Night Runner: Thunderbird LP (Deluxe edition)


I’m still here.. Just realized that it has been way too long since the last update. Let’s start with this one I got from Poisoned Mind Records few months ago. Second full-length from Night Runner. Thunderbird is the title of the album. I missed Night Runners debut (deluxe version) year ago just because I took few beers too much, passed out & missed that dlx version.. Would like to thank Poisoned Mind for the copy I got for free (pink/black splattered version) later with other order.

So I was quite awake with this second one and scored deluxe version (sold out quite fast). Don’t know what have I done because I also got another copy (clear w/  black & blue splattered version, see picture below) included. And for those who don’t know, Night Runner is mixing synthwave with other genres like jazz, metal, soundtrack etc. Awesome package, I love this but you don’t have to. Vinyl versions of this release are long gone. Recommended album if you get your hands on this.



Terrortron: Orgy Of The Vampires LP


After that crushing Bell Witch album it’s time to ease your mind with some synthwave by Terrortron. Got this album last week and it has been spinning several times by now. Really like this album, seems that I like most of these synthwave/soundtrack albums released lately. Anyways, I really can’t say what it is that fascinate me about this genre, maybe it’s just those old horror films I grew up with and soundtracks on those films. I’m really happy to add this LP to my collection, you should do the same while you still can. Limited to 300 copies and still available from Terrortron’s BandCamp site.



Wojciech Golczewski: Reality Check (cassette)


Since I missed the vinyl version of this album I decided to purchase this cassette version, and have to say that I’m quite happy with this format too. Seems that my vinyl puritanism days are far gone. Anyways, I really like this little cassette filled with synthwave/electronic tunes and like that Necro Deathmort album this should also be soundtrack to some futuristic sci-fi film. Really nice one. Cassette version still available for example from Two Headed Dog. Get your hands on this synthwave diamond while you still can.


Wojciech Golczewski: Dark Souls (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) LP


Soundtrack, once again, even though I keep on promising to myself that I do not go for these. Then you go and find record like this while exploring BandCamp. I have no idea what this film is about, never ever heard about Wojciech Golczewski but so what. I listened some tracks and fell in love. It’s the atmosphere on this album that fascinate me but enough of this gibberish, maybe it’s just better if you listen some tracks by yourselves. Limited to 300 copies on black wax and available from Data Airlines.


Voyag3r: Are You Synthetic? 2xLP (translucent blue)


Hahaa.. got this latest (second full-length) from Voyag3r earlier this week. Horror/sci-fi/synthwave seems to be quite popular nowadays and here’s one of my favorite. I really liked Voyag3r’s debut album (Doom Fortress) and now it’s time to check out this new one. After few tunes I’m sold again..This is exactly what I was hoping for, synths/space/horror/80’s. Some may find music like this ridiculous but I don’t. There’s this certain nostalgic value hidden here beyond these sounscapes. This deluxe edition (on translucent blue vinyl, Bellyache Records exclusive) is limited to 300 copies including 3D art print & 3D glasses to stare that print. Still available from Bellyache Records (there’s also this less limited version on black vinyl available). Brilliant!