Mephistofeles: Satan Sex Ceremonies LP


Managed to get my sweaty hands on this dirty release too (thanks to Creep Purple). At one point I promised to myself that I won’t miss any Mephistofeles release but that promise has proved a little difficult to keep. Just can’t keep tracking what label is releasing their upcoming material next, and in what format. Well, I’m glad that I got this one. Been listening to this band since I purchased their debut via Black Farm Records four years ago and still, they sound as dirty as they did back then. This latest one was available via Creep Purple (sold out quite quickly). Really hope they would repress this one just because those Discogs prizes are hilarious. Hell Yeah!

Pseudo Mind Hive: Of Seers & Sirens LP (endless seas edition)


Fell in love with this band after purchasing their previous album “From Elsewhere” at the end of 2019. Now I got their latest one here with me. And my love for this band is growing and growing. Awesome album, leaving me speechless. Psychedelic/stoner or something… A record like this one is for listening and my words are meaningless just because I just can’t find the right ones to describe how amazing this album is. I couldn’t find a copy from this part of the world so I purchased mine from Salty Dog Records, Australia (was a little expensive but worth every penny). If you wanna blow your mind with this album, there’s still very limited version available via Salty Dog Records.

Marijannah: Istanah LP (transparent yellow)


Yep.. This band is also one of those I have managed to miss/skip earlier. The point is that there are so many amazing bands/albums floating around and I just don’t have time to check all those out, it’s just impossible. Cursed Tongue Records is one of those labels I follow closely and lately, I have purchased nearly everything the label has released. This latest from Marijannah came through CTR and obviously, I was interested (actually I purchased this album without hearing a note from it). And here it is, there’s always room for quality releases in my collection and this surely is one. At this moment seems that it’s quite hard to find a copy of this album but Stickman Records still have 1 red-colored copy.. and the band is selling cassette version on their BandCamp site if you fancy tapes (like I do).

Obsidian Sea: LP (grey, red & black splatter)


Took a little longer than I expected to include this one to my collection. Strangers by Obsidian Sea had been on my “wantlist” since it was released and now I managed to grab this multicolored version via Ripple Music’s sale about a month ago. Name of the game here is stoner/doom with obvious 70’s influences. Vocal work on this album reminds me of something so familiar but I just can’t figure it out.. Recommended one this surely is. Still available from the source, Ripple Music and for European residents the cheapest solution would be Ripple’s Eu store (regular version). Hell Yeah!!


Lunar Funeral: Sex On A Grave LP (black/red)


A few years back I purchased Lunar Funeral’s “Sex On Grave” on cassette via Hellas Records (if I remember right) and been digging it since the day the tape arrived. I also have to admit that this band is one of few Russian stoner/doom outfit I have ever heard of. Anyways, Forbidden Face Records has put out this beautiful album on vinyl recently and surprise surprise I just had to purchase this wax version too. My copy is one with some red on black vinyl (ltd. 100). This color variation is already sold out by now but you can still get your hands on pure black version (ltd.150) via Forbidden Place Records. If you like your stoner/doom with some garage vibes, you know where to go.


Shrooms Circle: Asylum LP (red/black merged)& 7 inch

DSC_6569 (4)

If I remember right, this was the first record I received via Postal delivery this year. Once again DHU Records managed to surprise me with an awesome release. I bought this one on cassette version a few years ago and if I remember right, there was some kind of crowdfunding project around this album (vinyl version) back then. That project never achieved its goal and the vinyl version was waiting to be released by some proper label in a distant future. So thanks to DHU Records for bringing this alive! Beautiful doomed stoner/psych album! This sold out from the source pretty fast so it could be a little hard to find a copy if you’re after one.. correct me if I’m wrong


Bison Machine: Seas Of Titan LP (clear, white & blue splattered)


It took only four years from Bison Machine to release their second album. In this case time itself is irrelevant because here we have a great hard (retro) rocking heavy album. Bought their debut album in 2015 (self-released version) and listened to it a lot during that year, but then years passed by and the record faded into oblivion.. But now it’s time to drag forgotten treasure back into the sunlight, next to the latest one. Seas of Titan still available via Kozmik Artifactz.


Gurt: Bongs Of Praise LP (purple)


Doomed sludge/stoner outfit from UK greeting us with their latest full-length. A few years ago I bought their previous album “Skullossus” and like that one a lot. This new one has been on quite heavy rotation lately and yes, this sounds damn good. Hidden treasure this is for sure. Limited to 50 copies on purple, 50 copies on green and 150 copies on black wax. All versions are still available via their BandCamp site. Just check this out!


The Black Furs: Stereophonic Freak Out vol.1 LP (transparent green) + CS version


Some dirty stuff from Argentina. About a year and a half ago I bought The Black Furs debut album via Golden Dawn Recording and that filthy doomed sound is still alive and breathing! I got me this green variant and bought also cassette version, so that might tell how much I like this album. There’s something strange happening in Argentina for sure, first Mephistofeles and now The Black Furs. Both versions of this album (cassette & vinyl) were available via Stoner Witch Recordings but are long gone by now. Hell Yeah!! I got mine, hope you did too.