the cover.. and some old followers know exactly what I think about these cosmetic faults.. As I have said before, you just can’t win every time.. This die-hard edition is sold out but you still can get some other limited versions via STB’s BandCamp site. There’s also a handful of copies of this album available on cassette version from Italian label, Teschio Dischi (Teschio has sold out all their cassette versions). Recommended release, indeed.




Shroud Eater: Strike The Sun LP (DH version)

shroud eater

Latest release from the mighty STB Records, this time Shroud Eater with their album “Strike The Sun”. Oh girls & boys, this record is hitting hard. I get to know this group few years ago when I found their twelve-inch “Dead Ends” via BandCamp. I have to admit that I haven’t been listening that 12″ lately (if I remember right the last spinning moment under the needle was over a year ago..) but when STB announced this I wa stoked and I still am. I reaaaally like this album, goes straight to top ten of this years releases (despite the genre). And release after release STB Records is showing us how DIY label’s do it better than major ones. Awesome release overall and packaged & shipped as always, super-secured. I’m surprised that there’s still all color variations of this LP available from the source, STB Records. For God’s sake, do something with your life and purchase this damn record!


Wounded Giant: Vae Victis LP (Die Hard)


Once again damn good release from STB Records, this time we are talking about Wounded Giant’s latest full-length “Vae Victis”. If you like your stoner/doom dirty & loud, this might be your thing (surely it’s mine) and og boys & girls I do like this record. I got to know about this band few years ago when STB released their split album with Goya but somehow it has been rarely under the needle in this household, and that’s a shame. I’m really excited about this one so I have to give that split release some turntable-time once again. This Die Hard edition is limited to 100 copies and as usual, those sold out quite fast. But don’t worry, there’s still few variants available from the source, STB Records (US) and Kozmik Artifactz (EU) has this red/white swirl version still available. Damn! I feel eeeeevil after listening this record.







A few words about the year 2016 (and some listing..)


The past year has been very tough, and I am not just talking about the death of our beloved cat. A large concern for the world’s political conflicts, wars, climate issues etc. Even though these issues affect our everyday lives, this is a blog about vinyl records & music. Let’s keep it that way.

One of the coolest things that I have noticed is the fact that more and more retailers, record companies etc. have begun to use corner-protected mailers. During the past 5-6 years I have written about packaging & shipping more than once and nowadays blog post about these issues are becoming rarer. Nice.

Other thing is that maybe I have finally realized that I can’t afford to buy every record released, even though it hurts my heart. Just want to thank STB Records & Richard Houghten for those free records, it means a lot me.

During the past year I have bought very interesting records (in my opinion) and found myself purchasing more and more records from these small, DIY companies (STB Records, DHU Records, Poisoned Mind Records, Totem Cat Records etc.). I have found myself holding treasures in my hands, crying after diamonds I have missed. It’ a life of the collector, music lover.

I do not like listing my purchases, I love every damn record I have bought but here’s a list of those records I have listened most (according to app on my phone). These are not in any particular order, these are just records I have listened more than others. Oh, outside of this list is Bloomypetal’s (Richard Houghten) seven-inch “Open Horizon” that is my favourite little one!

Dälek ‎– Asphalt For Eden LP (Profound Lore, 2016)


Lightsabres – Hibernation LP (HeviSike, 2016)


R.I.P. – In The wind 2xLP (Totem Cat Records, 2016)


Cloud Cover – Mirror Me LP (Disposable America, 2016)


Conan – Revengeance LP (Napalm Records, 2016)


Dead Sea Apes – Soy Dios 12″ (Cardinal Fuzz/Sky Lantern Records, 2016)


Oransi Pazuzu – Värähtelijä LP (Svart Records/20 Buck Spin, 2016)


Trappist Afterland – God’s Good Earth LP (Sunstone, 2016)


MAKE – Pilgrimage of Loathing LP (Accident Prone Records, 2016)


Domkraft – The End of Electricity LP (Magnetic Eye Records, 2016)


The Caretaker ‎– Everywhere At The End Of Time LP (The History Always Favours The Winners, 2016)


Goya – Obelisk 2xLP (STB Records, 2016)


Haunted – s/t LP (Twin Earth Records, 2016)


Ø ‎– Kantamoinen 2xLP (Boomkat Editions, 2016)


no clips.

