Serpent Cobra: Anatomy Of Abuses LP (red)


Woahh.. Yet another South American band, this time we are talking about Argentine duo Serpent Cobra and their debut album “Anatomy Of Abuses”. I came across this album via Interstellar Smoke Recordings while I was checking out their webshop. Little do I know about this band, I just let the music speak for itself. Nice one, different, and surely deserves a place in my collection   Available via Interstellar Smoke Records.

Dopelord: Sign Of The Devil LP (clear)


Look what I got here, latest from Dopelord! Few years back I purchased their previous one “Children Of The Haze”, beautiful album by this doomed stoner-outfit from Poland. Now I got their latest one here with me, and I couldn’t be happier. Freaking awesome album and still available from Green Plague Records. This clear variation (limited to 150 copies) is sold out by now but you can still get your hands on that regular black wax. One of my favorite and highly recommended! Yesss!

Dö: Astral Death Cult LP (aqua blue)


Well, it took a little longer to purchase this one than I thought. That mistake has been taken care of now. I bought this blue version (even though in the picture it looks like regular black version)  from Lay Bare Recordings. Döömed psychedelic/space/stoner is the thing here with this release. I have never had that much of fate for Finnish stoner/doom (or metal) genres overall but obviously, something is happening… At least between my ears. Great record this surely is. I’m turning into döömster..

Demonauta: Part 2 – Temaukel, The Spirit Before Time LP (blue/white marbled)


Went through my latest purchases and spotted this one I got before Christmas.. Been a little long since my last blog update (been sick for a couple of weeks and trying to do my work from home due to this global issue with Corona). Once again a band I haven’t listened earlier but now that mistake has been solved. I bought this record from Kozmik Artifactz after listening a few songs via BandCamp. Nice fuzzed/psychedelic/space/stoner album and now I’m forced to get all their previous releases too. It’s that good. Still available via Kozmik Artifactz, so the only question is what are you still waiting for? Go and grab a copy!

Hazemaze: Hymns Of The Damned LP (mint green)


Here’s some 70’s influenced hard rockin’ stoner in your face! The band is from where else than Sweden, I wasn’t even surprised about that fact. This is Hazemaze’s second full-length and after listening to this several times in the row I’m forced to go after their debut one. This is released by mighty Cursed Tongue Records on mint green (sold out) and on orange vinyl. Orange version is still available from the source, CTR and via BandCamp. If you prefer cassette format better, head to the BandCamp site or Stoner Witch Records.

I got my copy with some corner damage on the cover (after treatment by beloved postal delivery), so I encourage myself to ask the label if they had some extra copies of the cover. And they did. Now I got me a pristine copy with a shiny cover. CTR was ready to send the cover without shipping charge but I was more than happy to handle those. An awesome record label, I appreciate!


Pseudo Mind Hive: From Elsewhere LP (galactic storm edition)


This Australian psychedelic/stoner group blew my mind a few months ago. One of those bands I have never heard of before and I came across this album while surfing around BandCamp. One of my favorite albums from 2019 (note that this is EU version), even though this was originally released in 2018. The band has released a new album last year and yes, I purchased that too (more about that one later). This one is still available via Copper Feast Records so grab it while you still can! Highly recommended!


Black Road: Witch of the Future LP (black & purple with cornetto effect)

black road

uuuhh.. Yet another great release from DHU, this time full-length from Black Road. This Chicago based band has managed to sneak into my heart & record collection quite easily. Few years back Dark Hedonistic Union released Black Road’s twelve-inch EP and I’ve been waiting since that release new material from the band (managed somehow to skip their 7″ inch, shame on me). Bluesy, heavy, fuzzed stoner with Suzi’s hypnotizing voice. Timeless beauty this surely is. Vinyl versions of this album are long gone, but some cassette versions are still available via band’s BandCamp site. Thank you DHU, for bringing these records to my life. And thank you Black Road, I will follow you where ever you’re going.


Saint Karloff: Interstellar Voodoo LP (blue transparent)

Saint Karloff

The year has changed and I’m still going through my last year’s purchases. This monstrous album from Saint Karloff (released by Majestic Mountain Records) was one of those I waited anxiously to arrive. Awesome record even though color variation wasn’t what I expected. Unique marbled vinyl (limited to 100 copies) was turned to transparent blue in some part of the production but so what? It’s still unique to me. Just checked out around the internet and it seems that all color variations of this record has been sold out by now. Even the cassette version is also sold out.. Glad that I got me a copy. Thumbs up for Majestic Mountain Records, keep on releasing beautiful records!


Holy Serpent: Holy Serpent LP (clear)


Managed to miss this one in 2015.. and I blame our beloved dog for that because I had to take it out for a piss and while I was standing there in the rain.. this die-hard edition was sold out. So I waited 4 years patiently until I found a copy with decent prize tag from Discogs. Psychedelic, stoner filled acid rock could be how to describe this album. This clear copy is limited to 100 copies and was available via Riding Easy Records back then. Since I now got the first two records from this Australian group, I should go after their latest one, also available from Riding Easy. Lovely record indeed.


Zed: Volume LP (color-in-color)


Got this latest full-lenght by Zed from Ripple Music some time ago. Once again a band I have never heard of before… Better later than ever. This kind of southern/stoner rock pleases me a lot and obviously, this has been in heavy rotation lately. This album (colored version, limited to 100 copies) is still available from the source, Ripple Music, and if you live on the old continent I suggest you to visit Ripple’s EU store (regular black wax available). Check this out!


Shotgun Sawyer: Bury The Hatchet LP (splatter)

shotgun saywer

Love at first sight.. but I have to admit that it took way too long to purchase this bluesy/stoner  release from Shotgun Sawyer. Never been even near States but somehow this record manages to take me there.. weird, but must have something to do that bluesy sound. Really happy that I finally decided to grab this record. This is still available from the source, Ripple Music (US) and regular black version available from their EU shop (if you want to save some shipping costs). Amazing record in my opinion


Mother Iron Horse: The Lesser Key LP (purple)

mother iron horse

Finally, pristine copy. I really like this record (well, that’s obvious because I bought it..twice). Doom/stoner hitting heavy & hard. I came across this record while checking out some stoner charts and it was love at first sight and now it has been on my playlist daily. Really don’t know the pressing amount of this purple version but who cares because there’s also regular black copies available. As said before, I bought this record twice. First version via the band itself (from their BandCamp site) but the vinyl had some terrible scratches on both sides (pictures can be seen below, no idea what has caused those because mailer had no marks of any kind). Bought another copy via Kozmik Artifactz when it came available via their store. Anyways, damn good album this surely is. Available via Electric Valley Records, band & Kozmik Artifactz.