Black Thread: Drifting Snow 7″ lathe


Yes, third vinyl release from this artist I have managed to get my hands on. And I know now that I will hunt down those previous releases in a way or another.. I really love these experimental, abstract tape loops, sounds, everything my ears managed to process while listening this lovely seven-inch. This one is limited only to 24 lathe cut copies so maybe it’s time for You to do something? Available from Cascading Fragments.. And highly recommended one!

Black Thread: Silver Veil 5″ (clear lathe cut)


Hahaa! This arrived today. I don’t know anything about this artist or tunes on this little (awesome!) record. Only thing is that I really like these loops.. And I know that this one may be little too experimental for some but hey, life is short and filled with beautiful little things.. like this five-inch lathe cut. Limited to 23 copies and available from Sifting Through Shards. Awesome!

p.s. my weekly list is coming tomorrow, if some one is still interested about that..