Horseback – Dead Ringers LP (Relapse, 2016)


Wolfmen Of Mars ‎– The Witch, The Goat & The Malevolent Spirit LP (Poisoned Mind Records, 2016)


Seabuckthorn ‎– They Haunted Most Thickly LP (Bookmaker Records, 2016)


Départe ‎– Failure, Subside 2xLP (Season of Mist, 2016)


Western Skies Motel ‎– Settlers LP (Lost Tribe Sound, 2016)


Youngblood Supercult ‎– High Plains 2xLP (DHU Records, 2016)


Zeal And Ardor ‎– Devil Is Fine LP (Reflections Records, 2016)


Goya: The Enemy 12″ (green with black splatter, DH) and what happened next..


The other week I got this awesome looking Goya twelve-inch released by one of my favourite labels, STB Records (from die-hard version to regular, all releases Steve has put out are pure quality). The band, Goya, is quite new to me but I have been purchasing their records lately for the reason, this is a badass group playing badass stoner. There’s still OBI version (ltd. 150) and “Not so Standard” version (ltd. 225) available from the source STB Records. Those who are after EU version can check out Kozmik Artifactz for copies. This Die Hard edition is limited to 135 hand-numbered units and came with pin, stickers & silk banner. Die Hard version sold out pretty quickly though.

Once again I felt lucky grabbing a Die Hard version until I checked out the vinyl..


There were two, very strangely shaped, obscure scratches on the surface of the A-side of the vinyl. I was like.. aargghh, can’t happen to me! With shaking hands I placed the vinyl on the turntable hoping the best, expecting the worst.. snap..snap.. There it was, that ruthless noise..

I knew that Steve from STB Records had nothing to do with this (those scratches could have been there since they pressed the disc on the plant), I just wanted to share my agony with some one and he was just the first person who came to my mind. Got answer from Steve quickly. He was understanding & sorry about the issue wanting to compensate my loss someway (and hey, I wasn’t after anything when I e-mailed him) even though he didn’t have any spare copies of this DH version.


Well, this package arrived last Friday, weighting nearly 2,8 kg!


Haa. extra cover of this Goya twelve-inch. I have noticed that Steve use to do this. I got Red Wizard’s cover included in my previous order. I have to admit that I like these, just because I could frame these and place them on the wall for example.


But under that extra cover I found this Die Hard version.. Hell Yeah! I tought that there were no replacement units left. Now I have to say that I’m much more than happy. I really did not expect this!


But that’s not all. Next I found this, Witchskull and their album “The Vast Electric Dark”. When this was available I was little low on money and I skipped the DH version thinking that I’ll purchase some other version in near future, for example from Kozmik Artifactz. Now I don’t have to. 2xHell Yeah!! Oh, this is “not so standard” edition (ltd. 165) and still available from the source. There’s also OBI version available.


And then, Lightsabres “Beheaded” LP on mustard yellow vinyl. This is a second press from this awesome release. I have DH version of this one but I’m happy to have a listening copy now! Available from STB Records, Kozmik Artifactz or straight from the artist. 3xHell Yeah!!


Yeah, that was not all. Then there was this latest from the Hornss, “Telepath”. This is a OBI version of the album, limited to 135 units. Even though I already have DH version of this album I’m really happy to own my first OBI release from STB Records. There’s various versions of this album still available from the source, STB Records. EU customers can easily pick a copy of this album from Kozmik. 4xHell Yeah!!


And yet again one awesome album! Ancients Warlocks Live album on yellow vinyl. Have to admit that I do not usually purchase “Live” albums but when I got one for free what can I say. This is a repress and limited to 150 copies. Available from STB Records & Kozmik Artifactz. 5xHell Yeah!! Oh, you should check out band’s previous release “II”, it’s still available from Kozmk.


