Vinnum Sabbathi: Of Dimensions And Theories LP +7″ (Earth & Moon)


Space, the final frontier.. Vinnum Sabbathi is offering us a journey to the stars with their latest release “Of Dimensions & Theories”. Quite impressing, instrumental stoner/space rock album from this Mexican group. Beautiful looking package and for your information, this version is now sold out but Stolen Body Records seems to have 2nd edition (Mars & Phobos) available. What are you still waiting for? Go ahead and take trip to the stars while you still can.

Earth Tongue: Floating Being LP (orange/yellow)

earth tongue

Earth Tongue and their loving psychedelic/garage mixed debut album. Have to say that this record is quite refreshing. I came across with this album via some stoner/doom/psychedelic chart, listened to it via BandCamp few minutes and decided to hunt down the psychical release. I managed to grab this “Inverted Eye” edition, limited to 250 copies. This beauty is released by Stolen Body Records and seems that there’s a second press available right now to pre-order. Go for it, I certainly would but got my copy right here, right now.