Odawas: Reflections Of A Pink Laser LP


Odawas is here. This band is new to me even thought the name has popped up from time to time in different sites/stores. I listened this album via BandCamp and I liked what I heard (and still like). Those who have been following this blog knows quite well that I have difficulties to put music on certain genres, I can hear some psychedelic, atmospheric, new wave here on this album (as well as some drone and synthpop..). First song on this album reminds me some strange ways of early Mercury Rev (maybe it’s just the voice of the singer) but that’s just a good thing. This fragile beauty is limited to 250 copies on black vinyl and available from Bookmaker Records. Perfect!

Would You pay $270 to get this one to Your collection?

According to Discogs someone actually did, last month. Album is “Jet Set Siempre 1º” by Clive Tanaka Y Su Orquesta.


Few hours ago I was going through my collection listed on Discogs and noticed that a copy of this album was sold there for $270.. Even though I’m not ready to let my copy go, I have to admit that with prize like this I would have considered seriously selling mine too (just imagine in my mind how many records I could buy with money like that). Well, I’m not selling, I like this weird electro synth-pop record too much. It’s just funny how much people are willing to pay to get a record they really want..

p.s. maybe after all I have something valuable in my record rack, and my copy is still in mint condition, in other words unplayed ;)


Sommet: Remixes 12″ (smokey) + cassette


After huge disappointment with that Halloween soundtrack (I wrote about earlier today) it’s nice to sit down and fill my head with these sweet sounds..uuhh. This remix disc & cassette is limited to 50 copies (comes with huge poster) and seems to be still available from Mount Analog (if some one is interested of this kind synth-pop, new wave remixed stuff).

This video is from their self titled debut but maybe this clears what this is all about..

oOoOO: s/t 12″ EP


This 12″ has most disturbing cover image I have seen for a long time. Nice EP if you like darkwavesynthpop, I like in certain amounts. Available from Discogs (I have seen this on some webstores but can’t remember where.. sorry).

Paco Sala: Ro-Me-Ro LP (clear)

paco sala

 This I bought from Boomkat last spring. Shame on me, this has been gathering dust in my record rack since. Now I’m going to give this a spin or few to get familiar with this record. I do not have any idea of limitation of this record but initial copies came on clear vinyl. Boomkat has special offer with this vinyl right now. Recommended.