And Then there was this, Crown Of Thornz “Mentally Vexed”. This has been released by STB Hardcore and I have never ever heard of this band before, until now. Damn I like this album, reminds me distantly of Cro-Mags.. This colorway is limited to 150 units and available from STB Hardcore. THIS IS GREAT! 6xHell Yeah!!!


Last but not least this (what seems to be “not so standard” version) orange-colored version of Goya’s album. This is still available (STB exclusive) from the source and EU customers can pick up regular black version from Kozmik Artifactz. 7xHell Yeah!!

Thank & Damn You Steve!! Never expect anything like this. I really, really appreciate this more than you know!!

“II” Test Press is sold out & “II” Die Hard Edition is sold out and I feel like a leech..


I was so happy to get these two items added to my cart today, clock was 12noon EST and I felt like a winner! I had this presumption that I have 10 minutes to check out and I just wanted to check out how fast these items gonna go. About 12:05 I decided to check out..


And this exploded to my screen! Aaarghh.. Both items were sold out and I was left empty-handed. I was little frustrated but hey, I saved some serious euros though. I checked out STB’s facebook and found out that there has been major problems with STB’s Bigcartel site (Paypal has not been accepted etc.) but these issues has nothing to do with label itself. You can read about this from STB’s facebook site.

Really appreciate STB & Steve and I just can’t even imagine how frustrating this is for one of the most awesome record label there is. I going to purchase this album from some european distro (and if you ask me, that regular version is the best looking color variation of this record).

Sincerely, M.

Some seven-inches from STB Records..

stbGot this little package from STB Records yesterday and with shaking hands I opened the box just to discover these three seven-inches.. Hell Yeah! I have to admit that STB Records has grown to be one of my favorite DIY labels around. Quality releases, secured packaging, fast delivery, what else can you ask?

There are few reasons why I was after these two little ones. One is that I do not know these bands so well (if at all) and is there any better way to get familiar with their music than purchasing these sweet seven-inches? The other reason is the label itself and that human touch you can sense here.. like with my purchases. I got all these  following items with one exception, there was only one ring, the other one was missing. But that’s how life goes, sometimes mistakes happen & I think that I can live with one ring (actually there was also one sticker missing too..). But as I said, mistakes happen.

DoctoR Doom – s/t  7″ (Die Hard edition, ltd. 75 copies & metal pin)
Goya – Nothin’ But Dead Stuff 7″ (Die Hard edition, ltd. 75 copies & ring)
Goya – Nothin’ But Dead Stuff 7″ (lathe cut, ltd. 32 copies & ring)

Oh, and I wanna Thank Stephen for quick answer to my email about this issue, I truly understand that these things can happen especially when you’re running one-man-label. Just keep up releasing these beautiful records (this hairy handed dude here is waiting for that upcoming Lightsabres album..)


die hard


hmm.. just noticed that I have started collecting items from certain record companies.. more or less

Everybody who have visited this blog knows my strange obsession for records released by Denovali. I can’t resist purchasing every single record they are putting out (well, of course there are some items I have missed..). It’s all about the quality, and services this record company provides (and awesome artists). Simple as that.

Now it seems that there are some other record companies walking this same path.

cardinal fuzz

Cardinal Fuzz, awesome label releasing psychedelic etc. stuff (missing few items, but I try to get them all, eventually)

Important Records

Important Records, hmmm.. one of my favorite labels, it’s a pity that I did not find this record company earlier.. (Impossible to get all stuff they have released but I try to get all upcoming ones)

Then there are these few other companies: Mondo, RidingEasy Records, STB Records, Facture, Fuzz Club, Blackest Rainbow, Sonic Pieces.. list is endless.

And then there is the one and the only, Denovali

denovali collection

I think that I’ll try to collect every single item Denovali has released (vinyl & colored, as limited as possible).

Now I’m going to take a week off and travel in the middle of the forest hoping that when I arrive there will be a great pile of records waiting for me at home :D


lazy cat